7 ways to fill your empty notebooks

hey printer holux ever found yourself

buying notebooks because you fell in

love with their cover but never ended up

using them I know I'm guilty of that so

in today's video I would like to share

seven different ways you can fill up

your empty notebooks or give you an

excuse to buy even more notebooks the

first way is probably the most obvious

one and that is to use your notebook as

a journal or diary some people find it

very therapeutic to express their

feelings by writing them down if you

have something that is troubling you or

the exact opposite having an exclusive

journal for that can be just what you

need you can write about your day about

a problem you're having perhaps an

amazing experience you want to jot down

so you never forget it is a notebook for

you and your thoughts only the second

way is using it as a creative journal

this is kind of similar to the previous

one but if you love to be crafty or

creative you can transform your journal

entries into works of art using all

kinds of mixed-media like paint

watercolor embellishments stickers

magazine clippings stamps stencils with

all sorts of stationery goods you can

make a creative journal all about you

and the things you love the most the

next idea is to use your notebook for

something as simple as note-taking maybe

you have a school or work project that

requires you to plan things out you

could use this notebook exclusively for

that or maybe you want to research a

specific topic about something you want

to learn more about anything and

everything that has to do with

note-taking can be used in this

particular notebook I don't know about

you but I spend a lot of my time making

lists it could be a grocery list a

stationery wish list books I'd like to

buy places to visit the list goes on

pun intended I find it really easy to

write them down and little punkin

notebooks like this one for those of us

that maybe have a hard time thinking of

what to journal or write about perhaps

having a guided journal is not a bad

idea this is all about using your No

book to write out different prompts that

you can find almost everywhere for

example there are a bunch of monthly

writing prompts on Pinterest that could

be based on a specific theme season or

topic these really get your brain going

and make you think outside the box if

you love looking at beautiful typography

and would like to try a hand at them

then maybe you can dedicate a specific

notebook for your practice using

different types of pens and lettering

you can write out quotes poems book

passages or even lyrics to practice your

handwriting and get better each time you

try if you keep at it for a while you

can then enjoy seeing the progress of

your practice by flipping the pages from

front to back

in your notebook this next idea is for

those of us that have so many things

going on in our heads that we don't know

how to keep up well the solution is to

use a notebook for your brain dumps when

an idea comes up write it down here if

you have a bunch of tasks that you don't

want to forget well write them and you

bring them notebook don't be afraid to

have a messy notebook once in a while

brain dumps are done to help you

declutter your mind and leave room for

the important stuff and last but not

least if you are a stationery hoarder

and I'm pretty sure you are if you're

watching this video then you can

dedicate a notebook to swatch all of

your goodies I have a bunch of washi

tape so I ripped a piece of each one and

placed it in this notebook to keep an

inventory of the different designs that

I own you could also do this if you have

different Stamp inks markers watercolor

pens paint anything you can think of

that you can leave a little test and/or

swatch you can know the different colors

that you have and because it looks cool

and nice so these are just a few ideas

or ways or uses whatever you want to

call it to finally pick up that empty

notebook that has been sitting in your

drawer collecting dust and filling it in

your notebooks well thank you for giving

them the love they deserve and you

yourself will get to enjoy that

beautiful cover that captured you from

the very beginning if you enjoyed this

video and would like me to make a second

part because I still have quite a few

ideas that I could share be sure to give

me a thumbs up so I know that you do and

I'll make sure to

prepare that content thanks so much for

watching and I hope you have a lovely

rest of the week I will talk to you guys

in the comments below until my next one

bye everybody