40th Birthday card using Stampin' Up!® Products

I just hear from night Jessica you can

die back here with a tutorial for a 40th

birthday card so I made this one my

friend really likes white wine and we're

going to have a bit of a celebration

there's lots of bubbles and I've colored

the bottles and the glass to give it

that sort of shimmer and you might

notice that on the label it says 1978

which would be in the year she was born

but the stump said 1975 so I just

changed it okay so we stay tuned I'll

show you how I did it so to make this

card if I'm using some extra thick

whisper white just cut in half


to make our standard c3 card I'm going

to use the stamp Rattus and I have

already mounted the wine glasses from

powerful I'm going to use the wine

bottle and the wine glass and the best

wines are the ones we drink with friends

that's what we're using so I'm going to

this up right up into the corner

and I'm going to use me magnet along the

top because I'm going to be stamping

along the bottom okay gotta go this way

so that it stays Inc shots I'm using

memento because I am using my core

markers so I'm just going to link that


then I'm going to go to injuries and

then this will give me a nice row of

glasses all lined up perfect me love it

when it happens right didn't hinge that

got a bit carried away with myself then

it worked there we go

and then that's sorted I'm using miss

Yami this is where the chamois comes in

so its own because you can just like

that perfectly okay and I like to keep


good night in there you see what I

practiced and that's that so there we've

got our little wine glasses in a row and

now we want a bottle of wine and a wine

glass so I need your scrap of whisper

white chilled out I prepared and

prepared to cut everything so it was all

here and it was like yeah I left it I

left it somewhere else

so I'm going to stamp the wine bottle

and the wine glass crowns there we go

I've set me room up so that I have a

filming area where we are now which is

over by the window and then I have a

work area which is over there a bit and

I've got a little shelf to the side here

and little space on your desk there

where I can have clothes to hand

everything that I need and it only works

if you remember to bring absolutely

everything that you need well I've

nearly done it yeah that's the wine I'm

gonna fussy cut these out okay but these

are pretty simple if I can fussy cut

these anybody can fussy cut these there

we go so this is dated 1975 so my

friends forty which means she was born

in 1978 so I'm just going to use a

little fine line a pen and turn that

five into an eight and put my glasses on

so I can see and hope my head isn't in

the way

now you can say we've got 1978 do love

it when a plan comes together

okay now I'm going to give these so I'm

going to cover these in with me alcohol

markers so she liked white wine my mate

so we're going to use the old olive and

we're going to color the the wine are

kind of using a mixture daffodil delight

and pull party just kind of work it does

believe me and then we might do the

label a sort of a mixture of orange and

pink it's not oranges it just pumpkin

pie yes button clicks a corn in it as


so I will speed this up because this

would be a bit boring otherwise when


okay so I finished cutting those and if

you're a bit like me that you don't

quite you know you know that good and

you don't quite get it close to the edge

to take away those white edges I'm just

going to sponge it

and then you don't see the boy edges

anymore and then he took my do the same

round the glass

yeah so that's me little trick and I

will show you another little trick now I

made these at Christmas time I'm not

sure of it but did it on camera I think

it did I'm going to give this a glass

effect so do that with our fine tip glue

and I'm going to sit down to this so we

can closer to it and you just put this

I'm just doing it on there on the wine

you could go all over but I'm just doing

it on the vine and then I'm just doing

it where it's green

people commented at Christmas that they

loved it having the effect of glass on

the bar my sister bought this stamp set

and the glue so she could do it too it's

fun now you have to leave that to dry

trying first any bubbles that you see

although it don't really matter because

there might be bubbles in you bond so

we'll leave that if you've got one of

these you get trouble what I do is I put

me finger behind it blowing them up and

then you can push them down together

that's that way do it and I still got

shitloads of that left not that you can

see me so you want to turn it that way

still got loads and I've done loads I'm

a clue to Christmas cards with this

right so I'm going to move that out of

the way to dry and then we'll continue

with the rest of the card so we've got

this and I thought I'm going to do some

bubbles at the top so I was using the

bubbles from bubble over and I'm going

to I know it's flat white wine it will

actually have bubbles but we will

probably be having some bubbles on

Saturday when we go out to celebrate so

what we got here yes so I've used

daffodil delight on

and the wine so I'm going to use

daffodil delight for me bubbles I'm just

gonna have them randomly that's hot

Oh lovely okay put that away

all right and so I have cut a bit of old

olive to go across the middle I think

that's too wide I'm going to trim it

down so that is trim it down to one and

a half one of three quarters quarters

and I want to do a sentiment on that so

then take your scraps of whisper white

and the starburst punch punch that out

that's going to go on there like a first

bubble and that with the wine but I want

to put some silver thread behind not use

this yet so thankfully there's a bit

sticky today on the end so I'm able to

find end and I'm just gonna wind up me

fingers few times

this really is thread I was thinking it

would be slightly wiry but it's not so


it's just dropped on the floor I'll find

you after right so then I'm just gonna

put some sticky on this

I've still got me fast fuse and I'm just

gonna lay that I've just wound around

I'm this fast fuse make sure the ends

are stuck on the inside

that would be lovely

stick that up there no charge

oh my you some dimensionals actually so

I need that to one side until I'm all

ready for my wine glass and boring

bottle not quite yet

you can tell when they're dry because I

kind of you can see when that bits a bit

drier than that bit so we'll have to

leave that a little bit longer so I

might color these wine glasses in at the

bottom whilst we're waiting for that


or not okay so colored all the glasses

and so I'm going to use a little bit of

wink of Stella so that it looks a bit

like glass shine in because if the other

glass is shining this can shine


so so we've got our bubbles and we've

got our shiny glasses of wine and

they're awesome so I'm going to do a

strip along the middle in odo live and

this is the width of the card by an inch

and 3/4 I'm going to put taking my

sentiment from bubble over make me your

day bubble over with happiness oh that

was quite cute so I'm going to use that

straight and then I'm not going to do it

in the middle because I'm going to put a

ribbon on top there we go super and I'm

taking the daffodil delight ribbon that

carried over from the last catalog

actually so which was nice so I had it

from the ribbon share that okay so I'm

just going to cut a length of that to go

along the top to break that up a little

bit so just snip that off

and then I got to decide if I want it

that side on that side hmm Oh hate it

won't have decisions I suppose that site

because then it could be like a load of

best bubbles that side so it's a bit

like stitching and she used to teach

textiles oh I don't know don't really

think it matters to be fair don't think

it matters right so like was gonna do

that sentiment but change my mind so I

can stick it


I used to come down a bit so I'm gonna

glue that on I'm going to use some

tombow so I've got some wiggle äj--

put this across

just of the wineglasses

I'm not gonna stick anything down on

that because I'm gonna stick the topper

on there so that we'll have that down

nicely I just thought that the other

ribbon sort of tied it all in and broke

up that green a bit I'm still waiting

for the glasses to dry so do me out so

I'm back now and it's all dried as you

can see can you see that so we've got a

little little shine there and then you

can see the bottle is shining there I

think I might put some wink of Stella on

the rest of the glass like I did on

these ones just so that they've got a

bit of extra shine

and so I'm going to add it to this I'm

going to be giving this card away so I

might double dimensional I wouldn't if I

was posting one dimensional goes through

the post normal to makes them a bit too

thick so then you have to pay extra

postage so I don't turn to double up but

when you're giving it don't mana so

stick that on

right there put some dimensionals on the

back of this perfume because the paper

is curling a bit a little strip put some

bits on the bottom


a little bit too big on that

alright so last on the outside I button

on the outside glass in the middle I

think trouble see how I aim that I think

would look a bit odd I think we need the

ID rule in English

that way she likes and facts right so

I'll just take these backs off I have a

bit on the side of me des and I still

put them little things just willy-nilly

I went with these trying to be tidy in

my new room it's not going as planned

there we go

oh and I forgot he's that he's doubled

isn't it so gonna have to put some more

dimensionals on the back of that bottle

head should have thought about that

because there's a dimensional underneath

so would have been easier to have done

this before I stuck it down but never

mind that's just no work there we go

sticks up nicely now can you say the

glass is fitting on this I was too

worried about the glass and I'm

wondering how long it would take

everybody on Saturday to notice that the

year on the wine bottle it's the year

she was born

penso much we drink on the train on the

way to the restaurant I guess mm-hmm

right there we go so that's my 40th

birthday card for my mate who really

likes wine and white wine at that okay

all the details will be on my blog now

Jezza co uk and i hope you like it all

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