Personal Information: write about yourself in English & writing paragraphs

welcome to learning English with Liane

help with the writing this video will

show you how to write about yourself

with short paragraphs and how to write

more this is for pre intermediate

students certificate 1 and certificate

to English students write about yourself

what to write here are some good ideas

to help you write about yourself in a

short paragraph write sentences for your

name and how old you are where you live

and what country you are from your

marital status say you married single or

divorced how long you have been in the

country or city what do you like about

it here's an example for you my name is

Hassan and I'm 34 years old I live in

Sydney but I am from Afghanistan I am

married and we have been in Australia

for 8 months

I like Australia because it's very clean

and we can have a good life here so

here's a good example there are

sentences for name how old where they

live what country is from their marital

status how long in Australia why they

like Australia it's a good way to start

your writing to write about yourself

next you could write a paragraph about

your family so again what to write in a

short paragraph write sentences for you

could write about your children how many

children how old do they go to school

what are their names you can write about

your wife or husband

how old what is their job what are they

like are they friendly happy busy people

you could write about your brothers and

sisters how old are they where do they

live what are their jobs what are their

names or you could write about a good

friend of yours

their name and how old they are what is

their job and their characteristics what

type of people are they friendly happy

funny quiet here's another example for

you I have two sons and a daughter

my sons are 7 and 9 years old and go to

primary school but my daughter is 2 and

is in childcare my my wife is 29 years

old and she is an accountant she works

in the city so here we have written

about their children

how old are their children what schools

- their children go - and also about his

wife so now we can put these two

paragraphs together to make one piece of


so paragraph 1 our personal details and

then we're going to add paragraph 2 so

we started new paragraph with a space

and we put a paragraph about our family

so now you can see you have a nice long

piece of writing with two paragraphs one

about personal details and one about

family so now you could write more about

your home what to write in a short

paragraph write sentences for where the

house is how many bedrooms does the

house have give details about the house

it's a big small old new quiet you could

write something you like about it or

something you don't like about it

doesn't have a garden or tell me about

the bathroom the kitchen give some

information here's an example I live in

Sydney with my family my house has three

big bedrooms and two bathrooms it is

clean and has a good kitchen we have a

beautiful garden and I grow vegetables

in the summer I like it because it is

close to the bus stop and shops this

writing has where and who they live with

it tells us how many bedrooms and


it talks about the kitchen and the

garden and something we like about it so

here are some good ideas for you to

write about your home in your next

paragraph you can write about your

hobbies or free time so what to write

write the name of the hobby when and

where you do the hobby and why do you do

it use because to say why the example I

play football at home every day on

Sunday mornings we usually play with our

friends and the children in the park I

like football because it is good

exercise and I spend time with my

friends so we have football the name

when every day and Sunday mornings we're

at home in the park and why it's good

exercise and I spend time with my

friends this is just one hobby and you

can see that when we write when and

where and why we have much longer

writing maybe you have more hobbies

here's another example for you again we

need the name

where and why also I read books and

watch movies I like watching English

movies because I learn new words and

practice my listening I read the

newspaper in English every day because

it helps me understand what people are

talking about so we have two hobbies in

this paragraph we have why do we watch

movies and then why do we read the

newspaper so if you had more hobbies you

could write again the next hobby the

name when where and why so now if we

look at all of our writing together we

had our paragraph one our personal

details we had then the paragraph about

our family so we're putting this all

together for one nice piece of writing

then we had our paragraph three about

our home you can see our writing is

getting longer and longer then we have

our fourth paragraph about our hobbies

so we're adding more information about


first we had personal details then we

have family then we have where we live

our home and then we have our hobbies so

we can build a nice piece of writing a

long piece of writing now it's your turn

write about yourself write a new

paragraph for each topic like we just

watched the first one is a personal

information the second paragraph write

about your where you live your house or

home write a third paragraph about your

family and then write a fourth paragraph

about your hobbies or your freetime

activities remember to use and but and

because to write longer sentences and

ask your teacher or a friend to check it

for you practice your writing and

this video again to give you some more

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