Hilariously Funny Birthday Quotes That'll Leave You Chuckling

hilariously funny birthday quotes

that'll leave you chuckling sending a

simple message to wish someone a happy

birthday is so boring

check out these funny birthday coats to

spice up the party without birthdays we

wouldn't know how much makeup to put on

in the morning true that growing old is

like being increasingly penalized for a

crime you have not committed Anthony

Powell inside every older person is a

younger person wondering what the hell


cor Harvey Armstrong the first sign of

maturity is the discovery that the

volume knob also turns to the left

Jerry M right let us respect gray hair

especially on our own

JEP says there is a world record that I

think you will break sometime in the

next few years it is candles on a cake

well that is good news then few women

admit their age few men act theirs

anonymous aging seems to be the only

available way to live a long life Daniel

amber my birthday what a different sound

that word had in my youth flirt

Thomas more after 30 a body has a mind

of its own Bette Midler


you are not 40 you are 18 with 22 years

of experience certainly a very

optimistic quote we know we are getting

old when the only thing we want for our

birthday is not to be reminded of it

author unknown old age is like a plane

flying through a storm once you are

aboard there is nothing you can do about


Golda Meir I believe in loyalty when a

woman reaches an age she likes she

should stick with it Eva Gabor old age

is not so bad when you consider the

alternative maurice chevalier i am at an

age where my back goes out more than i

do we agree phyllis diller I was gonna

give you something awesome for your

birthday but the mailman made me get out

of the mailbox author unknown I cannot

believe you are almost 18 you will be

able to go to jail author unknown women

deserve to have more than 12 years

between the ages of 28 and 40 James

Thurber honey time marches on and

eventually you realize it is marking

across your face true V from the comedy

movie Steel Magnolias it is okay to

light the candles on your birthday cake

now I have already alerted the fire

department now that is worth a few

laughs a diplomat is a man who always

remembers a woman's birthday but never

remembers her age Robert Frost

birthdays are good for you statistics

show that the people who have the most

live the longest

Larry Lorenzo nee it takes a long time

to grow young Pablo Picasso you would

have loved the gift I did not bother

getting you author unknown don't forget

to wear your birthday suit but check it

for wrinkles first looking 50 is great

if you are sixty Joan Rivers age is a

high price to pay for maturity Tom

Stoppard you have reached the age where

all compliments will be followed by for

your age author unknown wishing you many

more candles in a cake big enough to fit

them all on author unknown your birthday

reminds me of the old Chinese scholar

yung Nomo a witty and sarcastic one that


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