Card Share - 25th Wedding Anniversary Card and Envelobox :0)

everybody back again and just coming on

now to show you the 25th wedding

anniversary card that I've made for my

sister and brother-in-law and it's their

anniversary tomorrow which is the 14th

of October and they got married in 1989

so 25 years tomorrow and my niece and

nephew have organized a surprise party

which is on Saturday and so there's lots

of surprises and stuff in store so I

won't be able to upload this until after

the event

just in case they should happen to pop

along and watch these videos and but

like I say I wanted just to show you the

card and you probably just watch the

video of the album in the box and which

I was well chuffed with so I've done the

cards with the same paper so that it all

matches basically so that everything

that they receive from me and Dave all

looks the same so and I've done the box

with my crafters companion and Bella box

board and which is the one that I always

use although I am sorely tempted to buy

the new memory keepers and blow punch

board because it just looked so much

easier than the way that I do this and

there we go so I've cut and the box it's

an inch in depth and then I've just

covered it with the patterned paper and

punched two holes and set some eyelets

just to use will pop some ribbon through

to keep the envelope close basically so

it opens like that and then the card is

here and I didn't really know what to do

obviously it had to be silver and the

colors that she had at the wedding were

peach and I was a tooth bridesmaid back

in the day I was only 12 bless me and so

yeah that's why I've chosen the peach

color flowers to put on there just so

you know maybe hopefully she'll remember

I'm sure she will she'll notice the

little details and but I've done the

card as I normally do with lots of

different pages on the inside only I've

done it slightly different and added a

smaller page too and so it's actually

got five pages in this one

and so what I've done is I've cut two

cards which are five inches square and

then I've cut it was the offcut actually

that came from the a4 sheet which I

think was three inches and then I've

just basically glued them all together

I've glued one side of the skinny one to

one to the back piece of the first card

and then I glued that other skinny one

because there was two of these glued

them together like a sandwich and then

I've glued the other flap that was on


to the back of this card if that makes

sense I will show you one day how I do

it and when I've got more time and but

yeah so basically I've just put their

names on the front congratulations

Caroline the mark on your silver wedding

anniversary and I've used although you

can't see it now it was a new and tim

holtz on the edge die that i bought the

other day it's the doily die and which

i've cut out one for the front and one

for the back and just put them on and

and then I decided to put like a hinge

cover on the edge of the card to hide

the join and where all the cards where

you can see in there look where they're

all joined together and there was

obviously the big gap down there you can

see that there's a gap down there where

I obviously the skinny one sits in the

middle so by putting that hinge cover on

there it's hidden all the ugly going on

on it on the inside so that's that's

neat in that bit I mean then on the

front like I say I've got their details

and which I printed out on the computer

and I've cut that and then led up on a

silver scalloped circle these little die

Monti hearts are some I got from the

range a couple of weeks ago and it was

this vintage and white modern American

Vintage white they were dough Monte but

there we go I think they were a pound or

89 P they weren't expensive but I bought

two packets knowing that I was going to

use them for this occasion so that was

the range

and and then I've used some of the

swirls that I've cut out with that free

dye that we all got from the magazine

and some leaves that I've punched with

my Martha Stewart punch my one and only

I love it

I'm gonna have to get another one

because they are good punches and the

little flowers are some I picked up in a

charity shop back in the summer that I

washed and and set to dry so they're all

nice and clean now they're not all

smelly from the charity shop and some

little dime auntie like Daisy

Jane things that I've stuck in the

middle of the flowers and then I've just

stuck some of the same dye Monty's over

certain parts of the swirl just to hold

it in place and then I've got a silver

metal butterfly which was gifted to me

by one of you lovely ladies

so that's sitting on the front tooth so

then on the inside and I found a verse I

think it was on the internet and I've

used a couple of times of various people

for their anniversaries but it was the

longest verse that I could find I needed

a long one because I like to print

sections of it to go on each page and I

needed but one two three four three four

five five sections and so you have split

it into sections and then just basically

punch them out with my circle cutter and

done the same with the silver mirror

card on a scalloped circle and and then

just fancied it up with some flowers and

the die Monti heart which I followed the

theme all the way through and so the

verse says with stars in your eyes and

the moon up above remember the magic of

falling in love at glorious day when you

both said I do and the showers of wishes

from others for you now the years come

and go and you've watched your love grow

bringing more joy than you could ever


so give thanks to the moon and the stars

up above and to God in His heaven for

blessing your love may you have many

more years in which to savour a love

that is filled with such richness and

flavor and I thought that was a really

nice verse and clear I mean I like like

I said I like to find a nice verse that

I can use in sections like this so I can

put it on my pages and that's it

basically they're all decorated in the

same way

and the back page obviously is where I'm

going to write my message in a minute

and I've used that same Tim Holtz Noel


just to punch out the 25 and then just

decorated the same as I've done on all

the other pages so that my lovelies

what's that there's my name on the back

just in case they you know should have

forgotten made it for them it was me and

say yeah that's that so like I say I

need to write it out now and get it all

ready for them for tomorrow so thanks

ever so much everybody for watching and

thank you to all of my new subs I seem

to be gaining quite a few lately and I

really do appreciate you popping along

and watching my videos and subscribing

and I love your to bits all my old

studies and all my new subbies and all

the subbies yet to come I think you're

all brilliant and I'm glad that I can

inspire you even if it's only in a

little way and so I do appreciate all

your comments and I do read them all and

I do try my hardest to reply and I do

appreciate each and every one of you so

please leave me some comments today let

me know what you think and I shall speak

to you all soon thanks ever so much love

you now hi