The Write Treatment Workshop For Cancer Patients

the writing is something that you have

complete control over and so that it

restores that feeling of these words are

mine these feelings are mine and I'm

going to put it down on paper and it

gives you back that strength she came to

us and said she wanted to start a

writing workshop for cancer patients as

a cancer survivor and published author

she wanted to give back to our Cancer

Program this program has been the most

successful program of all the programs

that we offer because the feedback we

get a loan from patients just talk about

how incredibly supported they feel how

therapeutic it is for them and their

cancer treatment was great to get my

experience out on paper and also be

creative with that experience and we're

all you know have this one bond which is

cancer and but it becomes this beautiful

thing it's been a way to get away from

cancer it's been a way to not have to

think about I am a quote unquote cancer

patient and the writing makes me feel

like I got my life stocks I'm incredibly

proud to see their work and to see my

patients have their work published I

think this book will offer new patients

a form of inspiration I think they will

be able to learn from other people's

experiences it's funny it's witty it's

not depressing encouraging them to try

writing workshops themselves or to pick

up a pen and paper journal and try

writing their own stories