BESTSELLER – A Play About the Writing Process

it's a play about writing tell me more

how this is it different from other

places stories that's talking about the

writing process when I first read the

script I was like okay so this is all

about like writers writing and stuff and

then when the scene comes where like the

books come to live it it was such a nice

little treat a nice little twist where I

was like I didn't expect that like and

then to kind of going back to your last

question about where they all live I

think it's all such a physically dear

friend world like each each book is so

different so we get a really explore

like those genres so it feels like I'm

gonna completely different play than I

am then the writers you know I thought

what the writers but yeah I think what

makes this play different from other

plays or movies about writers is the

fact that you actually get to experience

what they're writing a lot of times it's

about the process but you never actually

get to hear what they're writing about

in the and not only here but we get to

see their characters and even though

they're totally separate we're still

discovering the things that are

happening in the real world and how they

show up in the characters worlds and to

see like the sides of this writer is

coming out in this character that

they're writing so it's I don't think

I've ever seen anything like that before

which is possible

I I think you're absolutely right I've

never seen anything look like this in

that the floor mat that framework is the

retreat and each writers struggles and

successes about writing are embedded in

the play but the explosion of the books

to be materialized within that world I

don't know that I've ever witnessed

anything quite like this so it'll be a

really new experience for audiences mmm

written play about writing it does seem

a little circuitous doesn't this it's

it's an it's interesting because writing

itself is such an interior process

Robert Heinlein said there's nothing to

be ashamed of about writing just do it

in private and wash your hands

afterwards and so it's it's kind of an

interesting challenge to to be dealing

with something that is about writing

obviously the writer put a lot of things

about writing in it we've talked about

writer's block quite a lot in it we talk

about the process of how much of your

own life you can use in in what you're

writing that's not going to freak out

your family and friends because they're

suddenly being I mean she'll Shelley's

character uses she gets engaged to all

of these men just so she could write

about them and use them as her her her

inspirations yes her father owes and so

we spend a lot of time talking about the

the process of it which i think is

endlessly interesting but I mean that's

what you generally do it a writer's or a

drape you spend a lot of time talking

about the writing process but advanced

it's really do you think it's the show I

just use stop it this is what most of


vision oh I just finished was collected

stories by Donald Margulies which is

also all about writers it's a two-hander

it's a young writer and her mentor who's

published and very popular writer and so

it was interesting going from that show

where we talk all about writing to this

show but I think one of the main

differences other than tone because that

shows a drama and this is you know funny

comedy is that we get to see the stories

come to life and we get to see how we're

inspiring each other and the stories

that come to life so things we mention

in conversation at dinner you know five

minutes later the audience gets to see

that same thing mentioned in someone's

story so you can start to see the

connective threads of how people take a

piece of inspiration from each other or

from the lake or from the cottage and

how it directly ends up in their stories

which i think is really fun and I'm

still catching things I hear stuff yeah

and the stories I'm like oh that's from

okay cool go ahead now and then it's

interesting there's a lot of stuff

Peters doing in terms of beaming with

the importance of of the art most times

in a story about creating art when the

art gets created it's like a big

explosive you know thing and and very

often you know there it's well received

and it's a big deal when you finally

finish and that's not what this plays

about this play is about the other 90%

of the time for writers when you're

walking in I think it's your I think

it's Shelley's line and I've heard other

real-life writers say it as well it's

like you sit down and you work like a

farmer and you put your hours in and

most of the time nothing comes through

so the place so much more about the

characters interactions and a little bit

about the you know comic mundanity of

the day-to-day life of a writer as

opposed to the explosive creative

process that we're all used to as an


I think something that Alex brought up

with the tone of the play I don't know

about you guys but I've seen a lot of

shows about writers and about the

artistic process that are just angst

upon ank's upon angst and this show is

just so much fun it's a big enormous

raucous comedy like laugh out loud

got bust in comedy and you don't see a

lot of shows about the very personal

intimate process of writing that also

are incredibly laugh-out-loud funny and

entertaining so that's something I felt

was different about this show