How To Write A Rap: Your First Verse In Under 11 Minutes (Step-By-Step)

ass up world it's your boy Jamar see and

in this video we're gonna teach you how

to write a rap for the first time now

we're confident this system works

because we've taught literally tens of

thousands of rappers from around the

world I personally just got off a world

tour of over three continents 15 plus

countries and this is the system that I

used when I first decided I wanted to

learn how to write a rap so if you stay

tuned it's gonna be easy to follow it's

step by step it's interactive and you're

gonna get a lot of value out of it

you'll have a rap written by the end of

this video

I swear so without further ado let's get

into it now step number one and the most

common beginning question is how should

I write it what should I write with now

mmm Tupac nas cats like that they do the

og handwritten pen and a pad approach

jay-z is well known for going into the

booth having pre thought of his entire

verse and then wrapping it out loud

having never written down a thing Lil

Wayne does a similar approach but line

by line so does Kanye but for the

purposes of this video we're just gonna

have you choose between handwritten pen

and a pad or a Notes app in your phone

either one is totally acceptable so what

we're gonna do is pause the video so you

can get your writing materials either

choose that pen and a pad or choose the

Notes app and then we'll rock on


all right now that you got your writing

materials we have to decide what to rap

about now there's a million things you

can rap about and hopefully this won't

be the only time that you learn how to

write a rap but just to get you writing

and get in the flow we've gone and

researched what the most common ways of

starting a verse according to the top

100 rap songs on Google is what we found

was there's a common theme among the

Eminem's the Tupac's the 50s all these

people of starting their verse and that

is first-person present-tense

description of frustrating circumstances

the struggle difficult times

first-person present tense that's how

cleaning out my closet by Eminem starts

that's how hated or loved it by 50 cent

starts that's how changes by Tupac

starts so what we're gonna do is pause

the video throw up a couple different

themes around this of frustrating

circumstances but get the ideas flowing

I want you to choose one and when you're

writing you're gonna do it in

first-person present tense so let's rock

pause the video get that idea

all right so now you've got your topic

you know what you're gonna rap about and

it's gonna be relevant to you now the

next question most commonly and step

number three is how long should it be

now there's a common length among rap

verses around history and that's known

as sixteen bars you might have heard

that expression now bars is a very

specific term in rap it's also a music

theory term that has a slightly

different definition just to get you

writing we're not gonna get too deep

into it but for the purposes of this


just think of a bar as one line of

writing a line in your notebook to the

margin a line in your notes AB right so

16 lines of rap 16 bars of rap is the

common length so what we want you to do

is just write 1 to 16 on your piece of

paper 1 to 16 on your notes at or pause

really quick so you can do that and then

we'll keep going

next question next step where do I put

the words the rhyme what word should

rhyme I know you're probably envisioning

the Eminem's the Kendricks the Cole's

they got rhymes flowing everywhere but

I'm not gonna overwhelm you right now we

just want to get you to have a rap done

so only worried right now about rhyming

words at the end of each line at the end

of the bar and the sixteen bars want you

to be rhyming those words just two at a

time eight pairs right so rape at the

end of the line and just worry about two

rhymes at a time and the final question

that we always get before we start our

writing session is this do I need a beat

what should a beat me now of course the

most powerful thing about rap music is

the interaction between two main rhythms

the vocal rhythm the cadence the flow

and the rhythm of the instrumental music

the beats of course that's gonna be a

big thing but we're not gonna worry

about it right now

overwhelm you part of the reason

probably you were nervous about starting

the rap was thinking how do I choose a

beat how do I make sure my voice sounds


how do I stay on beat where is the flow

within the beat all that stuff it's not

overwhelming right now let's just focus

on what we've already learned which is

quite a bit you got 16 bars we've got

rhyming at the end of each line in these

couplets and two at a time

got first-person narrative we got

frustrating circumstances present we got

a lot right so let's get into writing

don't worry about the beat let's go all

right the moment of decision has come my

favorite part of the day we write a rap

drum roll all right now one quick piece

of advice before you start 16 bars seems

like a lot to do especially if you're

brand new when you learn how to write a

rap what I would suggest is using the 4

bar method what that means is we got 16

4 times 4 much better to organize your

thoughts and how you're writing in your

process 4 bars at a time just worry

about telling a story in 4 bars rather

than the entire 16 that way you can come

back review what you've written change

some rhymes if you needed to not feel so

overwhelmed so for this step we're just

gonna focus on the first 4 bars what I

want you to do in

these four bars is tell me as your fan

as the listener of your first rat from a

first-person perspective some images

about these frustrating frustrating

circumstances that you chose whether

that's that relationship whether it's

your financial issues whether it's the

family dynamic whatever your theme was

tell me in just four bars what that

looks like from your perspective so

we'll pause the video you write your

four bars and I'll see you on the other

side all right your first four bars are

written in you've told me a little bit

as your first fan about your

circumstances next I want you to tell me

about how your friends your family your

community your homies are experiencing

these frustrating circumstances how are

they getting along with their money what

do they think about the relationship

whatever it is you chose so you did your

part of describing from your view now

tell us about how other people in your

frustrating circumstances feel rock out

with the next four bars and I'll see you

on the other side all right you're

halfway through your very first rap

congratulations you're becoming a real

rapper that's amazing now you told me

about your perspective told me about

your homies perspective now I want you

to tell me what are you gonna do to

change these circumstances how are you

gonna overcome are you gonna hustle

you're gonna grind your way out of it

out of your environments are you gonna

leave that tough relationship are you

gonna move away from the harsh family

dynamic tell me a little bit about how

you're gonna get out of these

circumstances that you're feeling that

you described with your homies and your

friends spend the next four bars telling

me that and I'll see you there


and lastly Wow you're so close to

getting this done this is absolute

incredible you're doing really well and

the last step we want you to do is tell

me how it's gonna feel when you get out

you told me about how it feels to be

there you told me about how your homies

feel about it you told me what you're

gonna do to change it you've taken me

through a journey as your first fan in

your first rep now tell me how it's

gonna feel when you're on and poppin

when you've gotten out of the

circumstances when you're gonna

celebrate how are you gonna celebrate

who are you gonna celebrate it with the

homies that you mentioned are you

leaving the homies are you getting a new

girlfriend what you doing so finish off

the birds strong the last four bars

we're telling me how it feels to be at

the top how are you gonna celebrate

let me envision your success to rags to

riches last four bars let's go


alrights congratulations give yourself a

hand you just finished your first gret

it's absolutely incredible no cat no gas

I know you're stepping out of your

comfort zone

it's amazing that you're able to do this

you can really call yourself a rapper at

this point not one of these coaches one

of these people that's like all you

gotta have shot X amount of people I

have X amount of million dollars got X

amount of girls in order to consider

yourself a rapper not not not not not if

you write you're a writer

if you actor an actor if you paint your

opinion if you rap you're a rapper so

you can call yourself a rapper right now

it's really dope congratulations now I

know we said it's a 9-step process but I

wanted to give you a little bit of a

bonus so if you're gonna rat this out

loud what you just wrote and you should

that's part of it I think what you

should do is practice slow and then

speed up when they teach you how to

learn a musical instrument like a

complex guitar solo from Jimi Hendrix or

whatever piano where you're learning to

play chords and melodies at the same

time they have you start practicing slow

and then speed up the tempo as you go

forward rap is the same especially with

enunciation I want to hear you

practicing your consonants those DS

those C's are those essence that's what

makes rat sound little crisp and really

dope I'm really professional but

practice that slow and then speed up all

right that's a little bonus tip for all

you who want to practice rapping this

thing out loud now if you've watched

this for the first time and there's many

other questions I'm sure you had be sure

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what made you make the decision to go

search out tutorials and the guy in

Washington that

you know learn step-by-step how to write

a rat what got you into rat being why

did you first want to learn how to write

a rat

all right so put that in the comments

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