How to Write a Monologue

in this clip we're going to be talking

about how to write a monologue if you

dare so you're going to make you're

going to write your own monologue okay

here are some things that you need to

keep in mind one generally if you're

writing a monologue I hope that you have

some sort of writing experience or know

that you can write stuff because usually

monologues aren't as easy as they seem

to write generally wanting to keep in

mind is that they cannot be too long

make sure your monologue is maybe a page

long not longer than two pages because

monologues need to be delivered within

about two minutes give or take a little

less a little more time and that

includes different you know pauses

beats that are included in in the

monologue but basically when you're

writing a monologue you need to make

sure you also determine you have one

character whether it be male or female

and usually this character is dealing

with some sort of situation whether it

be relationship whether it be the

personal live whether it be something

that's bugging them and depending on

where you start off with this monologue

make sure you determine if it's going to

be funny or if it's going to be dramatic

or if it's going to be subtle but when

you're when you're when you're writing

this monologue it needs to go from one

place to another as far as like this

character has to have a discovery or

they have to realize something about

themselves or someone else that gives

the actor who's presenting the monologue

a chance to really show off different

variations of their art whether they

need to be sad or if they need to be

excited or if they need to you know they

need to show whoever's watching them

perform this monologue some sort of

variations of what they can do because

your monologue is what is going to give

that actor the tool to get the job they

need so even though it's up to the actor

to perform your monologue make sure you

don't give them stuff that they can't

work with so that's how you're going to

be able to write a monologue