How to make Father's day Secret Scratch Card || DIY Birthday Card For DAD

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Father's Day make an interactive and fun

homemade scratch card with this video

tutorial I love how bright and cheerful

this card turned out you can customize

this cash card with whatever you want to

tell your dad how special means

now I'm sketching this card just to show

how perfectly it works but don't worry

because I am going to make one more card

for my death I am using a coin to

scratch my card I totally enjoyed the

feeling of satisfaction that comes while

scratching this paint off which reveals

the secret text underneath I am sure

that your dad will enjoy this card so go

get your crafting supplies and let's get

started first you will need white heavy

cardstock this piece here measures five

by seven and a half inches

I'm marking some lines with my pencil

which will guide me while driving here

I'm writing all my text with pencil just

to avoid any mistake I am using some

colored markers to outline this text


here I decided to add cute mustache on

the letter A now I'm using black gel pen

to write message which I want to keep as

a secret but of course you can write

whatever you want Here I am totaling

some basic simple shapes with my colored



now it's time to tell you the secret

scratchcard formula for the area that

you would like to be scratch Abell with

clear packing tape can either cover the

whole area or just cover the words like

I'm doing here



once you are done with this step then

it's time to make secret scratch-off

paint to make this paint take two parts

of acrylic color of your choice add one

part of liquid dish soap and then mix it

well now cover your Sketchup areas with

this paint as you can see the first

layer is looking very thin but that's

okay because you will ultimately need

three coats that will make the paint

completely opaque


now let it completely dry and then apply

a second coat once again let it dry and

then apply a third coat third coat which

completely hides the text underneath now

folding black pepper which is slightly

larger than my white panel make sure the

paint is completely dried and then apply

some glue on back side of white panel

and then stick it on folded black card


you can write some message inside as

well and your Superfund Father's Day

scratch card is ready thank you so much

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