Writing Lessons : How to Write an Allegory

Hi, this is Laura Turner. And today I'm going to talk to you about how to write an allegory.

First of all, you need to decide why you're writing your allegory. Are you going to be

writing your allegory to teach people about a certain moral point. That you want to get

across. And then, what is that moral point. And what is the best way in which you can

sort of, force this point out. A good play to read. If you want to look for a very good

example of an allegory in general would be, the play Every Man. By an anonymous play write

in the middle, medieval times, the middle ages. Every man is a story of every man. Who

goes on a journey of life to allegorically. So he is actually standing in for the idea

of every man. So he's going to allegorically go through life. And experience all of the

trials such as relations that we to experience. And he encounters allegorical characters like

death, for example as personified. So think about also what genre, you want to write in.

Do you want to write an allegorical play? You want to write an allegorical piece of

fiction. And then also think about why this writing is going to help people understand

and connect with your idea. And why is this story best told in this way. You always have

to be very self aware with allegory. It's not something that you can just sort of, use

off of the fly. You really have to think it out before you get into it. So this is how

to write an allegory.