hey everyone today I am Dalek sitting

which explains the change in location

and the two dogs that you don't really

know so this is easy and this is Lupe

they are Mexican Street dogs they first

have Jango he's just sitting off the bed

over there and I thought this would be a

great opportunity to explain how I got

into dog sitting and how you can do it

to you if that's something that you're

interested in let's get started




so I started dog sitting pretty much

right outside of the university a lot of

my friends they were getting into the

restaurant business and I just I didn't

have any interest in that so I became a

full-time dog walker for a company and

one of the services that this company

offered was Pet Sitting so I jumped

right on that because I was super

interested in it and for years I had

anywhere from one to three dogs staying

in my house pretty much all the time

this is before I had my own dog so I was

open for business for dogs sitting and

it was crazy and I learned a ton and I'm

not working for that company anymore but

I do have my own dog sitting clients now

first you will need to adjust your

schedule in order to accommodate dog

sitting so dogs can't be left alone for

long period of time they do need to be

with you as much as it possible people

are paying you to be with their dog not

to leave their dog at home will you go

out and do your things all day so if you

work a nine-to-five job then maybe dog

sitting isn't really the best option for

you unless you can bring the dog to work

or if you work from home then that's

great too I highly suggest starting with

a company in the beginning just so that

you can learn the ropes a lot of people

think that dog sitting is this lovely

easy thing that you just do for some

size money but it's actually quite

difficult and it's really good to have

people behind you in case you need their

help so a lot of dog walking or dog

daycares will have this service to talk

to them about what kind of positions

they have regarding pet sitting another

good thing about a company is that they

already have pet insurance so if there

is an emergency that happens you will be

covered and you don't have to pay for

that yourself they also have more

clientele so you'll be able to start

right away

there are also some online companies

that are really great as well such as

dog vk.com WWF aka calm these are all

done online so you create a profile and

people can contact you through the

website my sister has used this with her

dog and she loves it she had a wonderful

experience the good thing about this is

they have their own insurance so you're

already covered and everything is done

online so it's super convenient use the

resources that you have make sure your

friends and family know what it is that

you're doing people aren't going to ask

you unless they know that you're due

so in the beginning it's a really good

idea to offer to sit for free or for a

price that's lower than the industry

standard people are really particular

about their dog sitters and they tend to

use the same people over and over again

so that lower price is going to be

incentive for them to switch to you so

make sure that you go out and you

message or you call the people that you

know that have dogs or that could be a

really good reference for you and that

way even if they say no they know about

you so if they're ever in a bind they

can go to you or they can refer you to

their friends so really use the

connections that you already have with

using lupe I didn't know their owners

beforehand so their owners are my

parents best friends cousins so you

really you never know how people are

going to find out about you it's all

about referrals it's all about

connections so just get the word out

there posting on Facebook post it on

your Instagram let people know that

you're open for business when it comes

to dog sitting and people will come

you'll need to be prepared in the event

of an emergency now this is worst case

scenario but you definitely have to prep

for that because it may happen and this

is why working for a company is really

good because they already have that pet

insurance and also it's just really good

to have someone behind you helping you

out in a situation because it can be

really scary if something happens so

make sure before you go into the pet

sitting and you have permission written

permission from the owners to be able to

deal with anything medically in the

event that they are unreachable now I

learned this the hard way so I was

working for the company so thankfully I

was covered but I had a dog come to me

who had pneumonia so she came to me with

the pneumonia and on the first night I

realized that there was something

terribly wrong so I brought her to the

vet clinic and she had to stay there

overnight the owners were unreachable

because they were in like Bermuda or the

Bahamas or something so I didn't make

the call on what to do with the dog so

make sure that you have that safety net

that you were given permission in order

to deal with anything that may happen

dog feeding is an amazing job it's it's

difficult and it's challenging but it's

so so rewarding

whether it's your main income or it's a

side gig there are ways you can

incorporate it into your life but make

sure you do the research before you make

that jump in thanks for watching I hope

you learned something about dogs sitting

today I hope to make more videos on this

topic so let me know if you like it if

you're into this you can write that in

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the sweetest little dog you're so little

you'll be the dog okay go eat your bones