What To Write In A Journal | 30 Ideas

hey guys it's a realization welcome to

my channel um today I am give you guys

31 journal prompts so pretty much 31

ideas just in case you're new adrenaline

or maybe sometimes you don't know what

to write about or you want to write and

you just don't know which direction to

go I'm giving you 31 ideas for you to

jot down if you want to brought out some

old journals of mine it's like it's a

real it's a real thing

um so these are like a few of my older

journals yeah it's like I love to write

I always write and stop and start back

but I always find myself going back to

journalist because it's just extremely

therapeutic and if you're like young or

not even because I wasn't really that

yelling I did this so I did also do a

scrapbook which is a form of journaling

and just like drawing down things so

it's like a bunch of stuff in here and

yeah this was probably like one of my

favorite things so this one is actually

my current journal that I use right now

I got it from my job and I mentioned

this in another video that um because I

participate in something they were

giving away journals it was a

collaboration with my case or shout outs

to them um so I have 31 journal 10

journal ideas highlights of 2016 your

New Year's resolution

500 things that you want actually got

this idea from The Steve Harvey Show I'm

borderline obsessed with see far back

she just got one his books that I want

to read that's like the first book that

I want to read for this year so I'm

going to be reading that um yeah but 500

things that you want it's probably going

to take you more than a day and that's


I started mine I didn't finish I'm

probably out around like 25 so that's

something that I definitely want to

finish hopefully in a week it shouldn't

be more than a week to do that but 500

things that you want in life a letter to

a loved one just a list of people in

your life that you appreciate that you

admire and the reasons as to why wake up

and write anything else

your mind so you wake up and for ten to

thirty minutes you just sit down and

write a letter to your future self a

letter to your past self who do you want

to be a bucket list um a list of travel

ideas or a list of things that you want

to do before you know your last day on

earth a list of your favorite things

what's bothering you today if you come

home and something is bothering you is

it's good to like write that down and

just just get it off your mind once your

thoughts are on paper it's slightly

easier to deal with write down at least

20 questions that you want answers to

and as you go through life find those

answers and answer those questions for


top five people that inspire you and why

what are your weaknesses or your

character flaws what could I have done

in a past relationship whether it's a

friendship or an actual relationship you

choose it's your journal what could you

have done better

what is love how has your childhood

affected you

this week's goal so if you start like on

a Sunday or a Monday it's good to like

write down your goals for the entire

week but you can also do this in your

planner but it's also good to like I'm

Cypress I'm like organized chaos

I got everything into my journal and

then I like organize it into my planner

inspiring quotes five habits that you

need to let go of write about your pet

peeves please forgive me I feel like

this is a great journal entry that maybe

you've done something wrong to someone

and you weren't able to reconcile it

whether before they left the earth or

not or just someone who is here that you

no longer connect or contact with them

maybe someone who's actively in your

life but you never apologized for a

specific situation maybe that person's

over it but sometimes you kind of go

back to it it's good to just like write

out something that you're sorry for on

one page you can just like doodle draw

stencil pull some sticky notes just like

a little decorative page maybe just like

get what's off your mind but expressing

it in a visual way a list of childhood

memories a list of your favorite items

10 trends you wish would go away your

most embarrassing moment I have a few

qantas get clear your mind before you go

to sleep this is not something that you

just have to do once it can be a

consistent daily journal entry just

clearing whatever is on your mind before

actually going to sleep last but not

least write down how great you are like

we're all great and it's good to pat

yourself on the back sometimes and it's

good to give yourself positive

reinforcement so write down how good you


those are my 31 journal prompts journal

ideas journal tips that you can use to

start adrenalin so whether you're young

you're old whatever the case may be all

you really need is a notebook I have

some nice journals um target Michaels

they're always having sales you can just

pick up a simple very cheap and

affordable journal and just start right

in right in writing writing is essential

notice is essential looks like so yeah

that's it it as always like comment

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enjoyed and not seen my next video