CraftyRia Creates: 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

hello everybody it's crafty RIA and I am

back I've been making quite a fine mess

today and I wanted to share with you my

mess it will be a while before I post

this video because what I'm doing is a

surprise for somebody so but I decided I

would show you how I mass-produce some

invitations so first of all I just

wanted to say I was doing some heat

embossing so I had to dig out my heat

gun and I always think of my dear friend

Cindy because she made this for me back

in 2002 it says taqueria 2002 and it's

got taker I love Tigger and my email

address is taqueria and

and that used to be my crafty name on

the crafty friends group that we were in

and I've since been called crafty RIA

but anyway this is back from 2002 it's

got Tigger and it's this great tube and

inside she sent me a heat gun because I

had said I had never done heat embossing

and I really wanted to try it so she was

nice enough to send this to me I've had

it ever since

same heat gun I keep it stored in here

and every time I take it out I think of

Cindy so I just wanted to to say that

she's very artistic and she's pretty

awesome okay so my mother-in-law and my

father-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary

is at the end of November and we're

having a surprise party for them and

obviously I'm the I'm the crafty one in

the family so I'll be doing the

invitations and so I wanted to show you

what I came up with I wanted to use some

stuff that I already had in my stash to

try to get some use out of the things

that I have so I found these two

jams this was an unmelted rubber-stamp

that I had in my stash for years and I

thought it was really pretty because

it's two hearts together just like them

and then this was a stamp that I got

from I think I set from Big Lots very

inexpensive I've had it forever

and this really thin red rubber it had

come off you can see it's peeling off it

had come off the back it would not stay

on the back but I decided I wanted to do

something different with it anyway so I

went ahead and peeled it off the back

and I trimmed it and then I added some

just some foam tape to the back of it I

wanted to make both of these the same

width because I'm gonna mass-produce

these so I decided that I would use my

Tim Holtz stamping platform and so I

could put them on once and stamp it a

whole bunch times rather than have to

you know try to line it up each time so

that I wanted these to be the same

thickness so first I tried one piece of

this foam tape and it was not thick

enough so I put a second piece of the

foam tape and I had to do you can see

the seam I had to do two pieces so on

both of them I made sure the seam was

not in the same place the seam on the

bottom piece is over here and the seam

on the top piece is here because I

didn't want any wrinkles in the stamp so

I went ahead and did that and I guess I

had inadvertently cut the corner of that

eye off when I was doing this the bottom

of that eye but I fixed it and I'll show

you what I've done to fix it so when I

put the two pieces of foam on here it

was then thicker than this so I took

this piece of scrap cardboard and I

ended up putting two pieces on the back

of this this is just an unmounted with

rubber stamp and I put two pieces of

that cardboard on there and

no you probably experienced amperes or

crunching because I'm doing crazy things

but you know sometimes it's kind of fun

to do something a little crazy so anyway

I had last week I went ahead and stamped

one up kind of as a rough copy to kind

of see what I was going to do see if I

liked it I didn't have those yet

I had this ribbon from the Dollar Tree

that it's in the Christmas section and I

have a whole bunch of these white

flowers and these gems so I thought that

would go really good as the front and I

found this pack of cards at joann.com

there's ten different designs and

there's four of each I figure we're

going to send maybe around 20 to 25

invitations so I've got plenty to work

with so I went ahead and took them out

one of each and remove that flower off

and I laid them on each one to see what

ones I liked so I liked it on that one

and there's like I said there's four of

each so I need you know at least five or

six that I liked so I liked that I

thought I liked it on that one too and

it's not too bad on the the dots either

I thought I could use that one in a

pinch if I needed it and I liked it on

that a lot and then yeah I like that one

too that looks really good

and this one says hello but that doesn't

matter because you could just put that

right in the middle I like that as well

if I did it on this one I might even put

a piece of gold behind this to show and

I don't think the hello sort of shows in

the middle but I have a plan for the

middle I'll show you this one I did not

like it on because there's just not

enough behind it and this one doesn't

line up so good I guess I could probably

put it over this way if I wanted

if I needed extra that could be an

emergency backup and I really like it on

that one that might be actually my


and then this flower I thought was kind

of pretty and I can also use some of

these designs in I'm gonna be making a

scrapbook so I can also use some of

these designs in the scrapbook as punch

outs or something like that or just use

them as cards for something another


if I have any left over I'm sure I'll

have some left over because I think

we're only sending out about 25 so

anyway that's my inspiration for this


okay so what I decided to do I took the

flower off I never really glued it on

but got that I took the flower off and I

got my stamp platform now that I made

both of these the same size I got out my

Versamark pad and I took my Versamark

refill and I juiced it up really good

because it's been a long time since I've

done embossing so I wanted to make sure

my pad was not dry then I have this


mirror gold embossing powder I think I

got this a long time ago from his name

escapes me Michaels strong rubber stamps

so it's a it comes out it's really

pretty gold and I just happen to have

that in my stash and then I have this

little scoop I'm not sure what it's from

it's something from like Splenda or

something like that where you only need

a tiny bit in your coffee or whatever

someone had sent this to me it might

have been Cindy but it's perfect to dish

out the embossing powder also for

glitter or anything like that

and then I have this embossing tray you

can see I've done some and it's great

because it contains all of the nests so

I'll put these over here you can see

I've done a whole bunch and then I've

decided I should stop and show you what

I'm doing so the cards measure their the

typical cards they measure four and a

quarter by five and a half so I'm

cutting these an inch smaller I'm

cutting them at three and a quarter by

four and a half so they're an inch

smaller so there's plenty of gold edging

on this side I thought that would be

pretty I made I can get four of them

from an eight and a half by eleven sheet

of just regular white cardstock the kind

you get at the office supply section

nothing fancy so I cut out twenty eight

of them so I'd have extras in case I

messed up I hate once I get into a

project I have to stop and do you know

cut more out or whatever so I have

plenty if I have some left over I can

always cut these hearts out and use it

in their scrapbook or something like

that so I took my original prototype and

my stamp platform and I have it on the

stamp platform is really cool because

you can use it for clear stamps or

rubber stamps now when they say rubber

stamps they mean the really big fat

rubber stamps on the foam backing and

these are more of the thickness of clear

stamps they're not on that big nice foam

padding so I used the clear I tried both

but the other side did not work so in

order to use clear it's going to say

clear here where you can read it as you

can see rubber you can't read that it's

upside down and then it comes with these


magnets to hold your paper so I got a

tissue I have some embossing ink on here

and I don't want to get it on my


all right like I said I was halfway

through the project when I decided that

I would show you what I'm doing so I

line it up down here rather than in the

corner I show you don't get a good

impression in the corner just because of

the way it folds down it ends up being

too tight so I line it up with the

bottom of this here and then I put one

of the doohickeys magnets on there and

then I'm gonna take the you're invited

and I'm gonna just lay it right on top

of where I want it on my cardstock and I

want to make sure it's nice and straight

there we go and then I'm gonna take the

hearts and lay it on the top Oh first I

need to put some adhesive on the back of

them and don't worry about it adhesive

will stick really good to this but it

also peels off really easy and then make

sure I have it right side up and I'm

gonna just put that where I want it to

all right so I've got them set where I

want it to be and then I'm going to push

this down and they both stick to that

and then I'm going to take this off I

want to make sure I don't have any

embossing ink on my hands and I have

somewhere a little pouncer where you can

get all the static off or whatever but I

looked all over for it and I cannot find

it so I'm making do without it and it

seemed to work okay for me up till this

point so then I have my embossing ink

and I'm going to just get my stamps

really wet

I always like to check it kind of at an

angle to make sure because you can't

really see that ink but you can see that

it's wet on there and then you just

bring it down and you just push really

hard and you can squeeze it and push on

it this table it's not the best to push

it on because the table gives it works

better if you have a hard surface then

you carefully lift it up and I don't

know if you can see that on camera but

you can kind of see I can see it here

that it looks just wet where the stuff

was and for that bottom of the eye what

I did was I took this piece of vinyl

just because it's a non-porous surface

and I squeezed out a dollop of this this

is the Versamark refill and I just

squeezed out just a little piece I have

somewhere in my stash of a world and a

clear embossing pen but this one's

bright green and I kind of didn't want

to use it I have this paintbrush and I

also have this tool I think this tool

ends up this little embossing tool ends

up working so I just get the tip wet and

then I just go in and just barely touch

it on the bottom corner of that eye and

what's funny is it almost looks like a

heart when it's done so I think it

worked out okay after all and then I

take this and I'm gonna go ahead and

close this down just to get it out of my

way because I'm on camera so I'm putting

this there so I don't get embossing ink

all over them the place and then I go

ahead and emboss this with the embossing


once I get a bunch in the tray I just do

it this way and of course I had a little

stuff on my fingers so if you get some

extra embossing powder on the card you

can always do that some of the letters

didn't come out so good so they are a

little extra on there when I'm done with

this video I'll wash my hands really

good because I think I have some

embossing powder on arm some embossing

ink on my hands but anyway you get the


so what I usually do when I'm making a

bunch at once I'll make up a whole bunch

of these and just kind of lay them out

all over my table and then come back and

emboss them all at the same time but for

the sake of video I'm not going to make

you watch me do a hundred of them


and the pieces get done

once we get pot it's a fix at all nice

to join


okay and it goes a little faster if you

have a like a cookie sheet or something

metal that you put this on because it'll

get the bottom of the paper hot as well

and it'll emboss much faster so the

bottom of that I I think looks kind of

cute it comes out like a little heart so

it's not that bad I was able to take a

bad situation and make it better and

then on this one that deed it and come

out so good so I could always go over

with my paintbrush with a dab more of

the embossing ink just dot that up so as

not to waste this one there and then put

it with the embossing gone again

there see that worked out pretty good

and that way I was able to use things

that were in my stash I didn't have to

go out buy anything special really for

these cards I did buy these but that

also saves me a lot of work so I don't

have to hand make my own envelopes and

then I don't have to make all my own

card bases and that adds some gold to

the card base as well so then I would

have the goal I have everything else

handy hello that's my guy

you don't want to see that all right

anyway then I'll take this ribbon and

put the ribbon on there and put the

flower on there and then that's it we've

got ourselves an invitation so then what

I was planning on doing for the inside

is I will go ahead and print the you

know information the goodies on just

some regular paper cut the paper this

size fold it in half and then add some


gold string along the side tie it in and

I'll probably tape it down on this side

but leave that site loose so especially

on the one that says hello it would

cover that up so that's it and I hope

you enjoyed this video and I hope it

inspires you to make some invitations

for an event and or mass-produce some

cards and get a whole bunch done at once

you guys take care thanks so much for

watching if you enjoy what you see

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