Write a Killer Personal Statement! | My Tips & Tricks ✏️


hello everybody and welcome to this

video today's video is all about the

personal statement in this video I'd

like to offer some personal tips on how

to write an excellent personal statement

my name is Jasmine for those of you who

don't know me it's probably everybody

and Kotick notes with my personal

statement I applied to five universities

in the UK universe of Cambridge LS e UCL

King's College London and the University

of Edinburgh my courses were always

different but they were all centered

around economics and development

except for my course in UCL which was an

Arts and Sciences course so it was a it

was a take on the liberal arts system

that the US have a bit of basic

information about the personal statement

it is 4,000 characters long which is

approximately 47 lines I believe and for

most universities this is the only piece

of writing that you'll be able to to

give them and the only piece of you to

base their decisions tip number one with

a personal statement is to open with

advance I think a great way to start

your personal statement is through a

question that you have that you've had

before through an experience or through

a thought as soon as your admissions

officer needs ears personal statement

you want to catch on to them immediately

so you really want to open with

something personal to you and something

intriguing I started with a question in

my personal statement so question that

arose when I was in antequera and

mistltein after Typhoon Haiyan and I was

offering aid to over 100 families and I

was questioning the sustainability of

what we were doing I started with this

question to overcome reliance how can

the people in this to me

we develop a way to support themselves

in a sustainable manner I had it in

speech marks and I carried on from there

yes I raise my personal statement

sometimes that I remember my opening

line my second tip is to be quite

focused on your course whilst writing

your personal statement you want to talk

about why you are a great student for

that course and not really why you're a

great student in general the

universities will expect that you are a

great student already but through these

4,000 characters you really want to show

exactly what makes you passionate about

that course without even using the word

passion remember that in video K you are

applying to a specific course unlike in

the US and there are thousands of other

students who are applying for the exact

same course as you are and this should

not scare you from applying at all but

it should highlight that you want to

make yourself stand out from the rest

through showing love for your course tip

number three will develop on you know

how you actually show interest in your

course I think one of the greatest ways

to demonstrate interest is to actually

show that you've taken initiative beyond

beyond your high school this can be

through the books that you have read

through the activities that you do

through other experiences that may be

volunteer work and it can even be a

personal anecdote in my personal

statement I touched on my mother's

background as she did on poverty and I

explored the ways in which is it has

changed me as a person and how it's how

it's affected my my visions and and my

ambition I also wrote about a book that

I had read called what money can't buy

the moral limits of the market by

Michael chase vandal and it is a

philosophical approach to economics and

it just comes to show that there's so

much more to economics and what I've

read in my school textbook

I think it's so great if you can

approach your subject area through a

different lens so philosophy into

economics or philosophy into medicine or

something like that

it shows that you're well-rounded and

you're willing to view your subject not

through one lens but through multiple

lenses I even wrote about positions that

I held in school

that helped me develop certain

characteristics to flourish even more in

my fields which included some leadership

positions and sports position

highlighting positions that you've held

that connect to the characteristics that

you should have in your course is a

fantastic approach so these are

generally I think the ways that you can

show love for your course through

positions books that you've read or

content that you've read outside of your

school personal anecdotes personal

experiences and yes I think I think that

covers is tip number four is that if you

do write about a personal experience

then ensure that you are going to write

about what you learned from that

experience and what you still have to

have to learn and have to explore you do

want to go into university I think even

more questions and seeking more answers

so if you can extract questions that you

want to explore through your experiences

then it will show initiative on your

behalf tip number five is not to talk

too too much about your personal

achievements I think on the whole the UK

application tends to be a lot more

academic focused rather than you know

extra curricular focused the

universities that you intend to apply to

already know your grades they know your

GCSEs and your IB or a levels or or

whatever you've done you don't have much

space in your personal statement

remember you only have forty second line

so you don't want to expand too much

about your personal achievements but

rather use that and say

focus on why you love that subject area

in fact what you can do is you can pick

some positions and achievements that you

have and kind of incorporate them flip

them into sentences where you're

demonstrating your your enjoyment and

your interest in that particular

discipline so I'm just going to read off

my screen but one of the sentences that

I used was translating words into

actions as the environmental prefect I

promote sustainable practices within my

school such as the greater use of

biodegradable materials and educate

fellow students on how some of our

current practices threaten the

environment genera by nurturing

awareness so through that sentence not

only did I mention that I was the

environmental prefect but I also

mentioned that I partake in a lot of

sustainable efforts and thereby showing

my interest for the environment which

belongs in the realm of development tip

number six is not to waste words you

have 4,000 characters and it seems so so

little when you actually start writing

it so keep it succinct and genuine

remember to be honest and everything

that you're right you don't want to get

admitted with false information in there

keeping it the same in itself is

sophisticated do slip in a few academic

words here and there don't overly

decorated tip number seven is to trust

yourself foster writing this personal

statement I know you're probably nervous

and you know doubting yourself

throughout this application process

everyone is going to be going through

the exact same thing I promise you that

this is a very important piece of

writing no doubt but at the same time

you have to ensure that you do trust in

yourself you're having some confidence

do the best that you can and I mean

that's all you can do

tip number eight is to ask for advice

from other people regarding your

personal statements don't be shy to ask

other people most of the time they'll be

more than happy to be reading your


and I think it's great if you send it to

people who were accepted into the

university that you want to attend

sometimes other people's advice will

inspire you what even if you think like

it won't give it to someone who's had

the experience of writing personal

statement or someone lives and had

experience at all because sometimes they

may give even more genuine answers tip

number nine kind of contradicts tip

number eight but ensure that if you're

receiving advice from someone that you

don't feel is right

then you don't have to take it aboard do

ask for advice but if it just doesn't

feel right to you you're not obliged to

to use it and this goes for people who

even got into university that you want

to go to this is your personal statement

at the end of the day and you should

have the last thing tip number ten is

extremely important and it is to to kind

of start your personal statement a

little earlier and then come back to it

periodically when I wrote mine I was

reading mine every hour of every day and

I was looking at it so often that I

actually got pretty tired of it I was

approaching it with the same mindset

every single time to the point at which

I was making very few changes however

once I finally took aboard my father's

advice I gave myself a week in between

my personal statement review and I

noticed that when I came back to it with

fresh eyes and a fresh mind I could make

so many good and better changes I switch

things around I tried new things I added

new paragraphs that I never thought I

would add and and it started to work and

I was I felt a lot happier so don't be

so clingy with your personal statement I

know it's so hard to set it aside and

not look at it and not touch it because

it's so important but it does

more good than harm we're this tip is

pretty common-sense but it is to make

several drafts the personal statement

but more importantly to save your drafts

as you go along I recommend that you

write it on a Word document that you can

say not really on Google Docs I made

seven drafts I kept every single one of

them because sometimes the changes that

I made weren't as good as I thought they

would be and I would return back to my

previous drafts and it's also a nice way

to compare and and track the

developments that you make a little

thing that I want to mention before I

end this video is that when you insert

your personal statement into ucaf you

have to insert it in a little box and

ensure that you're kind of merging

everything together try out two to leave

a space between your paragraphs because

that will count and one in verse 47

lines all right thank you so much for

watching I hope you got something out of

this video having a lot of free time

right now and I'm having a lot of fun

making videos to help you guys out thank

you again for watching this and bye