Writing Tips: Satire, you're Doing it Wrong

let's be totally honest here I think

that we can all agree that satire is one

of the most misused and wrongly

attributed john ray of anything ever why

is this because stupid people use the

banner of satire as a shield and they

get called out for being a dick and

mindlessly insulting people philosophies

or events

that's not satire blindly causing

controversy for the sake of it is not

satire parody is not satire although

they are closely related satire is

essentially parody with a point beyond

just being funny but if that point is

just to insult someone or something

that's not satire that's more akin to

tabloid journalism which is generally

frowned upon by people mature enough to

have moved on from [ __ ] in their

pants today we're going to be talking

about satirizing philosophies attitudes

and we're going to be talking about

satirizing people it is actually very

different on how you do each and that is

one of the many many misconceptions

about satire here's another one

satire is a lot closer to criticism than

it is to teasing or trolling the truth

of the matter is that satire will

inevitably piss people off but it is not

the point of satire to piss people off

satire is supposed to exaggerate the

worldview of those who agree with you to

speak specifically to those who don't

with the purpose of preventing them from

becoming the characters that you have

created do you follow that

most importantly though and I cannot

stress this enough satire is not a

defense for slander or libel lying about

someone or something through your

writing is in ethical immoral and in

some cases illegal if you're going to

make satire you have to know that there

is a difference between an exaggeration

and a falsehood

mocking clause that exists will strongly

help your case mocking flaws that do not

exist will harm your case make you look

less than credible and in particular

cases may result in fines or

imprisonment and no getting arrested for

ruining someone's reputation because you

lied about them does not violate your US

First Amendment any more than getting

arrested for aiming and not even firing

a gun at the president violates your

u.s. Second Amendment yes you can make

up people in events who follow the

extreme ideology of whatever your

satirizing that's called fiction the

problem comes in when you say that

someone did something they never did or

is something that they aren't if you do

that you're not a satirist you're a liar

but now that that's out of the way it's

time to piss people off like I said you

can't do satire without pissing someone

off expecting no one to get offended

with you is stupid and illogical so who

is satire supposed to talk to well let's

start with this there is no point in


to the people who already agree with you

the purpose of satire is more or less to

make a moral or political change in the

wider world the point of satire is to

make a better world

in essence the point of satire is to

make people agree with you by making

what they believe in look ridiculous

that is not an easy task and it's

definitely not done by I don't know

making up lies about what people believe

in or who they are finally insulting

people giving away someone's address and

telling other people to beat the [ __ ]

out of them

sending Zelda Williams images of her

father robbing hanging from the ceiling

and then making fun of her when she left

the internet because of it all of these

things have been in some way shape or

form and defended under the shield of

satire you see with satire you need to

believe in the points that you can Bay

and what is the point conveyed by any of

this that people shouldn't grieve when

someone they love kills themselves

yeah the sick person who came up with

the stuff may have found it funny but

here's the thing satire is never meant

for the satirist if it is only

appreciated by the satirist himself it

fails and doing something for the lulz

is more or less doing something because

Yolo I have a feeling I'm kind of

pissing off a bunch of people already

and I haven't even come up with any

examples of satire yet wait until I

start talking about how anarchy is kind

of a logical when human nature is taken

into account if you want an Turkey that

means you probably don't have much faith

in people like leaders or voters but if

you do want to enter key then you have a

lot of faith in people not to backstab

each other and follow rules that no one

is enforcing but that's a story for

another day and hell I've made more

controversial arguments like just

because you're on the internet it's not

okay to be a dick I mean it's really

really easy to satirize stupid things

people do on the internet so a man sees

an advertisement on the television about

a new store that just opened up he gets

in his car and breaks the speed limit

trying to get to this store he doesn't

even put the car in park as he runs out

in bursts of the front door of the store

he shouts at first getting the attention

of everyone who was already there also

we left his wallet at home and was

planning on shopping later at his own

convenience I don't get why people shout

first on internet videos I really don't

you don't get a trophy for doing that

all you're doing is essentially getting

people to stare at you awkwardly you

know I don't get either college did you

guys know that college tuition has risen

four times the rate of inflation in the

United States that is absolutely insane

I went down to recently Open College and

ask why their tuition was $25,000 per

year when they essentially didn't have

much of reputation and they weren't

providing any books or including

dormitories an that the guy running the

place to me that this was the only way

you could afford paying off his student


that's satire I picked a topic that's

relevant and one that I truly believe in

college tuition prices are highly

unreasonable unfortunately I missed one

key point here the only people who don't

think college tuition is too high are

the colleges themselves and the

for-profit student loan companies I do

think they're trying to change that

though on the new standardized test I

think they're calling it the u.s. uck

one of the questions there is is it

worth selling away 20 years of your life

for a college education and if you mark

anything but see definitely then it's

wrong he'll even be yes isn't good

enough for half credits needless to say

I don't really agree with standardized

tests and coincidentally they're [ __ ]

easy to satirize I wonder cutting art

and Jim for more test prep standardized

tests must be really important

I mean filling in the exact same answers

as everyone else means that we should

value a individuality and creativity be

high test scores see good teachers and

good students D everyone being all the

same now that was actually question made

by a satire of the Common Core aligned

standardized tests by an eighth grade

girl she gets satire do you I mean it's

true everyone being the same helps

people get jobs working in factories

until they get replaced by robots or

they get jobs in offices and then get

replaced by people who thought outside

of the box

I didn't even need to say that

standardized tests are stupid to say

that standardized tests are stupid

that's the power of the genre personally

I think that innovation and creativity

are the values that will lead us still

holding our place in the future I'd be

wrong though if I said that our schools

were completely disincentivizing

creativity and reaction to these tests

children's bodies are reacting in all

kinds of creative ways like throwing up

and wetting themselves we have never

seen results like this before

strange how I read in a goosebumps

choose your own adventure book where the

main character goes into the future

there he can choose to go to school

where he's given a test that measures

human children to robotic standards and

you don't want to know what happens to

the ones who fail and that book isn't

even satire although science fiction is

a very useful John Rowe for satirizing

things like political trends and show

them in the future where that regime

holds complete control one thing that

you cannot do with satire is backpedal

when you create an act of satire you

make your opinion known you need to mean

what you say

that's why trolling is not satire as

many people claims it is a troll will

likely tell someone to I don't know it's

elite system32 on their hard drive

despite not believing that's a good idea

oh wait that's not trolling that's

bullying even if he does it to 50

different people he's never

before in his life despite people

telling me that a troll doesn't target

specific people and a bully targets same

Pearson over and over again that's

apparently the difference between the

two okay now I'm just confused you

trolls are all gonna have to give me a

calm rational and consistent definition

of what a troll actually is or I just

might be confused for life which brings

us to satirizing specific people somehow

my best advice for this is usually that

this is an unwise thing to do like I

said the purpose of satire is to incite

a change of some kind a satire of

someone in particular is not likely

going to be appreciated by the person at

hand at best you might get a ha ha that

is so true but it's not usually going to

incite a change in the person themselves

usually a satire towards a specific

person has less admirable intentions

than simple critique it revolves around

something like this person shouldn't be

famous or this person shouldn't spout

they're worthless ideas and this is

going to get more controversial than I

want to be it's really easy to satirize

racist and bigoted people out there but

here's the thing what's the [ __ ]

point they're not going to change and

all you're going to do is give them more

attention than they rightfully deserve

some people will deserve even less the

negative attention they deserve no

attention at all you know these are the

kind of people who wrote the tabletop

game racial holy war or the type of

people who wrote the tabletop game fatal

for those who don't know these are

pretty much tied for the worst thing in

the world the worst piece of media in

existence like racial holy war is

exactly what it sounds like it's a

tabletop game where you try to get rid

of all the minorities and fatal or the

fantasy adventure 2 adult luxury is a

tabletop RPG that focuses on sexual

deviancy and advanced calculus there's a

race in theta that rapes and eats

children and in the game you rule for

penis size I'm just betting that someone

out there exclaiming that either them or

satire or that a cataloguing website

that's pretty much a collaboration

between the two is some kind of satire

and their own twisted head you'd have to

be an idiot to think that's funny

you see now that I told you about these

things you're going to be interested in

whether they really exist you're going

to seek them out you're going to be

scarred for life unless you're [ __ ] up

as that people who came up with them it

doesn't matter how funny or easy these

things are to satirize talking about

them at all gives them more attention

than they deserve back to people I could

easily make a writer on some cartoon I

don't like be obsessed with giving

children nightmares it would not be a

good satire for one it's based on an

assumption and assumptions can be and

are often wrong to fair or not it's

I'm going to make the writer not be

obsessed with giving children nightmares

and it's not going to change the minds

that people like the show either if it

did one or the other it might be worth

it but it doesn't do that on that no to

the Family Guy episode t Peter actually

get anyone to quit the Tea Party no it

didn't just finally insulting people or

philosophies goes against the point of

satire even the people are philosophies

that you don't like that college humor

short my little brownie did it get

anyone's equip being a brownie not

directly I don't think so not to mention

they reuse the exact same joke in their

other brownie short come on guys you're

better than this and yes contrary to

popular belief satire can be bad it

exists and it's [ __ ] everywhere on

the internet but if I'm making fun of

someone's beliefs or actions then how

the hell am I going to get them to agree

with me satire is hard isn't it step one

don't create falsehoods create

exaggerations step two don't be afraid

to be offensive but step three don't

intentionally try to offend people

step three is forgotten by every

would-be satirist ever take a look at

the failed Fox lineup four quick

examples he'll look at adult cartoons in


yeah the Powerpuff Girls episode girls

gone mild any indication it isn't just

limited adult cartoons you see when you

create satire people might disagree with

your assert Asians and you might be

wrong sometimes satire is not an armor

you can use to deflect criticism it does

not prevent you from being insulting it

does not prevent you from being wrong

let me put it this way with satire you

can piss off people but don't ever ever

piss on people shorts like that my

little brownie thing or tea Peter pisses

on people and that's completely ignoring

the fact that yes some bronies are

incredibly obsessive and I don't give a

[ __ ] about politics in fact my sister

who's turning 18 said she was really

excited to finally be able to vote for

the president I told her that I wish I

could vote for the president but it's

still quite a few years before I can

join the electoral college I probably

couldn't afford the tuition fee anyway

good satire does piss people off but all

bad satire does is piss on people if

it's any indication that satire is

second only to torture porns and what I

choose to review sure a well-done satire

can be the funniest thing the world but

only the satirist puts in effort being

funny takes time care and dedication to

the right causes if you're just saying

this person is an idiot again and again

and again

that's not satire that's that's below

tabloid journalism actually once again

if you spend all this time and money on

animating [ __ ] you've animated [ __ ]

if you spend time care and dedication to

just pissing on a specific group or

person then that's all you're doing and

you really need to reevaluate your life

at the very least when I review an

episode of Family Guy don't defend its

actions under satire