Funny Birthday Wishes for your Friends and Loved Ones | 30+ Funniest Happy Birthday Messages


sometimes it is important to send a

sentimental birthday wish to people whom

we care about but other times we might

feel it appropriate to send a more

humorous birthday greeting birthdays

should be a time which is full of fun

and laughter and what better way to do

that than by sending a funny birthday


many greeting card companies print

birthday cards filled with jokes

limericks and banter filled birthday

greetings but how about coming up with

some that are all your own if you find

it difficult to come up with the right

words to create the perfect funny

birthday wish why not take a look at the

following ideas for some inspiration

these ideas can be sent in a card a text

message or email or said directly to the

person on their birthday birthday jokes

tend to focus a lot on age but they can

also relate to the person to whom they

are being sent for example jokes aimed

at dad on his birthday

or jokes aimed at a work colleague on

their birthday let's now take a look at

some funny birthday wishes which are

sure to get a laugh of course you should

use birthday wishes like these only with

good friends in a formal setting they

may be quite inappropriate

I like to give back to people what they

gave to me on my birthday so here is

nothing happy birthday it's amazing I

remembered to buy you a birthday card

before Facebook told me it was your

birthday have a great day on your

birthday you should forget the past as

it cannot be changed and forget the

future because we don't know what will

happen but what about the present you

may as well forget that too since I

didn't get you one you are one of the

most difficult people to buy a gift for

so I didn't bother happy birthday

intelligent handsome and witty but

enough about me it's your birthday after



I've got an idea let's give you so much

to drink that I can convince you it's my

birthday and then you'll buy me a

present have a very happy birthday


I was going to put candles on your

birthday cake but there isn't enough

room for that many happy birthday

well done on getting older have a great

birthday wow this is the oldest you have

ever been congratulations and happy

birthday it was going to make an old age

joke on your birthday but it's gotten to

the point where it's getting serious

happy birthday


never forget that age is simply a number

but a very big one in your case some

might say you are over the hill but that

is certainly better than being buried

underneath it wishing you a very happy



it is proven that the more birthdays you

have the longer you will live here's to

another one for you

happy birthday another year older and

wiser or just older in your case happy

birthday I'm calling the firemen there's

a huge fire in the kitchen oh wait no

that's just your birthday cake

isn't the room hot well it's not

surprising with all those candles here's

to a happy birthday smile on your

birthday but not too hard we don't want

your teeth to fall out I wanted to get

you a birthday gift that reminded you of

your childhood but I just couldn't find

any dinosaurs anywhere I really tried to

get you something super special and

brilliant for your birthday but I just

couldn't wrap myself up happy birthday

from the best person in the world


you may be aging but you certainly

haven't gotten any more mature wishing

you all the fun on your birthday

I was always interested in ancient

things that must be why I love you so


just kidding happy birthday you won't

get you really don't look your age you

look much older happy birthday on your

birthday you should count your blessings

because it is much more preferable to

counting your wrinkles and it'll be

quicker happy birthday to you

you make me grateful for many things

including the fact that I am not as old

as you wishing you a very special

birthday you are such an unforgettable

person mainly because of how old and

gray you are I hope you have a wonderful

birthday there's a lot about history

that I don't know but thankfully you

lived through most of it so you can

teach me happy birthday to someone who

is as old as the hills some people

become really preoccupied with age like

me I just cannot get over yours happy


I am using your birthday to tell you

about who you really are a very old

person you were once a beautiful young

woman now you are still beautiful just

not as young I hope you have a beautiful

birthday you give me so much hope

knowing that someone can live as long as

you is truly amazing happy birthday


you remind me of an animal an old bat

happy birthday


it's your birthday but that's no excuse

to have a little too much to drink it's

an excuse to have far too much to drink