How to Answer the Salary Question on a Job Application (3 Options)

so you're super excited to apply to this

job online only to see that question

glaring at you what are your salary

expectations you can't move forward in

the process until you put down a number

what do you do check out this video as

I'm going to break down your options on

how to answer the question what are your

salary expectations while on the

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every Thursday you've probably heard

that the first person who gives a number

and any type of negotiation loses this

is no different in salary negotiations

if you put a really low number below

their budget you have just low-balled

yourself and you're going to get the

lower end of the range on the flip side

of that if you provide too high of a

number without them really assessing or

knowing why you deserve that you may

have outbid yourself from even being

further considered and who's to say that

that number is your final number that

you really need when you look at the

total compensation what is this company

has amazing benefits or they have an

amazing tuition reimbursement program

you didn't even know about that will

offset the tens of thousands of dollars

that you are going to invest yourself

I've coached hundreds of candidates

through salary negotiations and I know

it is one of the most nerve-wracking

parts of the job search process but it

doesn't have to be with these three

options you should be able to put your

best foot forward in the process and set

yourself up for success so let's dive in

so the first option is if the online

application allows you to type in any

letters go ahead and just put do e or

negotiable this keeps it open-ended and

the recruiter on the other end

understands that in order to get a

number from you they're going to have to

schedule that phone interview

and at least have that discussion now

because a lot of applicant tracking

systems out there are pretty advanced

you may only be able to insert a

numerical value if this is the case you

can go ahead and put in a really low

number such as 0 1 100 1000 whatever it

allows you to enter go ahead and just

put that really low number the recruiter

on the other end is going to know that

you're not serious about working for

free or you're working for 100 dollars

per year so they're going to understand

that this is just a way to bypass the

system and in again in order to really

know your number they're going to have

to schedule that phone interview and the

third option is to go the complete

opposite route and put the highest

number you can think of so if that's

nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine

hundred ninety nine dollars or whatever

they're allowing you to put in there put

it in because again that person is going

to know that you have bypassed the

system by just putting in some random

numbers but you don't truly expect you

to think that you're going to get paid a

million dollars for whatever title

you're applying for and if you are

applying for a position that is over a

million dollar salary well my guess is

you wouldn't be applying for it online

you'd be headhunted out right so those

are your three options at the end of the

day it's really important to remember

that a recruiters job is to find the

best qualified match possible so they're

not going to let this one little number

or one really high number that is of

course a fluke really deter them from

calling you in if again your resume and

process them or your background really

speaks to them so feel confident in

either again putting negotiable putting

the lowest number putting the highest

number and you're good to go

comment below and let me know which

option you would choose and what's

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