How to Schedule and Create Content for Your Fashion Blog

hey guys welcome back in today's video

we're going to be talking all about

content creation for your blog so

today's video is going to be focused on

one of my favorite subjects which I'm

very passionate about and that is

content they say that content is king

however I like to put my own spin on

that and say that relevant and

consistent content is king because

realistically you could put a lot of

time and effort into blog posts but

really not have that much engagement

because your audience just isn't feeling

it maybe you're just putting stuff up

there to just say I have to blog I have

to blog and your heart's not really in

it your readers will notice that and see

that however if you're creating amazing

content that your readers are interested

in that they want to keep coming back

for again and again and you're doing

that on a consistent basis wham bam

thank you ma'am

that is going to set you up for success

this is obviously a subject that I could

talk about forever and ever and I'm

always talking about it to my blogger

friends but I wanted to create this

quick video for you guys just give you

my top tips and tricks that I've learned

over the years that work for me and I

use personally so let's get started with

the first tip so obviously your first

step to amazing content creation is

knowing how often you are going to post

how often are you going to be writing

this amazing content and putting it out

into the blogosphere shall we say and

this is a little bit of a con

controversial controversial that's the

long word controversial subject because

a lot of people have different takes on

it when I first started blogging way

back in the day about ten years ago it

was kind of a common thought that you

should not post more than two to three

times a week the rationale behind this

was if you were posting too much it

would overwhelm your readers and bombard

them with information and they would get

overwhelmed however I do not think

that's the case anymore maybe it may or

may not have been back then but now I

really do believe we live in an age

where we can get amazing incredible and

relevant content at a click with our

iPhones or our laptops or tablets and we

need to keep up with that we need to put

that have that competitive edge when you

are blogging that being said I used to

blog two to three times a week because I

thought that was like nothing to do that

everyone was doing it and it was the way

to go however now that I've grown in my

blog and I've learned and I've failed

and I've succeeded in many different


I find the blogging four to five times a

week for me is the magic number now that

might seem super overwhelming to you

guys maybe you guys are going to school

full time you have full-time jobs you

have kids I totally get it

so what I want you to do is I want you

to pick a schedule that works for you so

you set yourself up for success so this

might mean that you're only able to post

three to maybe four times a week or

maybe even two times a week that is

totally fine setting yourself up for

success is all about putting realistic

expectations so then you're not

disappointed later that you didn't do as

much as you wanted to do so putting

together a realistic schedule is super

super important as long as you are

consistent with those posts and as long

as they are relevant to your readers and

your heart and your passion is in them

that is going to set you up for success

big time so now let's talk about the

second tip which is scheduling your

content out now this may or may not work

for you I know that there are some

bloggers who are super detailed down to

like the hour of when they're going to

be doing certain blog posts they're

going to be doing their editing their

photo shoots and all of that at the end

of each month do something a little bit

different where I just have a content

calendar and I will post that so you

guys can check it out here and on this

calendar what you're seeing is all of my

scheduling for the entire month so let's

say I'm beginning the month of December

it's holiday season I want to make sure

that my content is relevant with the

time of year and what's trending now so

what I will do is I will write out each

into a individual blog post for the

entire week then you'll also see that

I've included times to film my YouTube

videos edit them and publish them you'll

also see on there a couple of different

times when I'm meeting with my

photographer to do outfit posts or maybe

I'm collaborating with a brand or a

service and I need to schedule that in

to make sure we have time to shoot it

and publish it and this just keeps me on

track it keeps me focused

it gives me an overall idea of what I'm

going to be doing for the entire month

so if you feel like this is a

of schedule that would actually be

useful to you I have created a

completely free version of this that you

can download absolutely free at the link

below all you have to do is put your

email address in it'll be delivered

right into your inbox and you can start

using it right away so now that you have

a good idea of how often you're going to

be able to post and you have a good idea

when you're going to be posting thanks

to your content calendar next thing you

want to consider is planning in time for

outfit shoots or product shoots whenever

I post an outfit post on my blog or on

Instagram I always have to schedule out

the shoot obviously if you're working

with a photographer or an insta husband

or boyfriend or whatever you have going

on whoever is taking your pictures you

often have to schedule that out with

them because schedules can get car is a

so what I like to do is schedule with my

photographer who also happens to be my

amazing sister I'll link her website

below and I do this scheduling this hurt

usually about twice a week and what I do

is I photograph five to six outfits at

one time that way when I get the batch

of photos back from her all edited and

ready to go I have those images at my

fingertips I can use them for my blog

post when I'm scheduling that out or I

can use it for my Instagram or all my

other social outlets and they're just

easy ready to go instant content now

you're obviously going to have to plan

this around the whole scheme of your

month so for instance we are in the

month of December right now my blog is

very heavy on gift Guy it's at the

moment because I love to share kind of

what gifts that I'll be giving this year

with you guys and give you some ideas so

I'm doing a lot of product shoots I'm

teaming up with some different companies

and I'm also shooting blog looks focused

around the holidays so again what to

wear on your family photos what to wear

to cocktail parties what to wear to your

work holiday parties all of those have

planning involved when you're shooting

those looks so scheduling them out is

super important and making sure that you

have everything you need before you go

shoot is essential so last but not least

I do want to stress again the importance

of consistency and being consistent with

your content if you're a new blogger and

maybe you've been posting just one to

two times or maybe just sporadically

throughout the month and you're not

getting the traction that you want that

could be why it's that lack of

consistency and that pre-planning and

forethought that really does kind of

prohibit your success in the long run

make sure that you are scheduling

everything out in your own way of course

whatever works for you and just be


even if that's posting Mondays and

Fridays sticking with the schedule is oh

it's so important to growth so I hope

you guys really enjoyed these blogging

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