How to Write a Reference Letter

gaily writing tips presents how to write

a reference letter at some point in life

you're almost certainly going to have to

write a reference letter for someone the

exact structure of the reference letter

will differ slightly depending on the

type of reference it is but you can use

the following basic outline one start

using the business letter format with

the recipients name and address if known

and address them as dear name if the

recipient is currently unknown this

would be likely on an academic

application for instance then use dear

sir or madam or to whom it may concern'

to it is often helpful to introduce

yourself in the first couple of lines of

your letter the recipient will not need

your life history just give a brief

sentence or two explaining your position

and your relationship to the candidate 3

your next paragraph should confirm any

facts which you know the candidate will

be supplying along with your letter for

example if you are writing a reference

for a job applicant some or all of these

details may be appropriate the person's

job title and role within the company

the person's leaving salary when they

were last employed by you or your

organization the dates which the person

was employed from and until if you are

writing a reference letter for an

academic course you will need to confirm

the person's academic grades for in your

third paragraph you should provide your

judgment upon the candidates skills and

qualities it is often appropriate to

state that you would gladly reemployment

rebuke ala J hi Lee valued single out

any exceptional qualities that the

candidate has perhaps their drive and

enthusiasm their attention to detail or

their ability to lead five where

possible use your fourth paragraph to

give a couple of concrete examples of

times when the candidate excelled you

may want to

the candidate to tell you about any

extracurricular projects they've been

involved in or invite them to highlight

anything they'd particularly like you to

include in the reference letter six

close your letter on a positive note and

if you are willing to receive further

correspondence about the candidates

application make this clear include your

contact details to seven as with any

business letter you should end

appropriately yours sincerely when you

are writing to a named recipient and

yours faithfully when you do not know

who will be receiving the letter get

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