A Guide To Writing A Poem

hello I'm Maggie Hammond I teach on the

complete Creative Writing course and I

worked as a novelist a publisher a

journalist and I'm the author of

creative writing for dummies I'm here to

answer some common questions about

writing the great thing about writing a

poem is that you can write it anywhere

sometimes people say what is poem about

what do I write a poem about and poems

are usually about moods they're about

emotions feelings so if you feel joyful

if you feel sad those are good points to

start a poem from you might just decide

to describe something look around your

house it doesn't matter what it is just

have fun with writing poem of words just

getting some words on the page I think

it's important to write by hand I think

when you write a poem by hand you get a

connection between your body and the

page and that's important with the poem

it's important somehow to get the

feelings across and the other beauty of

writing by hand is that if you change

the poem afterwards if you read it

through and you change a word or you

move a sentence around you can see what

you've done and you can always go back

to the original poem there are some

simple exercises you can do to get you

started if you don't seem to be getting

anywhere write down on some scraps of

paper a list of words a list of feelings

happiness jealousy anger write down

about ten or twelve of them and then at

random on other pieces of paper write

down twelve ordinary objects write down

a kettle a flower a sausage and then

shuffle the bits of paper and pick one

object and one emotion you might end up

with something really strange you might

have the flower of jealousy you might

have the kettle of rage you might have

the sausage of happiness

those are all great things to get you

writing a poem just play around with the

words and see what comes up

a poem doesn't have to rhyme and it

doesn't have to fit any particular form

to something called free verse but it is

important to listen to the sounds of the

words poetry is all about sound so it's

always important to read your poem aloud

if you read it aloud you'll hear how it

sounds you'll hear when the words sound

right and that's the best way to finish

off a poem