Online Dating Profiles That Work

hi I'm coach Corey Wayne and this is my

video coaching newsletter and Todd Lee

this newsletter is going to be online

dating profiles that work got an email

here from a reader and he set up his

online dating profile but it's obviously

not working too well for him and so he's

basically email it to many wants me to

critique it I did an article probably at

least a year ago called online let me

think it was creating the ultimate

online dating profile and I highly

recommend if you want to do online

dating that you go to I go to Google and

Google put this in the search bar put

Cory Wayne the ultimate online dating

profile and do a search and that article

will come up and follow the guide that I

have in there so this particular guy

says hi Cory I would like your opinion

in the content I have posted on one of

my dating sites it's generating zero

hits and I would like to know your view

on what I wrote my coworkers are making

a killing meeting women on the same at

the same site and I'm on and not doing

so well I have nice pictures of myself

and so I'm thinking it's what I'm saying

or I'm just repelling them for some

reason this is what I have posted please

good-looking intelligent attractive

women inquire you want the man you're

with me to look good so I want the woman

I'm with you to look good it's only fair

don't ask me for dollars for your

precious time I'm not trying to buy a

hooker I'm only interested in women of

integrity quality beauty style and who

has a brain dude you sound like a dick I

mean yeah I don't think you read the

article that I wrote but I mean that's

so off-putting I mean that's the worst

thing you could start out with what you

want to communicate is is you want to

start out with a question just like I

start off with in the ultimate online

dating profile article that I wrote you

need to use that as a guide because I

this is this is awful this is why I mean

anyone that reads that Samuel think what

an and she's going to move on to

the next profile and this is what you

want to start out with is a question you

say this and make sure use proper

punctuation and make make sure you do

spellcheck because this I mean you make

yourself I mean keep in mind you're

trying to find a good girl to date and

you I mean your grammar is awful in this

so I mean you make basically the woman

reading that's going to think not only

are you a dick but you're you just

or something so you basically

want to say if you are beautiful

charming of a great personality great

communicator like to work out take care

of yourself have long hair straight hair

dark hair blonde I mean whatever you

like in a woman physically then that's

what you want to say in there and so you

say because this is what I'm looking for

basically use the the profile that I put

in there as a guide because in there

you're going to say if you are this this

this this this and this and make sure

they're positive things that you're

saying because you sound condescending

and arrogant here the way you're coming

across and what you've written me and

you basically what your intent is if you

are this this this and this you may be

exactly the right the kind of girl that

I'm looking for and if you if so please

send me an email so we can get this

party started please send me an email so

we can chat something to that effect but

then when you say if you are this

instant is it so you got to know what

criteria that you're looking for

describe the woman that you want in a

positive light be proud of this girl be

someone like so when a woman's reading

this she'll be saying to herself oh

that's me he's describing exactly me and

then she'll want to respond to basically

prove herself to you that she is what

you're looking for

he says I have a solid career and

aspiring hobby and producing music in my

spare time and I like to cook my

educational background includes computer

science EMT commercial music management


currently rolled attending Berklee

School of Music I like to ski Bowl play

cards and some board games monopoly is

my favorite I also like to go to movies

blah blah blah blah blah I mean the idea

is that you want to present yourself as

somebody who's fun outgoing and Joy's

life has a good time

and it's just what you're saying here is

just kind of boring I said go to the

ultimate online dating profile article

that I wrote and use that as a guide

because like I said this is I mean I can

tell this is why you're not

I mean it's that's why you're not

getting any responses because women like

don't get anyone that reads it's

gonna give out to senses in just think

this guy's a douche and then they're

going to go on to the next profile this

is my musical taste ranges from Marvin

Gaye to Sam Cooke ah blood a ZZ Top

Tupac 2x Klan Aerosmith we could discuss

the rest as we hang out like I said it's

just I would completely scrap what you

put together so far the idea is that

before you write on like dating profile

you got to know exactly the kind of

woman that you want to meet what she

looks like what her body style is like

what she's into she's a good

communicator I said I put together a

really good guide that you can follow

and make sure you want to be positive

you want to come off as like an arrogant

condescending dick like hey I'm all this

and you know if you think you're good

enough for me then send me an email you

just say this is what I'm looking for

very matter-of-factly in a positive

uplifting manner and if if I what I've

said describes you then get in touch

with me I'd love to talk to you I'd love

to chat with you further and because you

want to sound friendly don't want to

sound like a dick and you selling a cold

dick in here and like I said scrap it

and start over do so if you have a

question you want to ask me or the topic

you want me to cover in a future video

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