How to Write Articles That Sell: Tips for Freelance Writers

hello if you want to make a living as a

freelance writer the best way to get

started is by writing and selling

article to magazines newspapers

periodicals blogs and websites now

anyone with a reasonable grasp of

grammar and syntax can cobble together

an article but if you mean to get paid

for your trouble you must learn the

details of how to write articles that

sell there are three main aspects to

that first you've got to study the

market you're going to write four you've

got to read a recent addition you've got

to look at the subject matter the style

the vocabulary a sentence length the

article length the voice and the tone

examine the advertisements to because

they'll give you an idea of the target

readership their age group their sex

their economic status if their a

submission guideline to read those very

carefully and then once you write your

piece you can use all that information

to create a an article the editor is

likely to want to buy secondly you've

got to structure your article well and

that means planning it carefully your

title should be eye-catching and

informative and if it's for an online

publication it should include at least

one common search phrase because the

main way readers will find it online is

via search engines after a carefully

crafted title comes the opening

paragraph that should be short and sweet

it should arouse the reader's curiosity

and raise a question that the article

promises to answer and it should also

lead logically on into the next part

which is the main body of the text and

that's a series of paragraphs in logical

sequence in which you develop your

argument each paragraph should have a

central idea and it should be expressed

clearly and concisely and coherently you

want to make sure that all your points

are backed up in verifiable facts and if

you create a good middle section that

will lead on logically to your

conclusion which should again be

shortened to the point it can be a brief

summary of the article

the answer to the original question or

it can be a new question arising from

the question you've just answered which

leaves the reader with something to

ponder okay so once you've planned and

written your article put it to one solid

work on something else for a day or two

don't just send it off you need to come

back to it and revise it I recommend

that you reread it three times the first

time check it for logic and make sure

that all your information is correct the

second time look for spelling grammar

errors and correct those and the third

time ruthlessly cut out any unnecessary

words and praise it rephrase and we

craft sentences to make these shorter

and clearer and excise all cliches and

then put it aside again perhaps just


and go through it one last time before

you send it off to the editor so ya

submit it after you've submitted it move

on to the new piece keep writing don't

just wait to get that one back because

the more you write and submit the more

you'll fail and that in a nutshell is

how to write articles that sell so thank

you for watching I hope that was useful

I'll happily answer any questions if you

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