Writing a Personal Narrative: Brainstorming a Story for Kids

riding a personal narrative Episode one

brainstorming do you know what a

personal narrative is a personal

narrative is a true story about your

life you can write about something that

has happened to you when we brainstorm

we think about all of the different

things that we could write about

brainstorming helps us find the best

possible topic for our writing when you

brainstorm personal narrative topics you

can think about good memories you have

about things that have happened to you

fun things that you've done with your

family or friends trips you have taken

or special places you have visited

activities you have done at school or

anything else that has happened to you

in your life it's important to choose

the topic that you care about and

remember lots of details about this will

help you write a great personal

narrative so here is my brainstorming

sheet I'm going to think of some things

that I've done that I'd like to write

about I will draw a sketch and a few

words to remember my ideas then I'm

going to choose one idea that's my

favorite so first I'm thinking I could

write about when I played kickball at

recess yesterday that was super fun or I

could write about my birthday party last

summer I could tell about gifts by God

games we play

hmm I could also write about when my mom

took me to the store this weekend and I

got a new toy or I could write about

when I visited my grandparents for

Christmas I could write about when I got

my dog and I was so excited

hmm or I could write about when I

watched fireworks in the park on 4th of

July Wow

so now I have six ideas to choose from

see I don't think I'll write about

visiting my grandparents because it was

sort of a long time ago and I don't

really remember enough details today I

think I will write about when I got a

new dog I can save the rest of my ideas

for later so that's it I've chosen my

topic and I'm ready to start writing

check out episode 2 to learn how I plan

and pre write my story