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welcome to my lifestyle vlog in this  episode I'm going to share party prep

couple of months ago when I updated my status  talking about my in-laws fiftieth anniversary  

many of you have been asking to share the  party preparations and luckily I should  

almost everything that I did for the party so let  me show you what I did if you have been following  

me for some time now you might be knowing that  I I am a big time outdoor person so I decided  

to host the party outside and my backyard we  all know how unpredictable the weather can be  

and I have to be prepared for that since that  party week it was mostly cloudy and rainy so I  

was closely monitoring the weather but luckily  it turned out to be a bright sunny day 50 years  

of marriage is a huge accomplishment I mean  think about everything the couple has faced  

together over 50 years ups and downs children  grandchildren career changes travels and more  

and to me personally holding on to memories are  important because it reminds us of the good times  

spent with our dear ones and near ones memories  make us who we are without it we risk a trace lace  

presence so it was time for me to recreate the  new memories for this couple and I was excited  

to celebrate their 50th anniversary when planning  a party get the basics down first for example day  

time location this will then help you to plan  the theme of the party and food menu as well  

use the party planning checklist to guide you  through the details I made digital invitation  

card few things can be done ahead of time for  the party I decided to make a giant personalized  

university card that would be a great keepsake  for the couple with their 50 years of journey  

together pictures and cut out heart notepads for  the guests to write wishes for the couple it is  

so much easier to create personalized card at  walmart.com in their photo Center one can create  

beautifully crafted photo cards at Walmart and  using white construction paper i pasted to 11 by  

14 pictures on each side of the construction  paper and folded to make it look like a card  

don't forget to have some surprises for the couple  I surprised my in-laws white inviting their third  

old and close friends from out of town and state  the events like this cannot be possible without  

teamwork and I'm so lucky to have so many family  and friends on me we're always ready to help

when it comes to party dollar trees and Amazon  these are the places I always look for the  

products that I need to host any kind of events  I thought of creating take picture with me box  

just to have some fun party to me is like people  don't need to just fit they need to enjoy the  

party fully so the different activities are  something that I always look forward to fun  

activities and for the parties like this I love to  turn junk into decorations a lot of things can be  

repurposed including furniture and decorations  I love that there are so many things you can do  

by with a can of spray paint as you can see here  we are using many junk items like crates old pots  

and I got some letters from Hobby Lobby to make  welcome sign they were like under 50 cents each  

the letters and just painted white and made the  welcome sign and there was a another sign welcome  

spring sign from the Dollar Tree we took out the  spring and used only welcome because I needed two  

signs then we bought some flowers from Dollar  Tree again and made few you know take picture  

with me box items hair bands and some funny  items to take picture with glue gun is very  

helpful for these kind of projects and believe  me or not but it was fun enjoying all these DIYs

I was also able to use some real plants around  the stage and in the garden I thought of talking  

some fake flowers with real plants I really  know this plant but there's no flowering so  

I used bright pink color or a tree throwing  the party honor but it is always incredibly  

important to avoid overspending I have often  found an incredibly successful party or  

get-together is almost never dependent on  thing like the most expensive food or the  

nicest silverware it genuinely always seems  to come down to the right mix of people the  

perfect music and a few intangibles like  arranging the furniture in a way that's  

super conducive to socializing and mingling  of cute this looks take picture with me inbox  

that can include like a flower behind some  from this were actually made for my in-laws

another one items boys were very helpful for  their grandparents party again junk item I had to  

fix this swing and secure the canopy with window  shade outdoor window shade got it from Home Depot  

under $25 and as you can see is secured with zip  ties and finally the swing was usable I just used  

the chibok poles to cover the rotten cushions  since I'm so much into photography I thought of  

tidy backdrops I bought to party backdrops from  Amazon one with cherry blossom and the other one  

I caught Taj Mahal and blew me or not it was so  much fun to take pictures with these bad drops

I thought of preparing some welcome drinks  appetizers desserts at home and thought of  

you know like catering the main course from  the restaurant and that was a good decision  

that I made because we ended up having more  people than when we wanted to actually invite  

in the first place so for the main course  we had a complete like a you know Punjabi  

menu like all the curries and none so the food  is the centerpiece of any occasion so I always  

prefer to to offer a variety of food items for  children for adults for seniors so it's like  

thinking about almost every party that coming  to the party I prefer to make labels for food  

items and it's so much easier to prepare labels  at home using just a construction paper and I  

thought of going for kind of a gold color  because it was 50th anniversary after all

make-ahead recipes help make better  choices for the parties like this

here I'm making mouth freshener at home  this item is actually very popular so I  

love to prepare every time I host the  party and this kind of mouth freshener  

can be prepared even a week ahead and  then just store at room temperature so  

the recipes like this takes a very little  time and it you know impresses your guests  

really well so be sure to focus on the  food items that will please your crowd

appetizers like salsa can be  prepared a couple of days ahead

and since its bonus kitchen my  guests always expect something  

new from the party so this time I thought  of making creamy mango based fruit salad

mr. Buell helped me to make this stage  and later I was going to use this as my  

yoga deck and for this special occasion I  thought of making two heart shapes browning  

cake I'm not impressed with regular cake  anymore I wanted something different like  

a chocolaty so I used all kinds of real good  stuff to prepare yummy chocolate brownie cake


now I wanted to keep very minimal work for  the day of party but I literally ended up  

having a lot of work so thankfully I have so  many friends that are always ready to help me  

around with anything I need help for and the  reason basically is that I always prefer to  

use a lot of fresh ingredients and particularly  for the welcome drinks I want a very refreshing  

flavor in all the drinks that I was going to  prepare and there are other few things that  

you cannot do ahead of time like balloons I  mean you can do day ahead but not more than  

that otherwise they may go flat so there are  a few things that you have to count your time  

for the same day of party as well I could  say that parties like this requires a lot  

of work but if you have the right people  around you it's so much fun full and trust  

me it's like you know mind refreshing  moments that you get to enjoy at the end

I love the idea of showing old memories using  the projector so I borrowed the projector from  

my husband's work the part is like this actually  takes a lot of thought and planning even when  

it might feel as though the party has a life of  its own I noticed that everything from music to  

lighting to furniture arrangement can either  help elevate or diminish a good party vibe  

and I always love to have good you know like a  great spiritual Wives around the party as well

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