How to write every day...REALISTICALLY.

so if you want to be a successful writer

you've got to write everyday what does

that even mean

raise your hand if you think that advice

is a load of BS yo dare is prettier so I

think we can all agree that writing

advice is definitely not

one-size-fits-all this whole writing

everyday business falls into that

category it's impossible to write every

single day because well jobs kids

breakups depression any number of life


not to mention writing is just a

grueling process but what if I were to

tell you that it is possible let me tell

you a little story years ago when I was

in film school I was told if you want to

be a good writer you just got to write

everyday and like you I tried to

implement said advice the longest I ever

went was like two weeks and then life

happened and then just completely broke

my streak and that was followed by

feelings of shame disappointment and

negative self-talk I've attempted to

daily writing thing numerous times and

every single time I've tasted failure

until one day I met a friend and this

guy had written like four scripts in

three years we're gonna call said friend

for now will the writer

I asked will the writer brahbrah how are

you soul productive like put me on some

game for real for real and you know what

he told me bro I write every day and I'm

thinking come on man that's really not

the sauce but what I said was

really I tried that but procrastination

girlfriend emergencies work tell me how

you negotiate all of the things then you

told me about this concept called

productive procrastination here's the

nutshell version if you can't write for

any reason then do something else that

you enjoy doing that's close to writing

like watching movies and reading

screenplays in the same genre watching

YouTube videos on screen reading

whatever and keep your story in the back

of your mind as you do it when you get

ideas and you will take notes in your

phone for the next time you write when

emergencies happen take notes on those

emergencies - they might come in handy

later on down the road in future

screenplays well the writer might not

physically sit in a chair in write for

an entire week but he's taking notes

every single day then when he actually

writes it just kind of flows out of them

but I'm skeptical at this point cuz if

it's that easy

why isn't everybody else doing it right

it sounds like a cold plate of BS but

you know what this guy is getting it

done so why don't I just like model

success I did it for a week and let me

tell you I got more writing done in that

one week than I usually do for an entire

month like mine just blow these are like

the five or six things I do if and when

I don't feel like writing or if I can't

write for some reason I listen to

screenplay podcasts like script notes I

watch a movie within the same genre as

the idea or something related to what

I'm doing I read other produce

screenplays in the same genre I take

notes on interesting phrases idioms

anecdotes I hear from friends interviews

other movies life basically I take notes

on what people say and do I listen to

music that fits within the tone of the

idea that I'm writing that always gets

me more inspiration more ideas or I'll

work on the outline via note cards or a

project management app or I can kind of

move things around you know what I mean

the outlining part is really easy for me

because I really enjoy outlining and it

never fails if I do any one of those six

things I get more ideas or more

inspiration for the current story that

I'm working on I thought a lot about why

this seems to work and I think it has a

lot to do with input equals output if

you think of your creativity like a

factory the more raw materials you

consume the more your factory can

produce so by raw

with your urge to procrastinate by

procrastinating with productive things

you wind up just continually feeding

that creative factory giving yourself

more ideas for your script as long as

you're doing something that has a

synergistic relationship to your story I

think you get it do you get it I think

you get I'm always scribbling ideas down

I'm gonna only sit down and write one

day a week but I'm always taking notes

and like curating thoughts and things

for two or three different ideas daily

also there's a difference between

hanging out with your friends and

hanging out with your friends while your

story percolates in the back of your

mind you begin to draw associations to

things that you could use in your script

that you ordinarily wouldn't have if

it's especially hard for you to write

one day try using something like

productive procrastination instead do

something else loosely related to your

idea and keep your like story idea in

the back of your noggin while you do by

the end of that podcast episode of that

like screenwriting video you will have

come up with at least a couple of ideas

for your story if not I'm giving you a

hundred-percent money-back guarantee if

there are others out there who already

do this or have at least heard of this

leave a leave like a comment in the

comment section let me know please let

me know because I want to kind of like

gauge how big of a thing this actually

is still working on that screenwriting

course for you guys for those of you in

the future

there will be a link in the description

section where you can find more

information also if you're having

trouble writing and you think you might

have writer's block check out this video

I did a while back rubber ax we get into

the Nitty Gritty of what causes

different blocks and how to overcome

them thank you for watching and remember

if you learn something new every day

that will take you everywhere you want

to go be Brit out