GoFundMe Tips for Fundraising Success

what up crowdfunders salad Brigman here

welcome back to you the crowdfunding

demystified youtube channel and on this

channel we talk about online fundraising

you talk about crowdfunding how to raise

money for your passion but also for

charity if you need to raise money for

medical expenses medical bills education

travel related costs etc and today we

were talking about GoFundMe and

specifically some tips I have for you to

enhance your fundraising to enhance your

crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe


typically if you're raising money on

GoFundMe it is for a need it's for

things like medical bills or a memorial

fund or cost related to your education

and that's a very different type of

fundraising campaign if you're doing

something like on Kickstarter or in on

IndieGoGo now GoFundMe has actually done

the breakdown in terms of the stats and

the majority of the actual donations on

GoFundMe the majority of personal

crowdfunding campaign donations come

from the actual social network of the

founder of the person launching this

campaign or it comes from second-degree

connections so this is kind of a little

bit of a sticky subject because a lot of

people out there I think are hoping that

strangers are going to support your

campaign and that does happen in some

cases but the first tip that I have for

you is you have to be willing to share

this campaign with your friends and your

family now the instant that I say that

usually has like a cringe people don't

like the idea of pleading or begging or

sharing this on their Facebook wall

because it makes them look really bad at

the same time what I just told you most

people are going to support you because

of the connection or the relationship

that you've built with them over time

you're going to support a friend because

you had good times in the past and

you're you feel really bad that they're

going through a bad situations you're

going to throw them you know 25 bucks or

something like that in order to help

maybe with their travel cost or medical

bills you're going to want to share this

with your friends and family but you're

also not gonna want to just like post

this on your Facebook wall you want to

talk a little bit about the story and

what happened and try to rope people

into a little bit of your world and the

things that you're going through and try

to do this in not a pleading fashion but

just a matter of

fashion and how supportive and how

amazing and appreciative you would be if

they would be willing to help you out in

this time of need

the more you do things like direct

messaging on Facebook or text messaging

or emails the better this is going to

work out for you if you're just doing

one Facebook update only a handful

people are going to see that sort of

jumping off of this tip you have to

construct a story a fundraising story

now this is obviously a true story but I

want to get into some of the elements of

what is that story so let's just say

that you create a GoFundMe campaign a

very simple thing that a lot of people

use it just like put up put an ask

basically they just have like a title

and a little bit of text usually lots of

grammatical errors and it is kind of

like asking for something but people

don't understand what's happening behind

the scenes you know a lot of people in

your life they might not actually

understand what went into this crisis

that you're going through right now and

why you need these funds so tell a

little bit of the story tell about what

happened why it is that you need this

what is your life like and what are the

events that led up to this where now

you're actually having to run one of

these fundraisers or live it something

like you're raising money to go on a

trip or a mission or to go to you know a

third world country and help people out

what that means to you and your life and

the benefits that you want to give to

other people or how you want to change

the world or have a good experience and

share that with other people talk about

the story talk about what this means to

you and try to paint a picture as

vividly as possible with images if

possible with video of possible but sort

of giving a little bit of backstory

behind this campaign the third tip that

I have for you when it comes to GoFundMe

is actually to understand what goes into

a transaction and sort of get into the

psychology of why someone is gonna give

money and what they want out of that now

that sounds very like booboo or like I

guess it sounds very high food and

esoteric so let me get a little bit more

attainable I'm talking about

appreciation and thanks this is a

strategy I'm not just saying this this

is actually a strategy that's going to

make more people want to support your


so why does someone give money to

someone else and what do they want out

of that transaction well number one the

Dunn's different studies and the main

reason why someone gives money is

because number one they feel empathy

with you they see your situation they

feel a sense of empathy like wow that

must really suck or I went through

something similar all right I can only

imagine how you would feel hey in that

situation or how I would feel they feel

empathy they also feel a little bit of

distress because they see you sort of

floundering there and they say I want to

help out I'm gonna do what little I can

I'm gonna give them 20 bucks

and that's gonna hopefully help that

situation a little bit after that giving

of money happens they then want to feel

good about that process they want to

feel like they're a good person they

want to feel like they're a charitable

person and that's up to you to allow

them to feel these things by being

appreciative by saying thank you by

saying what this means to you what is

their $20 contribution what does that

enable you to do on your mission trip or

what does that enable you to do in your

life you have to be appreciative and

thankful of the people that are giving

you money and actually by doing that but

also doing it publicly if possible on

Facebook or different mediums you can

actually get other people interested in

what it is you're doing so if someone

just gave you you know hundred dollars

and you publicly thanked them and tell

them what that means to you then other

people other friends that are connected

to you are gonna see that and they're

then gonna check out your campaign and

are more like this is important because

no one wants to be the first one to

actually support a GoFundMe campaign

going back to this subject of emotions

and actually have a really in-depth blog

article goes more scientific into this

but going back into this the story is

what creates that feeling of empathy

with someone else or with a stranger by

having a story they're able to put

themselves in your shoes feel a sense of

empathy like that must be so horrible

maybe they feel the same pain that you

feel that causes them to want to give

money to alleviate that situation and

then thanks and the appreciation that

you do hopefully publicly that also

allows them to feel good and actually

want to help you and share this campaign

with their own network I would say

recently a lot of NGO phone

campaigns have become more scrutiny so

they become under the garner a lot of

scrutiny by the media because people

have tried to raise money and then just

kind of taken that money and run it's

not a good thing for the crowdfunding

ecosystem so there's a lot of skepticism

like this person is raising money either

really going to use those money for what

they intend well now GoFundMe has a

guarantee program a guarantee program

where basically they can ensure to a

certain degree that if there is fraud

and if that's been established they can

help alleviate that that really painful

situation for the donors that were

participating in that campaign so be

sure to research the GoFundMe guarantee

what that means and if you ever come

across people who are a little bit

skeptical or even you just wanted to

give more alleviating and sort of

people's worries and give a little bit

more peace of mind when giving to your

campaign you can reference the GoFundMe

guarantee and that way people can be

assured that their money is going to a

place where it's orally is needed the

fifth tip that I want to share on this

video and before I do I just want to

really quickly mention I do have a book

out there called crowdfunding personal

expenses which goes way more in depth

into different fundraising strategies I

also have some other YouTube videos out

there I also have a free course that

goes through step by step how to raise

money on GoFundMe so this is just a drop

in the bucket I'm just a lot of other

stuff I got out there

the fifth thing that I want to mention

here when it comes to GoFundMe is to use

the media if possible if you have a

story something that you think will have

media appeal in some way you could

always reach out to your local paper you

could always try to send this to

different subreddits you can always try

to get the attention of the media if

there's some injustice which you've

suffered that you think groups out there

or organizations might care about or

this is something a part of something

larger we've seen lots of different

GoFundMe campaigns blow up on the news

people who maybe see that certain

victims have happened in this horrific

Boston bombings or they've seen these

these horrible events have happened

around the world and the Internet and

the world at large sort of rallying

around people and says yeah I want to

help out and the media can be a really

powerful way to make use of the public

nature of GoFundMe and the way that

campaigns can be rapidly shared online I

hope you found this video to be helpful

and a good starting point for you when

you're going out there and trying to

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