For Guys: How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile


my name is Marni owner of the windrow

method and from serum as I'm going to be

your very own personal win girl that

means it's my job as a woman to give you

the insider information you need to not

just succeed with women but be great

with women the best way to give you what

you need is to hear directly from view

which is why I asked the team of Zeus to

send over-the-top sessions their mail

users asked her that I can answer them

from an honest female perspective so

here's a question I got from Zach Marnie

how do I create the best online profile

so I get more messages from women back

as a wing girl and someone who is dated

online I have seen it all when it comes

to male profiles so what makes a profile

standout impact a woman's attention

first it's pictures story but online and

one-dimensional which means my first way

to evaluate if I like someone is from YC

visually I will say that the first

message I received from a guy can

totally see you how his pictures look to

me if a guy writes a cute woody message

that really speaks to me

his pictures suddenly look a lot better

his pictures are still the first step to

entry too many pictures not enough

pictures to many of the same types of

pictures to in stuff you stole those

shots too many pictures of guys with

girls hanging off of them all no nose I

seem to put up five to seven pictures

max with me profile picture being a solo

picture of you in a natural state

looking just slightly off camera with a

smirk on your face the rest of the

picture should paint a picture of your

wife in the light that I could be a part

of you friends

you're doing an activity you love

painted picture so I can see what you

are all about you pass the picture

evaluation I will move on and other

women will move on to the written

portion of the profile this is where you

get a chance to make a woman feel

something for you the most important

piece of information that I give all of

the clients that I work with and I help

on their profiles when they're creating

or trying to improve their current

profile it can make sure they showcase

who they are in the profile not who they

think a woman wants to fine

online I think so many guys making this

mistake what happens when you try to

create something for someone else based

on what you think or assume they want is

that you start to self edit and

eliminate things that could actually

help create more attraction and not hurt

it and the result is a generic robotic

boring profile because nothing about you

anyone can write and really like

spending time with family my job is very

important to me but what can you write

about you what's important to you and

why as a woman that's what I want to

read and that's what's going to make you

stand out over all these other buddy

buddies online that's a great first

message and some good pictures that

actually printed pictures rule your

world and the world I could become a

part of there's something that only you

could write for a gibble these days call

me simple but nothing spells happiness

more for me then reading the Sunday

Times in my underwear drinking a cup of

coffee versus I like reading the Sunday

Times the first sentence takes the

picture of you and helps me as a woman

form a visual context that I can

emotionally tie myself to the second

sentence is just a data point with

anybody in the world today so make sure

you add your own personal touch to

whatever you put into your profile

whether it be your first message pure

pictures or your written intro make sure

that you showcases you your likes your

real ones and the why behind all of

these things if you do this I guarantee

you will not only get more results

you'll get better results for more tips

in her craft and good at first methods

to women veterans books online keep

watching my videos or check out wing

girl message calm