TINDER BIO FOR MEN : How to write a Tinder Bio (2020)

there are several times when I see this

really nice good-looking guy on tinder

and then I read his bio and it is a left

while writing a bio for tinder can be

hard but in this video we're going to

show you examples of some kickass BIOS

that will make most girls

swipe right what to do with your tinder

pictures you can see that video click

right here but now let's dive right

through this and show you some great

examples for kick-ass BIOS but let's

start with the biggest nono the first

and biggest no is not having a bio at

all do you think that you were that vine

genius who went and found some light

from the internet and put it in his bio

close of read all of them nor looser

lines greater boy who is smut and smut

means if you are writing something in


don't use too many short forms it's

weird no excessive use of emojis and

punctuation x' hashtags on Instagram and

Facebook not dildo touch that let's not

touch that tested

cluster no long list of random

adjectives chillin adventurer Explorer

art music fashion lifestyle food drinks

buzz hang out read trip eat Pray Love

there are some guys who literally just

put their phone number in their bio it

looks very different don't do that and

for the love of God stop portraying

low-value traits stop saying like a

law of drinking I love smoking weed and

love partying and clubbing and meeting

friends these are things that

does nothing great about it to be honest

and by portraying something like this

really not coming across as a really

well put together person one of the

worst things a guy can write in his bio

it's live right - no more - oh why will

any girl be so interested in you that

she black loud I wanna know more

about him I need to swipe right I mean

and now this brings us to the dues now

be able to share with you some really

kick-ass examples of great BIOS but

before you proceed I want you to make a

promise to me promise me that you would

not copy and rip off these BIOS please

use these as inspiration to come up with

something of your own but don't copy

them is to write something in the list

format three or four nice things out and

it's a cherry on the cake if you end it

with a nice finishing touch dog's food

sleep stationary in no particular order

slide for the dog stay for the waffles

and the thing is this guy did write

about the waffles but you know it's not

just something which was in his bio I

actually swipe right on him and one of

the first things he did talk about his

vocal so that was like pretty cool tree

relatable not just kind Sabina Collier

chopped them up in Fitness photography

and a plethora of things I like people

who are into meaningful conversations

and long walks or drives let's see if

you can guess my nickname correctly yes

do this wonder favor and write a bio for

yourself look at the last bit over here

he you know calls out the women who

don't write BIOS and there are a lot of

women like that and this shows a woman

that you know okay he's the kind of guy

who doesn't just swipe right on women

just like that because they have nice

pictures he

she's actually put some value into a

profile the BIOS which can do really

well is if they swap one emotion out of

it which is anything funny anything

witty that just make her laugh


eg biology student wakes up pretending

to be a future scientist and the

spelling hold it with everything that

doesn't relate to it in this bio he

talks about what he does but he adds

like a nice touch to it doesn't just go

they say hey I am a PG biology student

don't be a dick be a dick run this is

one simple normal life it doesn't even

say too much about himself but what it

does portray is that he knows there are

some creepy weird men on these dating

apps and he is not one of them also

create play on words by the way we

actually have a separate video with a

bunch of different funny BIOS so if you

want to see that click the I button

right here in the corner what you do

need to do to stand out is obviously be

different it's very easy to play or be

different but we are going to help you

with some examples over here


I'm such an engineer I could probably

calculate the size of the drill to break

the ice

dog whisperer by hobby engineer by trade

swap movie songs in books sometimes I

have my moments and well sometimes life

I chose

imagine if someone just said I am an

engineer I love dogs life is great he

has said the same thing but in better

world when it's not even like his use

some create nice vocabulary just a

different way which is interesting

looking for someone to crash weddings

with also six-time world biryani

championship winner now this is a very

common line which people use which is

you know finding somebody to bring to

family event so they don't think

something is wrong with me and the you

know world thumb wrestling champion or

whatever he has taken those two things

modified it in his format which women

will not find on somebody else's profile

and it will still make them laugh one of

the best ways the best BIOS is having a

cliffhanger that just makes her one is

right right here are some examples to

explain what I'm trying to do you have

the guts to super like me emotion you

don't even if she wouldn't super like

you she'll be like hey I can't match you

okay like don't challenge me sort of a

bit I'm an engineer to save time let's

just assume I'm never wrong trust me

this guy I swipe right on him and I

actually texted him first be like you

know what I'm gonna find out when you're

wrong now if you've made it this fine to

the video I'm pretty sure you've already

got a bunch of good bio ideas cooking up

in your mind and if that's the case and

you want some feedback on it we've got

something for you book right now don't

do that in a circle is our Facebook

group where there will be so nice

there will be me who will give you all

two cents on what your bio can be

and along with that everybody on the

group can give you feedback as well link

is in the description join the group

right now now there is one last thing

that occupies very little space on your

profile but it's something that girls

notice and it's very important and that

is your school and your job description

now if you're working like a good 4 so

you have some interesting job or you

work in a well-known company all upin do

some really good University definitely

mention that it shows you know that this

guy has some standards but if not then

you know just just leave it black then

there's no point in driving stupid

things over there and that's the video

for today hope you guys enjoyed it and

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