7 Steps To Write An eBook in 24 Hours


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alright let's get to it how to write

your first ebook that's what I'm

challenging you to do even if it's

something you've never thought about

before I guarantee you if you've been on

this planet for more than 15 years

there's something you've figured out

that could help other people and you've

got it in you and it doesn't have to be

like earth-shattering or something that

no one else has ever thought about you

don't even have to be an expert or the

be-all end-all but there's something

that you have figured out something that

you know how to do that's kind of fun

that could help other people and people

are probably always asking you about it

anyways and the reason why you follow me

is because you're into personal growth

right and growth means we do things that

are out of our comfort zone that make us

grow and if you're serious about this

I've got the perfect challenge for you

it's writing your first ebook so what

goes into that now I'm gonna cover with

you the steps but I want you to stay

tuned because at the end I'm also gonna

tell you how you can be a part of a free

group that I'm putting together for

those of you who accept the challenge

and you need accountability and you you

want some people to you know run ideas

past or you know offer support

encouragement motivation resources

that's coming so stay tuned don't leave

me yet but here are the steps number one

you start by creating an outline and

that of course is going to begin with

you under like deciding okay what is it

you're gonna write an e-book about

there's a million things you can write

an e-book about so don't overthink this

don't get stuck on figure

bring out what it is first just decided

and if you can't decide I've got a

really easy way for you to figure this

out ask your friends text a group of

them right now pull out your phone and

say hey okay ladies gentlemen if I were

to write a quickie book like a fast

super funny book on something that I'm

pretty good at do you think that should

be your friends will tell you and if you

don't want to ask your friends ask your

social media followers they will tell

you what it is they want to know from

you okay once you figure that out then

then actually your first step is we're

just writing an outline what is it and

how is it you need to lay this out like

what do people need to know first and

second and third and fourth and like

what's the conclusion basically

basically this whole project like

writing and even publishing and even

putting up a website to sell your eBook

all of this can be done in less than 24

hours now I don't mean like one 24 hour

period but like less than 24 hours total

I'm not even joking way less than that

especially if you're not a perfectionist

so if you're just ready to do this and

you're gonna allow us to help keep you

accountable you can do this I'm not

kidding this could change your life it

could definitely help someone else's

life and it will very likely make you

some extra money in the process

so step one is just writing your outline

step two is then doing kind of a rough

draft of the e-book now an e-book can be

anything from ten pages 20 pages ebooks

can go all the way up to a hundred pages

I've even seen 300 page ebooks which I

don't really think is an e-book I think

that's like a digital book but ideally

you want most ebooks the concept of them

is they're quick and easy like it's it's

just a fast way for people to consume

the information so keeping it under a

hundred pages is really important and

shorter is better like we always think

oh gosh this isn't long enough well

people are short on time so shorter is

better but it should be as long as it

needs to be if that makes sense so that

you're thoroughly conveying the concepts

the ideas and you're sharing with people

what it is you know about this

particular topic make sure you really

just stick with one topic after you've

created your rough draft then

you want to spend you know maybe four

hours to pay on how long it is carefully

proofreading it now if you're not an

exceptional proof reader as I am NOT you

might want to outsource that again once

I share with you our free support group

where you're gonna have other people

taking this challenge as well you might

be able to swap that with someone else

or you can use a freelance service like

freelancer or up work or Fiverr there's

lots of online communities where for a

really affordable rate you can have like

a professional proof reader read your

first draft and just make you sound

amazing what's your next step

then it's deciding what images and how

you want the book laid out again this

doesn't have to be perfect there's lots

of free software and programs which

we'll share with you inside of our group

that show you exactly how to like you

just basically copy and paste in your

your draft and it will lay it out for

you in an eBook format so it makes it

really easy for people to read it on a

digital device like an iPhone or a

tablet and though most of those programs

are free and you could of course even

hire a designer and they can lay it out

for you and make it look beautiful like

graphic artist can lay this out and

you'll be like day that's my eBook and

you'll be quite impressed and so with

your friends and family and so all the

people who potentially may buy this

ebook now you'll be able to use this

ebook and you'll be able to sell it or

give it away to people you could even

use it as a way to draw attention to

your business or your social media

platform or you can just you know do it

because it's a passion project something

you want to help other people with and

just give it to them for free but the

better it looks

the prouder you're going to be of this


now that designer can also help you find

the right images stock photos or

illustrations and make sure that you

have the copyrights to use them again

most of the stuff you can find for

virtually nothing and even free on-line

and you might also just use your own

photos in your own illustrations I mean

maybe you are an artist or your kids are

and this could be like a really fun

project for you your next step would be

coming up with your title I know people

get really excited about titles and

there's a little bit of work that should

go into titles like first of all look on

Amazon is someone already using that

title now I'm not saying you're gonna

sell your book on Amazon but y'all might

so I would suggest picking a title that

isn't already being used or at least a

twist on something that isn't already

being used does that make sense and if

you just lost for a title put it to our

group you can ask your support group

like what would you call this book put

it out to your social media create a

poll on Instagram because you'll get

some great ideas from your community

remember you know the more people we

rely on to give us feedback the better

all of our programs and products and

ideas can because you know there's some

really smart people out there once you

have your title then our next step

design the book cover like what's it

gonna look like this is exciting and

like this is your very first ebook this

is so cool and putting some thought into

that and making sure that it fits your

brand and your personality and it's

everything that you want you don't have

to be a designer or an artist to do that

again I'm gonna share with you inside of

our free group resources where you can

find people for very little money who

will help you to design an amazing cover

that looks like you spent thousands on

it and the last and final step for some

of you is figuring out like how are you

going to deliver this so many cool ways

to look back in the day you had to spend

a fortune building a website and buying

all of these tools and resources to

deliver it to people now it's so easy

it's as simple as copy and paste cut and

paste cut and paste and we'll share

resources with you inside of our group

so that once we get to that step it'll

be easy even if you don't have any tech

background whatsoever this is what I

call a passion project who knows what

this could turn into because there's no

pressure because no one's telling you

you have to do it because you're doing

this for fun it takes all of the

pressure off of you to make it perfect I

want this just to be something that's

fun for you now if it's something you're

thinking about maybe even turning it

into a business I also want to inspire

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