How To Construct A Birthday Speech

hi I'm Lawrence Bernstein a professional

speech writer and I run

great speech writing Cote UK and

irrespective of the sort of speech that

you're going to give there are two or

three key things to bear in mind firstly

there is nothing to beat preparation and

hopefully you're not watching this 24

hours before you're due to give your

speech but the more time you leave

yourself the better second of all don't

worry about speaking for too long often

a 5 minute speech is much much more

powerful and impactful than a 20 minute

one and brevity is often the key and

finally although a lot of the videos

that I've created are about writing a

speech please remember that you can't

think about writing and delivering

separately they're one and the same

thing you're writing to make the speech

easy to deliver and if you think of it

that way then the thing should work

so you're thinking about writing a toast

or a speech for a friend or a relative's

birthday and the wonderful thing about

this whether it's at a dinner or a party

is there is no tick list of things that

you have to say there is no huge

tradition associated with it and you

really have got the freedom to write

anything in anything anything and

everything you want and on the downside

that means it's sometimes hard to know

exactly where to start and so I actually

suggest rather than trying to just sit

down and start writing you do the

absolute opposite and decide what you

want people in that room particularly

the birthday boy or girl to be thinking

when you finish speaking so if you want

them to be in tears of emotion about the

this the incredible friendship that

you've had and what an incredible person

they are then you will obviously want to

attack this thing in a very different

way - if you - if you want the crowd to

all be sort of smiling chuckling and

patting you on the back saying it's the

funniest speech they've ever heard so

bearing that in mind you'll now have a

very good idea of the balance that you

want to create between sincerity on one

hand and talking about your affection

for the foot for the birthday boy or

girl and humor on the other hand and the

way you're going to make people laugh

now sincerity tends to be relatively

easy humor obviously tends to be

relatively difficult and but the easiest

way to pull a speech together is to

actually combine the two so you don't

appear to be going down tick lists of

jokes and just knocking off things that

you feel you have to say rather than

things that really bring the speech to

life now on from the basis of a birthday

speech the first thing I would suggest

is not to try and run down a full

version of the CV of the person who

you're talking about people in that room

won't want to know about every

achievement they've ever had every exam

they've ever passed and every house

they've ever lived in I think you can

use those if they're necessaries

incidental details but please don't make

those the crux of a birthday speech

because you're just going to bore people

senseless on the flipside you don't just

want to run through a series of jokes

particularly the sort of cut and paste

internet jokes that everybody has heard

a million times before and and and the

way to weave a happy path between those

is to try and create something that is

relevant to the people in the room as

far as

know them yourself and most importantly

the birthday boy or girl now there will

obviously be a few stories you want to

tell a little a couple of anecdotes you

want to tell about funny things that got

up to in the past silly mistakes they've

made the sort of touching on the best

man angle they live with it as it were

if you happen to be a wedding speech but

look the key to writing a speech well

and to making the thing hold together is

to have some sort of theme that pulls

those various anecdotes into a coherent

storyline whether it's tying it into

their favourite subject of school the

job they now do or even a hobby or a

pastime they love like a sport they

follow or or a particular novelist that

they love and if you can use that as a

basis around which to pull all your

other anecdotes and more sincere

elements together then you've got

something that can be not only sort of

quite fun but also incredibly original

and will make people really really want

to listen on and listen to every word

now having got that sort of structure in

place in terms of actually writing the

things they are the same tips that I'd

give to you if you were giving a speech

in front of a bunch of politicians or an

audience at a wedding you should keep it

as short as you can keep the sentences

punchy keep it easy to deliver avoid

waffling and make sure and I come back

to that word relevance that you are

telling us or giving a speech that is as

relevant as possible to every person in

that room and if you achieve all that

then I think you're on the way to

writing a very good birthday speech

please feel free to have a look at great

speech writing code at UK or to give me

a call if you'd like to discuss any

element of it in more detail