How to write a press release that gets the media's attention

an extremely viable way to get exposure

for your business is to get news

coverage from the media I'm going to

show you how to create a great press

release but it's notice


a grand opening a new product a

record-setting sales year a new location

or a special event are all good reasons

to contact the media and send them a

press release it's important for any

business owner to know how to write one

that not only gets noticed but actually

turns into news coverage here are the

things you need to know in order to

write a killer press release now to

ensure readability your press release

should follow this standard format it

should be typed double-spaced and on

white letterhead with a contact person's

name title company address and phone

number in the upper right hand corner

the words for immediate release should

go at the top of the page on the left

margin in capital letters the headline

usually in bold

should be centered below that a subtitle

can be included in italics that briefly

elaborates on the headline your headline

should be brief clear and a condensed

version of the press releases key points

it might be helpful to write down your

headline at the end after the rest of

the press release is written so that it

clearly defines the overall point of the

release the press release should be

written as you want to appear in the

news story some journalists simply don't

have a time to research your company's

story and may use what you've written or

make small changes so whatever you want

them to say needs to be clearly laid out

in your press release now let's look at

the body content the first paragraph

should have the most important

information start with the date and the

city and which the press release

originates the lead or the first

sentence should grab the reader and say

concisely what has happened

the first two to three sentences should

sum up the release and the rest of the

paragraphs must elaborate on that the

second and third paragraphs should have

secondary information make sure you deal

with the actual fact they're events

products services people targets goals

plans projects etc it's always a good

idea to include quotes from people

involved that give a human element to

the release and are a great source of

information your boilerplate is next

this is the area where you say more on

your company who are you

what are your achievements and what's

your mission this followed by your

contact information gives more detail

about the writer if your story is to be

considered this is how the media will

get in contact with you to find out more

information make sure to include

multimedia contact information such as

your email address and your social media

contact it's also a good idea to include

a link to an online copy of the same

press release if possible lastly signal

the end of the press release with three

hash symbols Center these directly

underneath the last line of the release

this is the journalistic standard before

sending make sure that your press

release has been proof read and is free

from all grammatical errors it's always

best to keep your release to one page

but two pages is the absolute maximum an

extremely smart way to promote your

business is through a clear concise

attention-grabbing press release now

that you know how to write your own be

sure to notify the media anytime that

you do something newsworthy for more

information on how to write a press

release visit my blog elite graphics

dot-com and remember it's your business

why not take a leap