40th Anniversary Card

so you're giving it a little bit of a

clue as to what we're using today on me

I don't think the card will look too

good though you know it's missing out of

it now are you eating it I don't guess

necessarily the best idea you've ever


so look like two days it's not like an

even better kept toy so I think this is

probably about as lively as you're gonna

get today isn't it

suppose we should be grateful you've

actually turned up for this video she

were downstairs waiting for your food

weren't you and nothing call nobody get

you out of the kitchen does it not when

it's feeding time high they return of

Rosie taxi signs here thanks save as

much for joining me today um I have a

special card that I want to make for

some friends who are about to celebrate

their 40th wedding anniversary so I

wanted to come up with something it was

a little bit special and I have to admit

I've tripped most of it but I just

wanted to go through putting it together

on camera just to give you some ideas of

how the press petal designer series

paper how pretty that is and also how

that combines really well with the Daisy

Lane stamp set and the cold noting punch

so it's kind of a tutorial but we're not

literally going from I'm not going to be

doing all the daisies for example but I

will share with you how I've made those

because it's a special card I just

wanted a slightly bigger one than I

would normally make so I've gone for a


which has meant that I've had to use the

thinner whisper white the 12 by 12 card

which is absolutely fine but I do like a

bit of substance to play cards so I'm

going to give it that by adding some

merry Merlot it's a closest thing I had

really to Ruby for 40 years anniversary

so six five six so that was 12 by 6

scored it six on the long side to get my

base card and then I've cut out five

pieces of Mary Merlot at five and three

quarters by five and three quarters so

let's start by sticking those on used to

work enormous bits of car like this I do

have coffee so hopefully that will

sustain me through this video so I want

another piece on the inside so that it's

a nice background card for the whisper

white piece it's going to have the

message on it do that next I've kind of

put this together without sticking

anything so it's it's going to be a bit

a thing as I go along

okay this is victory one major yeah good

job they've got animals isn't it and

then they get a card that's for the cat

here so they'll probably appreciate it

so I'm just centralizing that on the

front of the card so now I feel like

I've got a car if it's got a bit of

texture to it and it's going to stand up

nicely because it's got a good weight to

it so the next thing I'm going to do is

add a piece of the press speckled

speciality designer series paper and

I've gone with that one so it's picking

up the mary Merlot but also Rocco Rose

and just to remind myself it has in

there crumb cake daffodil delight merry

Merlot mossy meadow night of Navy pear

pizzaz Rocco Rose soft suede and very

vanilla so there's lots of colors that

to coordinate so it is something really

there for everybody

so I'm using that side and then later on

I'm going to be using the flip side of

that as I say that's picking out my base

car but it's also going to pick out the

color of my daisies now that this cut

packed five-and-a-quarter my partner's

taping up Anna Solley as you know stop

again it's a bit distracted too today so

I'm gonna put this up the right way

now we don't have his attention today

ideally absolutely wrong got a mammoth

video session to do later on today so

I'm actually more engaged for that so as

I'm saying I need to make sure that I've

put this up the right way and the cards

up the right way so the leaves and

everything hitting up points sort of

kind of looks better synchronize that

into the front now I've got another

piece of very mellow it's merry murder

I'm easily distracted as well and for a

quarter by four and a quarter

this is another reason why I wanted the

car to have some substance to it because

if you put too much weight on the front

and you've hardly got anything at the

back then the whole thing is going to be

top-heavy whereas by adding those

additional pieces of car to it you're

really giving it that weight so it's

going to support the front of the car

she said hopefully but that's the theory

behind it so again I'm just centralizing

that and then finally I'm going to go

with another square on the front and

that is three and three quarters by

three Three Gorges it's going to go just

in the middle there so where is here

I've kept a larger Boulder because I

actually want to be able to see the

flowers with here I'm just I've gone

with a smaller Boulder because I don't

really want this piece of card to be the

focal piece of attention

so again make sure it's up the right way

not are we gonna see a lot of it but it

just looks a bit odd if then writing and

everything is going across the page or

down the page and so that's just the

front of the card already done I think

we might sort of just finish the middle

off so that that's safely down before I

start so messing around with the front

now that is a piece of whisper white and

I've cut that at five by five and I've

ID'd the congratulations

I think that's the beautiful bouquet

that I visit time and time again so

that's the congratulations on there and

then I've added the initials of the

couple at the bottom and then two

forties and that's all stamped in meri

Merlot I've got that from the make a

difference stamp set which has got the

the larger letters small letters and

then you've got the capital small

letters some numbers and some other

useful pieces of punctuation such as an

and brackets and exclamation marks etc

in this instance I just used my stamping

blocks within because I was just looking

for two stamps side by side but I have

to say as will be shown in my next video

it's it works very well with temper

artists because sometimes you want to

use sort of two A's together all two E's

and so it's quite hard to position it

properly even with the Stamper artists

II it did go slightly pizza it's okay

very useful set a little bit fiddly if

I'm honest but worth persevering with

because you can get some initials and

some numbers for those cards that

require them so that's what I've done

with that I'm going to sit up in the

middle of the car this is the thinner

whisper light which has come off the big

12 by 12 sheet I would normally go with

the thickest the light but because I've

had a piece left over I've just gone

with the thing which is absolutely fine

I just tend to have the thick to hand

and that is what I tend to use but the

risk that the thin version is very good

particularly the inside of the card type

to centralize that I'm gonna take that

lovely cat's hair off before I stick

that big turn so that's the inside

finished that's the easy bit so I'm

going to add some daisies as decoration

and I've stamped these out using very

Merlot on to Rocco Rose I did try Mary

Mon I want to marry Merlot and it was it

was far too dark so what of days I've

picked out the darker color but because

you can see you've got the merry Merlot

and you've got the Rocco Rose here by

combining those two colors they are much

more vibrant and they work better I was

horrified when I went to my paper

supplier to find that I literally just

had this sheet that I've used or half a

sheet and one complete sheet so I am NOT

going to use my one piece of sheet lift

that I have just to just go through that

Daisy with you because I need to

obviously get some more and I might need

that sheet for something else so as we

saw before this is the Rocco rose color

and this is obviously where I've stamped

onto it and punch them out if I just


I bought a piece in with me but I

obviously didn't so regret this bit

that's going to use later organised as


I've got a stamp block though that's

good isn't it

so it's a Daisy loan stamp set that I'm

using and I'm using this small Daisy

cling stamps and having just done a

project using the older style stamps

where you have to secure though this to

the block I use leap sound but just

every time that happens to me I really

appreciate the fact that we now have

these King stands so all I've done is

imagine this is this cover and I'm

stamping on with very mellow I would

then add some wink of Stella so just do

a little bit of that as you can see that

what that does it keeps some of the

lines but it kind of merges the coloring

slightly so it just gives that more of

the Maria picking out that Mary Merlot

color because it's merging it together

so there's no need to do one center you

just need to do the same in the other

one so I'll do this one because the

other ones not going to be seen and you

go on and do the rest of the hazy so

each little petal has got wink of Stella

on it and you've got this shimmer coming

off of it then with the calendar

lighting punch all you then do is

cutting out the Daisy

okay hi in signal ready 15 good for me

you're impressed

yeah it's true yeah I make no promises

so I've cut those two out and then I'm

just bending the leaves up goo dot

taking the Daisy to the blue dot and

then placing that off-center so that

every space is filled it's actually

quite effective because where these have

merged and these haven't it's giving it

that two-tone version it's funny isn't

it when you do so things and you find

how certain things work that you

wouldn't have done that you would have

just done all of it but that as a little

daisy is quite effective so I might just

as well because I've been so good and

not spent a lot of time you might as

well just color this in I'm sure I'll

find some way to put it

now who knows what would have happened

had I done that we'll never know okay

but that's quite effective

you've got the two-tone Daisy as Daisy's

often are so another project so that's

how I made the daisies I literally need

to paint all of the petals with wink of

Stella and I've stuck them together as

I've just shown you so it's I'll stick

myself on the blue dot it's now just a

case of doing a bit further decorating

I've also used the petal labeled dyes

which is part of the press little sweet

and I've used this dye here to cut out

there and I've stamped again that's from

the beautiful brocade stamp set and I

abstained the happy anniversary on that

ready to cut on the front so very pretty

set of dices I've also used my leaf

punch and as we mentioned this mossy

meadow and their ease pair because I had

some I cut out some leaves that's the

most email version and that is the pear

pizzaz so I gained very very simple I

haven't stamped it at all I've literally

just taken a piece of clear his eyes

I've taken my leaf punch and I've

stepped out some leaves when I put the

two together I have to say I preferred

although both of those greens are

visible I just thought the pear pizzaz

sort of made it pop a little bit more so

I'm going with that maybe I'll be able

to use those on that other set of

daisies I'm going to make the role of

the eyes just happened there so this is

sort of how I went I came up with it


I want so please I've just been tup the

leaves a little bit just though they've

got a little bit of movement in them so

what i'm going plot is it's that sort of

thing with a daisy so it's got to be

further up since glad I didn't stick

anything so they're going to be flat

then I'm going to have one that's going

to be raised up on a Stampin dimensional

so I've my worse you might even get

lunch on time you never know these are

giving time for that very nice soup I

made you to sell around I just throw

that comment in because I don't

literally sit here and craft all day

long I'm very very occasionally do other

things hoping this is going to be okay

so I'm going there a couple of glue dots

on there to hold it

now I would normally say take it to the

glue job I don't whether it is because

it get into the end of the roll or

whatever but it's been catching just a

little bit on particular issue Kairos

paper so in this instance I'm lifting

the glue dots clearly need to do some

dusting because there's an awful lot of

cat hairs flying around so we stick that

one there theory I can stick that one

there just using a stamping dimensional

I think I probably should have had a big

hunking dimensional I will make do so

glue don't stuck on my finger so I'm

going to pop that onto there so far so


oh I thought I could just put another

one on two of the corners

that's good obviously liquid glue would

work tombow would work quite well with

that I do tend to get that all over my

fingers so I I use it occasionally and

it's a great glue for me this is

probably I can get into less trouble

with this with snail but tombow would

work well with that so I'm going to

raise this this one up as well just so

that it's it slightly we've got a

different height on the corner so

bleeding look nice I'm going to try and

stick that me it's all good now do we

need to down here


what you think - so I'm betting you have

some input on this because it is our

friends card you like to do it that way

or doing this coming down slopes are

going to get you to right in this car

because you're the one with the d-pad

right I think I've gone to this much

trouble it deserves some decent

handwriting and it doesn't know I might

be at a stick bits of paper down but my

hand can do all that really nice I tell

it it's the word I'm looking for

just leaves us without too happy with

the way that the city stick another glue

on their other-dimensional under their

like it was wilting so finally I'm going

to add that onto their I'm gonna add

some stoking tensions we shall to put

the big ones ik actually can you Ollie

can you do me a favor say hello to all

the nice peak while I go and grab a

couple of the big stinking dimensions

not being very good at being a director

today but at least we've we've filled in

those spaces that where I've gone and

had to go and find something that I've

forgotten are you gorgeous so so much

more sensible these big ones

particularly for the sentiment cuz I

really do want to make sure that that

stays on there

just a tip don't stick this anywhere

near where you've stuck some smile

earlier but it's fine we've got away

with it so I'm going to put that there

and then I'm just going to finish off my

flowers we've got some gold elements

here in the middle of these flowers so

I'm just going to pick that out with the

preferably one with a glue dot on the be

good okay here you go a ring from here

not you in that pocket

covered on time so I tend to use this

the clear lines more than anything we

dry it out slightly who knows sticky

it's good

so that is my finished anniversary card

and the good news is because I'm I'm

going to have to send that in a padded

envelope there isn't any more decoration

to do on an envelope this time so I hope

they're going to like that

and it does stand up nicely which is

always good so I have to say the press

temple designer series speciality design

series plane that is lovely

in particular I like this piece out of

it because you've got ready-made card

fronts literally just made one using

this which will be on my Facebook page

later on today and it's just so simple

when you need a card in a hurry

the good news is as well that this paper

is currently on sale on the designer

series paper sale that runs until the

end of the month so it's a case of by 3

and get 1 3 this is 0 because it's a

speciality paper it's actually 13 pound

but you can choose this as your free one

so you can buy three at ten pound 75 and

you can choose as your free paper the

lovely press specials designer series

paper so all the details of that along

on my blog usual links for my blog

Facebook Pinterest Instagram will be on

the front of course the link to my shop

keys on the front and anything that I've

used today you can purchase by my online

shop so my next project he's to do with

a little card that's going to fit into

an American mini pizza boxes now have to

say that that is going to be a bit of a

marathan even I have prepped some of it

already so do please come back and join

me nothing else it will probably be good

for a laugh

but until then thanks ever so much for

joining me today and I will see you

again very soon take care bye bye