DIY Thank you gifts or party favors : 60th Wedding Anniversary

greetings and welcome to UT Bridal today

I'll show you how I put together my

in-laws 60th wedding anniversary thank

you gifts I had to create 51 thank-you

gifts and I could see these also being

used for office Christmas gifts teacher

appreciation gifts and many other

special occasions before we begin I just

want to congratulate my in-laws for the

60th wedding anniversary may their

marriage continue to be filled with joy

laughter and love so let's begin

here are the Ordinaries you will need in

order to create the thank-you gifts if

you need more time feel free to press

pause and review the list for the

chocolates I didn't use the Ferrero

Rocher chocolates because they were my

in-laws favorites so to make the process

efficient I first laid out all the

baking cups next I filled the baking

cups with the gift filler now I'm going

to nestle two chocolates on top of the

gift filler

I love these gold foil labels and I do

have a separate tutorial for how I

printed the labels I'll link it at the

end of the video as well as in the

description box below

a love efficiency so since the bags were

clear I taped down my sample bag onto

the table now I'm going to place a bag

on top and then place the label using

the bottom bag as my template now I'm

going to repeat this process for the

rest of the bags what I found helpful

for myself was that I would peel the

labels and placed it on the edge of the

table and that made it easy for me just

to take the label and then place it on

the bags now when I am complete with

that I am going to cut the ribbon to the

length that I need and also tape that to

the table

now using that ribbon as a template I'm

going to lay out the ribbon and then cut

repeat until you are complete

when done I am now ready to package the


I recommend sliding the baking cup from

the side down to the bottom of the bag

now straighten up the bag and gather it

in the center

grab a ribbon and tie a bow where it is

gathered now repeat this process until

you are complete

well I got quite a few more to go but I

hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got

inspired to create something

extraordinary out of the ordinary as

many of you know I love marriage and

life tips so I just had to ask my

parents in law how they made 60 years of


come on happy anniversary