What information to include in your Wedding Invitations


hi my name is Susie from the wedding

station company of the digital tardes

and I really wanted to share with you

what you need to include in your wedding

invitations now the first thing to

remember is that everyone's weddings are

different so what information one couple

might need might not be the same for you

so I've put together an overview of all

the information needed have and the

different ways to lay out also all of

the text examples that I mentioned can

be found in a PDF guide that I've

created which I'll put a link for you to

download okay so the day time invitation

it can be split into three sections

you've got the main invitation the guest

information and the RSVP card so let's

get started with the main invitations so

the first thing to consider is who the

invitation is actually gonna come from

is it going to come from you or is it

going to be more traditional and come

from your parents alternatively it could

still come from you but together with

your parents or together with your

families this way the invitation still

comes from you but you've included them

okay so next is how their names are

going to be written are you going to

include just your first names maybe your

first names and surnames or did you want

to have them widdle reins in there to

think about how formal you want the

invitation also in case you were

wondering the invitations usually do

have the bride's names first

even though invitations may not be as

traditional as they used to be coming

from the bride's parents this layer has

continued but remember is entirely up to

you these are your invitations so it's

about what suits you best as a couple

now comes the main wedding details so

the day of the wedding the address

details for the venue and the time it

will go off at the time you could just

put the time in the ceremony but you may

also want to include the time when your

guests are arrived so even though the

wedding may start at 2:00 p.m. they need

to be sitting ready at 2 p.m. so you may

wish to say

1:13 and to finish this section you

could include the time that the evening

celebration finishes so maybe characters

at midnight okay so next we have the

guest information so this is everything

that your guests need to know about the

wedding so you may want to include a map

and directions possibly some

accommodation details for local hotels

or even the venue if they're able to

stay there

also remember that some venues have

tie-ins with local hotels so they may

have discount codes or reference codes

that your gifts may need when booking

you may also want to include taxi

numbers or transport details if these

are being supplied to your guests also

is there a type of confetti that your

guests can use or maybe you need to tell

them that confetti is not allowed at

your venue at all all these details

would go in this section okay so lastly

are you thinking of having a gift list

or maybe a gift poem asking for money or

vouchers I've put a list of some of the

nicest poems that I've found within the

invitation guide that can be downloaded

so you can have a read through those

I've also included some sentences for

you if you're unable to invite children

so there are different ways that you can

want this okay so the third thing is the

RSVP card now you may just wish to give

details of how your guests can RSVP to

you so on this evening example we have

just an email address and opposed to

address which has been given for all of

our daytime invitations usually come

with a simple RSVP card that your guests

can pop in the post back to you now for

the details on that RSVP card firstly

don't forget to add a date you wish for

your RSVPs to be back this thing gives

you a chance to chase at any of your

guests you her and her background so if

you are having a separate RSVP card you

may just wish to know if they can attend

or not but you may also need some

additional information from them does

your venue allow you to give your guests

options this example lists the menus and

allows your guests to choose which they

would prefer you can then receive this

Bank and correlate all of the different

options you may also want to include a

space for if they've got any dietary

requirements so you can pass this

information on to your caterers you may

also need to know if they'll require any

cease on transport that's being provided

or if they need to reserve a room in a

hotel these are all options that are

very specific to your wedding and what

information you need to get back also

don't forget the fun bits - like you may

want to ask your guests what song would

get them on the dance floor this will

also help them putting together your

even song choices - so no matter the

layout or the style of your invitation

these have been the main things that you

may wish to include on your data or

invitations add the little touches we

also create simplified evening

invitations - these can look and feel

exactly the same remember that your

evening guests may not always need all

of the information that your day yes - I

really hope that this video guide has

been useful in working out what you need

to include within your wedding

invitations if you have any questions or

you'd like to just take a look at some

of our wedding stationery then please

head over to our website www.plenous.com