About Us Page Examples — & How to Create Yours

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so your about Us page is often gonna be

like the second most visited page on

your website right behind your home page

so of course it makes sense to want to

optimize it to use it as another

opportunity to convince your customers

to buy but not surprisingly most of us

actually just use our about page as an

opportunity to talk about us but that's

a big mistake because when people click

that they're not actually looking to

know all about your history when you

were founded and that you are super into

IPAs they have a desire or a problem

that needs solving and they're there to

see if you're the one who can solve it

for them and that means cleverly using

your about Us page as a way of telling

people who you are in a way that means

something to them in other words don't

think of this as an opportunity to say

let me tell you all about us rather let

me tell you how we can help you help me

help you yeah you knew that was coming

right so I've picked out five of my

favorite about us pages from around the

web and I'll tell you why each works so

well and also a few tweaks that I might

make to make them even more powerful so

let's go check them out okay so here is

idea where CO and then our about page

and what I really like about this is

it's kind of about their team but they

never miss an opportunity to shine it

back on why it should matter to their

clients so right here check out this big

headline it's not gonna get lost and it

basically spells it all out it refers to

themselves as a talented team but then

it goes back and says that they design

amazing user experiences for their

clients as you scroll down here you to

see these really cool candid images that

make the brand personable and it makes

them seem actually fun and you know this

graphic behind it kind of sells that

idea even more you know it would be

really easy just to kind of have these

pictures here but it gives it some extra

nine Flair which i think is pretty cool

and there's you go down we see some some

more customer focus copy so it does talk

about their experience but you know

that's good you want something like that

for authority building and then it goes

on to say that you know this is another

benefit for the client you're good

you're gonna work directly with our CEO

and co o to find and recruit an amazing

team and then we scroll down even

further we've got what I love and these

are the and they're basically spelling

out all the benefits with little icons

going with them you know this just works

so much better than having a big

paragraph of text about this it really

just breaks it down into bite-sized

pieces and these headlines let you know

exactly what the benefits are and then

going down even further we have company

values which you know like I say most

companies what they do here is they

would just put a big paragraph of text

or several paragraphs of text but

they've broken it up again with these

little tiny bite-sized chunks of text

and the icons and guess what each one of

these is really another benefit because

here's something I want you to

understand you know values and mission

statements and all that kind of thing

are great internally and every company

should have a mission but they really

only work as a customer facing item when

they overlap with what matters to your

customers and in this case they

definitely do alright and on to our

second example this one is Rent the

Runway comm and this is a great example

of a business having a philosophy you

know and that's basically a should or

shouldn't statement like a dentist

saying that nobody should have to be

afraid of going to the dentist or a tree

removal service saying you should be

able to enjoy your yard and again this

only works that the statement is rooted

in your customers desires or in the

problem that they need solved so in this

case it says our mission is to make

women feel empowered and self confident

every single day and I would tend to

believe that their customers probably

feel the exact same way so the overlap

is definitely there and I love this page

because it tells the origin story but it

isn't self-indulgent you know it

proposes a problem that all women feel

which is spending a bunch of money on

clothes but still having that feeling of

nothing to wear so essentially they're

relating to their customers with a

statement of understanding

and then they talk about how they're

changing that so in the end this about

Us page is really all about you the

customer and how this business is going

to solve your problem okay and here we

have cultivated wit calm and this is a

perfect example that showcases the

personality of a business you know and

it doesn't directly talk about the

customer benefits as much as I would

like but they do a pretty good job of

getting you to actually want to work

with them and this nice big image you

know really kind of lets you get to know

them and into their world a little bit

and it's not too self-indulgent and

scrolling down so this large text on the


really breaks down what they do and I'd

like to see a little bit more

explanation but I still wanted to show

this example because it shows you don't

need to write like a term paper on your

website you know you can write with

personality people will want to work

with you more if you do it that way and

on the right they talk about their

overall belief that humor can make

complicated ideas more understandable

and products more fun and then scrolling

down they have some staff BIOS and

pictures to go along with it which I

don't always recommend but if you're

gonna do it have fun with them you know

these may be a little over the top but

they're in comedy so it's in keeping

with their actual brand identity here so

even if your business is not in the

comedy realm which it probably isn't you

can still take a page out of their

playbook here and use a light-hearted

touch with your staff or team photos

okay now we've got Amy porterfield's

website this is a great example of a

personal brand like you know for coaches

or consultants and Amy really knows her

audience which is primarily women who

want to get out of the nine-to-five and

start their own online businesses so she

meets them right there where they are

with her own story and how she used to

be one of them she basically shares

everything that she did wrong and so she

reveals what she finally did right and

how she can help guide them to success

too because it's a path that she knows

very well and this about Us page has a

lot of text on it which I don't always

recommend but at least it's all broken

up into really bite-sized chunks and

that keeps people more interested in

reading all the way down okay now we

have two arms ink.com you know I love

this one because it's super simple and

this big bold image up top gives a real

sense of the personality of the

company and the brooklyn nests of it all

and as you scroll down here you get a

really simple statement that both

introduces themselves while giving

several benefits their clients can

expect you know quick turnaround and

attention to detail

then we've got a few more strong images

followed by another really strong

statement we're here to make you look

good then they've got a really nice

authority building section of

recognizable companies that they've done

work for and while that can seem a

little indulgent like it's focused on

them this is actually a really smart way

to build authority you know clients do

want to see this it basically acts as a

testimonial in a way now if i were

redoing this for them what I might do is

make it a little more visual including

the company logos rather than just

writing the names out you know because

most people might skip right past this

because it's styled so plainly you know

remember that people generally will skim

a website not so much read it so anytime

you can make something visual like using

a logo rather than writing out the name

of a company you should probably go for

that alright so those are some of my

favorites but now I want to hear from

you and I want to know if there's any

others that I missed and be great about

us pages that you found on the web or

let me know which of the five I talked

about is its most inspiring to you and

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