Write an ode poem in ten minutes – fun step by step lesson (Simon Mole x National Literacy Trust)

hi i'm simon mole and i am a poet in

about ten minutes time you will have

written a poem a poem about something

you really really love so that could be

your favorite food or a friend or a

family member that you want to bigger

maybe your favorite then a week or time

and a day favorite season a sport that

you love playing or watching a band that

you love to be clear if you think the

popcorn is okay don't write your poem

about popcorn this needs to be something

you are passionate about and for me it's

much so weird but for me that is

porridge you see breakfast it's the best

bit of the day and the best breakfast is

porridge pause the video to think what

you're going to write your poem about

and then put that as a title at the top

of your page hit play when you're ready

to move on

first of all you're going to note down a

few visual details about your thing what

does it look like or if it's a time of

day where are you what do you see around

you if it's a sport where do you play

that what do you see around you when you

play that sport so for me

porridge I'm gonna say it's kind of OT

bubbly lava

i'ma say it in a pan maybe there's some

steam in the air above it because it's

cold in the kitchen so pause the video

now to note down a few of your ideas and

then hit play when you're ready for the

next thought

next up does it make any sounds or what

sounds do you hear when you are there if

it's about a person what's their voice

like or what kind of music do they make

you think of I'm thinking that when

porridge is in the pan it kind of

gurgles and pops so I'm gonna note those

words down sometimes I kind of grumble

in to myself whilst I'm cooking and

maybe once I get in line mmm so much as

well pause the video to note down a few

sounds linked to the thing you're

writing about and then hit play when

you're ready to move on

cool how does it make you feel and what

would you do to celebrate that feeling

maybe pizza makes you feel so fabulously

full that you will build a stack of

pizza boxes at our higher than your

house you get up there and you do a

little piece of dance for porridge it

makes me feel warm but also sign a bit

like how I feel when I meet up with an

old friend from home who I haven't seen

for ages so I might like down something

to do with that pause the video once you

get a few ideas onto the page and then

hit play when you're ready to move on

can you remember the first time you saw

it the first time you visited or

experienced or played or met this person

or thing or place that you're writing

about and if you can't then maybe just a

memorable experience for me I can't

really remember the first bowl of

porridge I had but I do remember one

time when my Heon was broken and the

house was cold and dark I could even say

the dark house of winter and the only

thing that saved me then was a bowl of

porridge so pause the video to note down

a few ideas of your own and then hit

play when you're ready for our final


what would your life be like without it

okay so you might start this one without

pizza my life would be or without

porridge I would be a grumpy belly

I reckon that my hopes for the day my

plans just would never gets tired so

I've made you write site down about that

pause the video to get your ideas down

about what your life would be like

without that thing and then hit play

when you're ready to turn the answers

you've got so far into a poem

okay so you've done the hard work now

well done it's time to have some fun

with your asses what way that you could

turn this right and you've got into a

poem would be to take some of your

favorite answers or shorter sections

from them and then just arrange them in

the order that you think will sound good

sometimes but I'm doing this I put a

separate line or section on a different

post-it note and that way when I come to

redraft it's easier to chop and change

things or take this out and add new bits

of course you're free to just come up

with new ideas as you go at this stage

and if you're just putting on paper

that's fine too

remember part of what's exciting about

reading or listening to poetry is a

chance to make connections for ourself

as we do that so don't feel you always

need to write in full sentences or that

you must have a clear beginning middle

and like you might do with a story

however your poem turns out I would

absolutely love to read it so once

you're done please do whack it up in the

comments under the video and I'll be

more than happy to give you some

feedback on that my little poem about

porec it sound out like this porridge my

bubbling breakfast lava the day starter

the one glowing window in the dark house

of winter by grumble hum quiet you

gurgle and pop in the pan my breath in

the air your steam as it rises

consistent sweet warmth old friend from

my home town there's no need to talk

just fill my grumpy belly my hopes for

today rub their back in return my next


a celebration of you and get up head out

to the world nice off thanks so much for

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