Resume Tips: Your Education Section

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

I thought it would be great if we just

did a whole series on writing your


bit by bit so all of these should be

about three to four minutes tops because

I know you're busy and have things to do

so this is an easy way to get your

resume done little piece by little piece

so today we are going to talk about the

education section now if you watch my

ten mistakes on resumes video you know

people don't write their education the

name of their school correctly or their

degree correctly so that's the first

thing make sure you are writing the

correct name of your school do you go to

a university of first day school or do

you go to a state love of lot University

so California State University or

University of California Texas State or

University of Texas please make sure you

get that right it sounds so obvious

maybe your school goes by an acronym

like and you know maybe you just call it

like University of Texas at Austin is

not called UT is not called University

of Texas often it's called UT Austin

right but you cannot write on your

resume UT Austin please write it all the

way up as I've mentioned before for your

actual degree its Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts bachelor of science etc

and please make sure if you got of

science it's science and of arts arts I

think a lot of us assume we're getting

an arts degree but we don't my business

degree with science my master's is

science I am NOT a science person and

yet both of my degrees are technically

of science so make sure you get that

correct now let's say you have switched

around schools you've transferred so if

you got an Associate of Arts at a

Community College and then transferred

to a four-year university and received

your bachelor's degree just make sure on

your resume your bachelor's is first and

then your associate because remember we

go in that reverse chronological

order or most recent first order so your

bachelors would go first and then your

associates now one other caveat I like

to make is if you are having a hard time

getting to your one-page on your resume

and you did receive an Associate of Arts

and a bachelor's this is not honesty

police time where you have to put both

if you need to get some space back on

that one page to show some more relevant

experience you can totally take off your

bachelor no you're not taking off your

bachelor's you can totally take off that

Associate of Arts degree to gain a

couple spaces back if you went to

Community College and transfer credits

but did not receive an associate your

Community College does not go on your

resume so for example I received some

credits at my Community College taking

badminton and philosophy while still

attending my four-year university to get

my bachelor's degree I am NOT putting my

Community College on there so only

schools where you received a degree go

on your education section the other

question I get a lot is what about study

abroad if you did study abroad you can

list that under education as well so you

can totally do that there - just put the

name of the program and what semester

you you did that program and that's all

you neither if you want to put more

about study abroad that would go in a

different section that we'll talk about

on another day so I hope this helps you

with that education section please go

work on that today come back tomorrow

and we'll talk about some of those

meteor bigger sections enjoy your day

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