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to pass your PMP let's get started this

is a framework that I've used for my

application and this is the exact one

that I used to review countless of

applications that I receive so what I

like to do typically is talk about the

title the objective project roll

deliverables and finally the outcome so

with the title what you want to do is

give it a very succinct cohesive title

always begin with the end in mind why

did you start the project think about

the intent of why you started the

project and title your projects

accordingly I always like to end with

the word project at the end of my title

so for example if you wanted to

implement a software for your company

start with the name of the software plus

the word implementation and then finally

end with project so for example in this

case JIRA implementation project the

objective is fairly straightforward so

mentioned the overall goal of the

project in this case the objective of my

project is to implement JIRA for issues

tracking so for your project role

definitely check pms website to find a

list of approved project roles your

project role is not necessarily your job

title so

example if you are a supply chain

manager perhaps your project role was a

project leader or a contributor or

project manager so just keep that in

mind also I recommend that you integrate

it into your descriptions naturally so

for example as a project manager I was

responsible for or you could also say my

role as a project manager was to the

next thing that I want you to think

about is your deliverables so think

about using PMI terminology this is the

area where a lot of people make up their

own descriptions based off of how their

company describes the deliverables

however I recommend that you use p.m.

eyes approved

terminology if you'd like to find out a

list of PMI terminologies that you could

use for your project deliverables then

click in the description box below and

download a copy of the PMI deliverables

make sure you're using abbreviations

remember you only have five hundred and

fifty characters describe what you did

on the project in detail so for example

you could say in initiating I developed

the project charter planning I created

the WPS and executing I managed project

resources etc one thing though I want

you to keep in mind is if you claimed

hours in all five domains then you need

to have a description for all five

domains if you only claimed two hours

for three then that's all you need to

mention for the outcome all you need is

one sentence only describe the end

result of the project so in my example

JIRA was successfully implemented so

let's put it all together

the title is JIRA implementation project

the description is the objective of this

project was to implement JIRA for issues

tracking as a project manager I was

responsible for developing the project

charter creating the WBS managing

project resources managing changes to

project scope cost and schedule

finalizing all project activities and

obtaining final acceptance of all

project deliverables the outcome of this

project was that

was successfully implemented if you made

it this far in this video this is the

bonus tip that I promised you so the

very person I want you to think about is

going to PMI to org and downloading the

exam content outline because in that

outline it contains all of the tasks

that were identified during p.m. eyes

rolled delineation study the other thing

I want you to start thinking about is

like I mentioned one description per

process group for any hours that you've

claimed in your project application also

make sure you're using the allotted five

hundred and fifty characters and finally

you're paying a lot of money to have

your application submitted so you want

to make sure that it's right if you need

me to review your application in detail

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