Easy First Communion Cards


hi everyone this is Rosa Kelly so I

wanted to come out here really quick and

just share with you some first communion

cards that I did for my daughter she

recently did her first communion last

weekend and I did this in such a rush

that I did not film a tutorial but I

will tell you exactly how I did it

they're super easy um so let me first

show you her picture and this picture

was taken some time ago I just basically

picked something that look you know like

her face was show really close and yeah

so this is something that I passed to

the family that came over that day and

just so they remembered a date and

things like that so I did this one first

as I try out basically so I started with

a seven by seven piece of cardstock and

then I scored right at three and a half

and then I used my Martha Stewart paper

punch and I punched this edge over here

and then I just everything with

you know paper I did this on my my

computer and I just print it out on just

a regular printer paper so a little tip

here when I did this and I just did it

on word I just write everything down and

to be able to fit this into the size

that I want what I do is I make the word

document into an image so basically I

just take like a print screen of that

and just trim around that and make

everything as an image that way you can

resize accordingly and you don't have to

resize the text and you don't have to

you know recenter of anything like that

so I hope I'm making sense and so first

you type whatever you want and you

computer make it you know how you want

it then you take a screenshot and then

you can resize up and down so everything

States you know but it's what is the

word that I want to say

you know it's relative right everything

just scales together or guess so anywho

so on this one this is a leather land

die that I picked up at a craft fair

last year and this is a different dye

here this is blessed and I just did this

little bow now to add this bow

I added it first on this pink paper so

you add on the back of the paper first

and then you tied a little bow and then

you glue the paper onto the cardstock so

that was my first idea and then I

decided to add a picture so then I did

this one here so I did a little more

detail so just tie the bow I printed out

her you know I put a little picture I

backed the picture on just some of my

scrap pieces of pink paper and then I

use a little paper punch that just

happened to fit on the sides of the

picture here and I used this die this is

a heartfelt creations die this is

actually a butterfly and because I was

looking for some kind of swirly

something and I did not have anything

for me so I just used a butterfly to let

me see if I can find it so it's this one

right here so as you can see it's it's a

large butterfly and so what I did is

just you know I did not need the whole

thing so I just cut it up to there and

then I use the swirls on the back cuz

that's exactly what I was going for so

you can you know find creative ways to

use your dies doesn't have to be exactly

two you know to do what it was supposed

to be which is about a fly you can

resource and just use little pieces of

them so yeah so then on this one because

I need a little more room I did not do

the paper punch on this pink paper like

I did here and for this one I just did

one and then I out her picture but

captain we had extras so I just skipped

up for me and this is the one that

actually everybody

took home so just use here like a flag

background the center and then same

thing here I just you know I printed a

few of those and yeah very simple and I

think it you're not really cute you know

just from memory so I just wanted to

give you a little bit of ideas these

sweet little cards now of course you

don't have to make em for it really just

theme you can just you know do like a

happy birthday type of thing I love the

size you know this new I mean it's not

new but it's new to me this new

landscape portrait side like I know I

just love how this came out so I hope

you guys enjoy the video if you would

like to toriel I'll be happy to do one

because it was super easy I mean just

cutting folding paper punching and using

your die cuts to embellish so yeah so I

hope you guys are doing well and I want

to thank you so much for watching see

you next time bye bye