How To: Write a Good Review

when it comes to dining out everybody

has an opinion but expressing that

opinion in a way that's useful not as

easy as it sounds Oh oh my god so nom

whose life num num num num num no no no

no no no no no so you're all about best

ramen in town you know which tables are

hot which cocktails are so over the news

chicken doesn't suck but how do you

write a review that does your opinion

justice and now you're like who's this

person to tell me how to write a good

review well I miss again editor you know

from the restaurant window or that handy

app I read every single user of you that

folks like use of it

and when you read every comment you

start to know what makes a good one so

I'm going to show you three easy tips

three easy tips to write a good review

okay review time the first thing that

everyone wants to know how does it taste

so start with the food

but dude oh it's time for tip number one

be precise and use colorful language

let's try it again

burgers so big you may never eat again

crazy creative topping choices that make

up kinda steep prices real to perfection

can you see - Bravo and a good review

was born that brings us to tip number

two these folks are talking about the

core of listenin a floor there's a roof

over our heads

they have table we know there are tables

a good review contains the details that

aren't obvious let's try it again

amazing art skylight the perfect

lighting for selfies stylish industrial

inspired by dial there is kind of a

creeper that brings us right to number

three when you're making a judgement

answer the key question why why do you

think he's a creeper he keeps staring at

us in licking his lips fair enough what

did you folks think of the service at

his restaurant it was great

why they always told my water glass Andy

oh I love this do to the waiter had like

the most succulent little well let's

keep it PG the staff was charming and

stylish second so there you have it

you're well on your way to writing your

first but certainly not last great

review remember it's not always what you

would how to write it that makes those

reviews totally delicious

can you stop looking at me seriously