How To Write And Deliver A Eulogy Step 1 of 6 - Funeral Speech - A Moment For Yourself Tutorial

Eulogy Made Simple.

Step one.

A Moment For Yourself.

So you have to deliver a eulogy very soon.

I'm here to give you an easy step by step tutorial on how to write a eulogy.

One that's simple to write.

And that will be well delivered.

So it will be memorable and appreciated for years to come.

I'm a eulogy consultant.

I'll show you how to write and deliver a great eulogy in 6 simple steps.

Let me walk you through the entire process.

It will be my honor.

First, let me express my condolences for your loss.

I've never met you.

But I know how you feel.

As I've delivered many eulogies myself.

For family and others.

Let me help you write the best eulogy you can.

And offer my help in how to deliver the eulogy.

It may seem overwhelming at first, so I've broken the process down into 6 simple steps.

In this first video I'll cover the first step, Step One.

Take a moment for yourself.

It's been agreed that you will deliver the eulogy.

You may feel overwhelmed.

You may need to contact family and friends about the sad news.

You may be involved in funeral arrangements.

And you're in an emotional state.

And now you have to write a eulogy.

So the first thing you have to do is take a moment for yourself.

Sit down with both feet flat on the floor.

Hands on thighs, neck and shoulders slightly back.

Make sure that you won't be disturbed.

And allow yourself to gently close your eyes.

Think of a time in the past when you felt calm, clear and focused.

It may be a real time, or an imaginary time.

Pretend that you are back in that time.

See what you saw then, hear what you heard then.

Feel how good you felt then.

Feel good about what you will be doing.

Everyone at the funeral wants to remember the one who has gone.

And you're going to help them do exactly that.

They'll be glad you spoke.

Everyone wants you to do well.

It's unlike any other speech except a wedding speech.

No one will criticize you or challenge you.

Instead, everyone will be friendly and sympathetic.

They'll be in your corner all the way.

Because you will be helping them.

Helping them process and give meaning to it all.

That it's not about death.

But about a life well lived.

And well remembered by loved ones.

Write and deliver a eulogy that will be fitting, appreciated and remembered for years to come.

I'm here to help you.

It's simple.

I'll show you how.

In the next five videos I'll cover steps two through six.

Step two is called "What Kind of Eulogy?"

Please now go to step two.

Thanks for watching.