CV hobbies and interests - Should you add them? And how?

should you add your hobbies and interest

to your CV it's a big question and one I

get asked quite a lot here at standout

CV so I've put together this quick video

to answer it now before I get started if

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want today's video is all about hobbies

and interest and whether or not you

should include them in your CV if they

will make an impact on your job

applications and if you are going to

include them how'd you go about doing it

so firstly we're going to take a look at

why would you add hobbies to your CV so

it's not just a case of hobbies all good

or bad it's a case of looking at your

own individual situation the jobs you're

applying for and figuring out if it's

right for you so we're gonna look at

some arguments for and against adding

hobbies to the CV then we're going to

take a look at who should add hobbies to

their CV so some people will benefit

greatly from adding hobbies to their CV

so we're gonna look at you know whether

or not you're one of those people and on

the other side we have people who should

not add hobby to their CV so some people

are actually better off leaving them out

of the CV and focusing on other areas

then we're going to look at which

hobbies you should add to the CV so you

know which things are actually going to

impress people make a difference and

then show you've got some relevant

skills to the jobs you're applying for

and then on the other side we can look

at which hobbies you should leave out of

the CV and then we're going to look at

where and how to add hobby to the CV so

we're about should you place them within

the document and how do you write about

them in a way that's actually gonna make

a difference now why would you want to

add hobbies and interests to your CV and

will it have an effect on your job

applications there are some strong

arguments both for and against doing so

so let's take a look at four the first

one is to get some personality across so

the CV can sometimes be a bit of a dry

boring document you know adding some

interesting hobbies and interests can

make you look more exciting and you know

just live on the document up a bit make

it more of an interesting read to

demonstrate valuable skills if you have

a hobby where you're perhaps writing a

blog or something like that you know

then that can show that you have writing

skills communication skills editing

skills and things like that

help you stand out so if you're applying

for a role and there are lots of similar

candidates you in terms of experience

and qualifications then adding some

interesting hobbies can make you stand

out a bit amongst the crowd so let's

take a look at some of the arguments

against adding hobbies to the CV so

firstly I'm probably the most important

one is they are not relevant often most

people's hobbies have nothing to do with

the work they do so writing about them

won't add any value to a job application

it could put employers off if you have

some interest in hobbies that perhaps

the person reviewing the see if he

doesn't agree with or finds offensive

then you know that might cause them to

close your CV down and move on to the

next one they're a waste of space so a

lot of people will argue that a CV is

really about your work experience and

your qualifications so if you've got a

huge section writing about your hobbies

and interests then you're perhaps

wasting space that could be better news

writing about other areas

so now that I've confused you by talking

about arguments for and against adding

hobbies to your CV I'm now going to help

you to decide whether you should

personally be adding hobbies to your CV

by taking a look at the types of people

who should and shouldn't be adding

hobbies to their CV so I'm going to

start with the people who should be

adding obvious their CV and the first

big group that includes is junior

candidates so in particular if you're a

school leave or a graduate then choice

site you don't have much work experience

which gives you very little to write

about when you're writing a CV so

boasting it with some with some hobbies

getting some hobbies in there and

extracting some good skills from them

and some good knowledge is a great way

to compensate for the lack of experience

people with work-related hobbies so if

you have hobbies that are actually

highly related to the work that you're

applying for then it's obviously good to

write about them so for example if

you're applying for roles in technology

and you happen to make websites in your

spare time then there's lots of relevant

skills that you can pull from those and

get into the CV they're actually going

to make a difference when you're

applying for roles and the third set is

people with impressive hobbies so if

you're somebody that likes to run

marathons climb mountains raise money

for charity

then those are the sort of


interests that can actually you know

impress people and make them more

inclined to invite you in for an


now let's take a quick look at who

shouldn't be adding hobbies to their CV

so generally speaking experience

candidates don't need to add hobbies

their CV so if you've got ten years

experience in your profession and you're

applying for jobs that you know really

match your experience well it's unlikely

that your hobbies are going to make much

of an impact you know if you've got some

work-related hobbies awesome impressive

hobbies that we two spoke about earlier

then yes you could add them but really

it's probably not going to make a huge

difference people with common interests

so now if you're like me and you have

relatively boring interests like going

out to dinner going to the cinema

socialising with friends that kind of

thing then those hobbies and interests

aren't really gonna bow anyone's socks

off so there really isn't any point in

putting them into your CV they're nice

to have there's nothing wrong with them

but there's no place for them in the CV

really which hobbies should you add to

your CV so if you decided you're going

to get some hobbies or interests into

the CV here are some good examples of

ones that might make a good impression

on hiring managers and recruiters sports

teams and clubs so if you play for a

football team or you're part of a debate

team or something like that you know

that can show that you're motivated

you're dedicated you know you're

proactive and also there will be a whole

host of skills that involved with with

that depending on you know what is it

you actually attend so you know if it's

a football team could potentially be

lots of teamwork and communication type

skills writing so if you do any kind of

writing so a lot of people will write

their own blogs or these days and things

like that writing is very very important

in lots of jobs you know we're in

communication whether it's emails

whether it's writing bids you know

that's a very very transferable skill

that come people into the workplace so

if you do any kind of writing at all in

your spare time that's a good hobby to

talk about in the CV volunteering so

well if you volunteer for a business or

a charity you know anything you do like

that you know there's probably tons and

tons of transferable skills you can pull

from that what you're doing there and

and relate it to the jobs you're

applying for events so if you're

involved any kind of events whether

supporting them or running them yourself

you know lots of skills there you know

organization project management planning

all very very important skills in a

number of roles and travel so travel is

an interesting one some people don't

like it but a lot of fun a lot of sort

of modern trendy firms do you like to

see travel on the CV it can mean you're

well-rounded person you're sociable

you've sort of been out there and

experienced things so you know she's not

got much experience it's worth getting

travel once the CV if you've done any

which hobbies should you leave out of

your CV so now that you've got a good

idea of the kind of hobbies you should

be including it's worth taking a look at

some of the hobbies that are best left

out of the CV and the first one is

common pastimes so these are things that

pretty much everybody does so this you

know things like going out to eat going

to the cinema socialising with friends

the there's no problem with doing those

things obviously it's just that

everybody does them so it's not going to

make a massive impression on somebody

and if you tell them that you do these

things it's kind of a given so it's not

worth mentioning them in the CV

sensitive subjects so anything that

could be deemed offensive to somebody so

any kind of like strong political views

or maybe religious views that kind of

thing you know it's just not worth

putting in the CV passive hobbies so

these are things like watching

television or watching sports teams you

know something where you're not actually

you know actively getting involved

yourself it's not worth doing because

you know we're really saying is you'd

like to watch other people do things

it's again it's not gonna be very

impressive to anybody reading it so the

final stage of this video is to tell you

how to actually add to your hobbies and

interest to your CV once you're going to

put them in there now this is an example

CV for a school leaver so a very

inexperienced person and so they've had

to make you know the most out of their

hobbies and interests so they've they've

included quite a big section now if you

want to see this CV in a bit more detail

or you want to see some other examples

TVs like this then you can her to the

standard CV website I'll put some links

in the description to where you can find

those on the site and there's also other

videos on this channel here where I show

you how to write CV in a bit more detail

if you need to learn that so if we look

at the hobbies and interests section

here the best thing to do is add them at

the bottom of the CV because generally

speaking you know your

vacations your education your work

experience are going to be more

important than your hobbies and

interests so it's important that you you

write about those firsts and hobbies are

more towards the bottom of the CV and

obviously what they've done here this

person labor they've listed them so

they've got each individual hobby and

they've got some details of their each

one so the idea is to you know show some

of the achievements that you've made

within within those interests to know to

show actually what you've done what

you've achieved and accomplished and

also to demonstrate the skills that

Vashi gone into doing those things so

you know things like leadership

motivation communication you know try

and clear out those skills to actually

show employers that you've got some

interesting skills that that might be

valuable in the workplace so that brings

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