What To Write About Yourself On A Dating Site Examples

hi she was seven I'm back yes my hair

well I have this wig on for a reason

this video should be about how to create

an online dating profile I know a lot of

women have to date online and I'm gonna

give you all some tips and rules on how

to create a profile that will represent

you properly okay first of all y'all

know I look good right but this is not

how I look on the daily this is not how

I look normally right so I would not put

a picture of myself that looks like this

as my main profile picture why because

this is not who I ain't okay this is not

what I look like on the daily basis so

ladies use a picture that looks like you

on a day-to-day basis a current picture

that represents what you look like in

real life try to use as less filtering

as possible because sometimes that

filtering will take away a few years and

some guys will be like okay she looked

like she was 25 and then when I met her

she looked 45 and I'm not down at

anybody who's 45 I'm just saying some

guys thought they were getting a younger

or young looking woman and they had you

know a goat you know they have went to

meet her and she looks older than them

so we need to stop the filtering on the

profile pictures we need to put a

correct representation of ourselves on

the profile picture because if someone

saw this and they wanted to meet me

and I came with my black curly hair and

probably a lot less makeup on then

they're gonna be disappointed you know

they're gonna be mad they might not call

me back they're gonna be like okay well

I thought I was getting a blonde

bombshell and I'm

you know but I got the curly-haired lady

but I don't even like her later you know

I love Mykel area I would never I would

never got my hair blonde just like oh no

so and not nothing against blondes

blondes are beautiful this just I love

myself you know okay so the next thing

you want to do is take a bunch of

pictures but you need a body shot

because sometimes we all take pictures

of from the neck up and I'm guilty of

this the only reason is hard for me to

take full pictures is because I'm so

damn tall that's why I invented the

selfie stick y'all use it okay get

yourself a selfie stick and take a

picture of what you look like for real

because you might be too tall for them

too skinny for them to dis for them to

that for them and then you're gonna

waste all this time getting to know

someone and you're not even there tight

okay men have types and that's where you

know the disappointment sets in when you

meet in person you're not even my type I

like you know I like thin I like thick I

like tall I like you know this I like

that and I didn't see and don't put an

old picture when you were skinny or when

you had gained weight use the most

current picture you had okay next how

you dress if if you dress very nice

ladylike and feminine and you know

casual you're not gonna be treated like

a hoochie a a someone to just

use and throw away you have to represent

yourself as a classy lady with a lot of

class nice clothing not showing

everything because as soon as a man goes

on an online to see women he wants it to

date and he sees cleavage and tight

clothes and lunch a makeup he's thinking

sex he's not thinking a girlfriend or a

future partner he's like oh that's a

good one too

sexily so you don't want to look like

that on your dating profile you want to

be covered up completely you want a nice

casual body shot of you and some of

these that clothes that aren't too

revealing or too tight

okay you don't want all your pictures to

be at the club or out and drinking you

want your pictures to be like you know

in cool places like you know a park or

you know maybe a restaurant or maybe

somewhere that's not too you know like

you're always out and about meeting

people make it look like you know you're

comfortable at home out in a restaurant

but you're not all about clubbing and

meeting people and just partying you

know guys don't like to see that okay

I'll show an intellectual side like if

you got if you have the option to show

more photos

you know I'll show your so reading show

yourself doing some arts and crafts or

whatever you like to do jewelry making

let them know that you have a hobby and

you have a focus in life and you have

talent and skills you know yes show your

teeth if you got messed-up teeth they

need to know that because you can smile

like this and then as soon as they see

you they're gonna see all of this and

that's gonna turn them off and they're

gonna be like okay well I thought you

know I don't know what I mean and so

make sure they see your teeth because

sometimes you know people like to hide

things online and then they have to meet

you just showing before you waste your

time and your gas money okay um some

people might think a gap is cute I know

I have a little gap some people think

that's cute some people say oh you need

to fix your teeth I say well I'm gonna

show you what I got and you know I get

bounced okay so always show your teeth

because especially guys guys do this

more than women guys will not show their

teeth and then when we meet them they

got like Jephthah teeth or gold too many

gold teeth and or missing teeth or


okay yellow teeth

show your teeth on your her eyes okay

and the next thing you need to do like

when you writing your profile what

you're looking for don't ever say you're

looking for others but just say I am

looking for a life partner a best friend

don't say I'm looking for a man I'm

looking for a sugar daddy I'm looking

for this I'm gonna say I'm looking for a

best friend I'm looking for a future

life partner or something like that

don't ever say I'm looking for marriage

because that scares a lot of men away

don't ever say I'm looking for a sugar

daddy because that's like gold digger

alert and they figure you do that with

everybody just say I'm looking for a

best friend who likes who's generous and

in nature loving kind sweet but make

sure you have generous up in there okay

it doesn't have to be the first word can

be like the last word cuz most guys are

gonna go about what you put first and

then you know generous can be last but

make sure it's in there so that they

know that you're not gonna be paying for

dinner okay um say you like traditional

old-fashioned gentleman if you don't

want to pay for your day okay I like the

traditional old-fashioned gentleman

that's gonna let them know right there

you're not for the okey-doke okay that

means they have to come correct with you

if you got kids

don't put that you have kids or that you

don't have kids that don't put picture

your kids up okay let them meet you

first and then let them ask you if they

ask you online on your profile then you

just say yes I do

okay but don't put photos of your kids

don't say that you have kids

why because sometimes people will swipe

past you or click past you just because

you have kids and they will not get to

know you they don't know your situation

but once someone gets to know you then

then they can decide okay well do I want

to deal with a lot more kids

don't let them prejudge you because you

have kids okay

plus you know a lot of guys

well you know they'll target women with

kids because they think they're easier

and that they'll they're desperate so

don't ever put that you have kids okay

and unless they ask you don't put it on

your profile okay that's that's oh

that's an important one and it's that

but that's just the way that you're

gonna be treated equally to the other

ladies okay

now or if you don't it's like if it says

education income I know some of these

places I mean like online profiles like

education income down you know just like

asking me don't don't put it on there

just say ask me or self-employed or you

know just say ask me don't ever put all

your business out because that takes

away your mystery you need to tell these

people this if you choose for them to

know okay

so just putting that out there

anyway also choosing someone at online

you need to check all the same things

the teeth the most recent picture you

need to ask as many questions as you can

and you need to be very observant of the

type of people that are on here because

some of them are crazy yeah I'm serious

but remember do not put this as your

profile picture and this is not what you

look like okay just you know you gonna

attract the wrong type of people and

you're gonna be wasting a lot of time if

you change your hair often put different

hairstyles on each picture so that they

know that they're getting a chameleon

okay alright thank y'all so much for

watching thumbs up if y'all have

something to add to this how about your


online dating experience if you want to

put that in the comments I would love to

read them because I just I think it's

hilarious sometimes y'all stories are

crazy and quite entertaining to me so go

ahead and put them in the comments and

I'll see

later all right fine

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