Received a Job Offer? Six Steps to Respond


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six simple steps to respond

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video is meant to help you respond

successfully to receiving a job offer

you know many of my clients come to me

many of them very very sophisticated

and they say al i have a job offer in


what do i do now well i tell them and

they know this instinctively

that putting together a simple plan is


always necessary to doing anything well

this is what this video is about your

simple plan

for you to respond successfully

to a job offer now once you receive a

job offer

whether or not it's done in person

or over the phone or even in writing the

very first step

is to say thank you is to express

appreciation now some of my clients

actually are not very happy with the job

offer either the pay is too low

or the job is not the one they want it

doesn't make a difference

your first step is to show appreciation

is to thank the offerer for making the


no matter how inadequate or even

negative you feel

about that job offer you must first


that you appreciate receipt

secondly and you should understand this

is that

though whatever job offer you're given

it's important for you to

confirm the essential points of the job


particularly if it's done over the phone

or in person

you might want to send an email and say

mr smith

thank you so very much for this job will

for now i just want to confirm

and then lay out what is the title what

is the role

what is the compensation the essential


of that job offer it's amazing

how sometimes people don't hear


or they thought they heard something

that really wasn't said

if you in fact confirm simply confirm

your job offer

you will have helped yourself avoid many

potential problems

down the road the third step

is to analyze that job offer and what i

mean by that is

to think about what are your hopes and

what are your fears

about this potential job i

divide them into three categories the

rewards of the job

the risks of the job and most


the responsibilities and resources of

the job

the rewards the risks the

responsibilities and resources

the rewards are pretty easy and all my

clients tend to focus on them

the pay the vacation the benefits and

the like

sometimes they don't mention what the

benefits are you may need to

confer with their hr department to find

out what are the benefits

and more importantly when they kick in

now risks of a job are generally of

three kinds

a what happens if you lose the job will

you get notice

will you get severance b is there

anything accompanying the job such as a


and c if you earn something

is it definite is it assured is it


that you'll get paid that so again

the risks that we focus on are job loss

non-competes and those kind of

restrictive agreements

and lastly is there certainty of payment

the third r that we look at after

rewards and risks

in the job are what are the

responsibilities and

what resources will they give you to in


fulfill those responsibilities i think

the third r is the most important are

it really will help you define whether

or not you actually enjoy that job

the fourth step is to respond to the job


again we always want to make the

employer feel happy and important

so you acknowledge that this is a job

offer that you appreciate very much

at the same time you acknowledge the

employer's concerns you understand that

they want somebody

who will come in and do a great job and

in fact you believe

you are that person however you have

some concerns

of your own and this is where you say

i like the job offer very much but

might you increase the salary ten

thousand dollars

might you in fact give me vesting of

benefits a little earlier

might you give me an assistant to help

me fulfill

my responsibilities now

when you make requests in response to a

job offer

they should always be accompanied by the


that these requests will help you be a

better employee

what do i mean by that well you will

feel more committed

you will feel more focused you will be


motivated to fulfill the that job

and the job responsibilities if your


are addressed as well

the fifth step out of our six step plan

for you

is in fact to close the deal when you

believe it is a job offer that

you've gotten everything you can out of

the job offer

and that you feel comfortable that the

essentials are there

is in fact to thank the offerer for the

job offer

to say i accept this job offer as we

have modified or clarified

and i look forward to starting and when

can i start filling out the forms etc

in fact closing the deal so to speak

your fifth step

is a very simple but necessary step

you would be surprised how many people

that i counsel

thought that they had accepted a job but

they were not absolutely clear about it

your sixth and final step in responding

to a job offer

is to make a plan for one

year from today what do i mean by that

your employer has viewed you as


valuable to him or her to ask you to

come on board

and be part of his or her team well

one year from now you or shortly before


you are hopefully going to make a

presentation to that

employer your boss about how much more

valuable you've proven to be than even

he or she hoped

that is what responsibilities will you

take on

what successes will you achieve how will

you show them

that you are even more valuable than

they anticipated

if you're going to be asking for an

improvement which to me is your next

negotiation one year from today

well that today is the day you start to

make a plan for that next negotiation

and for the next year you should execute

that plan

everything you negotiate is renegotiable

and everything that you achieve now you

can achieve more in a year

if if if you first show

that you have been a valuable member of

the team

now is the time to make your plan to

start thinking

about how you can become a more valuable

member of the team i hope this has been


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