Welcome Book for My Short Term Rental / AirBnB / HomeAway Vacation Homes

hi friends I am here at my house both of

my houses in Branson Missouri taking

care of the guest book I decided that it

was time to update them this is my old

one and as you can see it's gotten

pretty worn there's some dirt and things

along here and then inside see how it's

come apart as well I was also not happy

with how flimsy the pages are what I did

do was I laminated at the pages so

they're nice and laminated and then I

put them into the scrapbook page holders

so that people could turn could have two

pages two-page spread this is lasted

maybe I don't know three years or so so

it's lasted quite a while information

and it needs to be updated though and as

I said it's gotten dirty in here too so

I decided to update both my books do

something against similar I'm not a big

fan of a big three-ring binder type of

thing so instead I do scrapbooks

and these are the 8 by 8 size and I got

them just at the Michaels store and I

like to get the ones with the windows so

I can put something in them this time I

see I was going to do a printed like

that other one but I ran out of time I

have so many ideas and then all of a

sudden it's time to go to my place which

is a 3 and a half hour drive and I

didn't plan too well so I didn't get the

inserts printed that I liked so at

Michaels I looked for a little sticker

or I was going to write it with a pen it

was going to write welcome but then I

found this sticker that said hello and I

really liked how friendly that was so

each of my books have a Hello sticker

and then this time I did a little bit

differently I also did the laminated

pages but instead of putting them into

the inserts these are the actual

laminated pages and I had the printer

laminate them with an extra margin

around this side so that I can stick

them into the little little things here

so if you look at it see it's got a

little bit extra margin she didn't put

as much margin as I had requested which

is kind of a bummer because I wanted

them to stick out

little bit more I wanted the whole

printed page to be on this side instead

of inside a little bit but it's okay

it'll it'll work out it'll be just fine

so here is on my front page it's just my

little welcome letter it also reminds

them what is inside here get a hold of

us best grocery store favorite

restaurants and then a reminder as well

that I also use the home away app for my

welcome information and this is the same

information inside the home away app as

in the guest book so they can look at

this while they're here if they want to

sit down and look through a book but

it's a reminder that they also have the

information on their smartphones when

they're out and about and then of course

I put my phone number and email always

my contact information everywhere so

just show you on what I also added was I

have a social media page and you can see

adjustable reminders

gently to remember to tag us and check

in we're both on Facebook and Instagram

and then the hashtags we'd like them to

use the other thing I added from before

so I did not have before is these little

dividers and what I did is I took images

from my listing images in my house and

then use the app canva canv

a to add the words so that turned out

really nice the printer didn't put the

hole in as neatly as I would have liked

so this page is a little off but I will

live it's you know if it's not perfect

so emergency information then helpful

tips I have helpful tips on how to use

the door lock reminder how to make sure

it's locked and then also that if they

don't walk up when they leave there is a

forty dollar charge and then as well as

my information if they want me to check

to make sure they got a lot then parking

information which is important around

here next you know big thing is they're

going to look for the Wi-Fi and what to

do if the router um is not working TV

cable other helpful tips refrigerator

heat AC trash toilet paper one thing I

do especially those of you with larger

homes is it's just a reminder with the

refrigerator that it does take up to 12

hours to cool items especially when

people are going in and out

if you had a same-day turnover so I

always put that information in there

because a lot of times people think the

refrigerator is broken when it's not it

just needs more time to cool things off

then a few more things you know paper

towel football laundry grilling coffee

maker and the Keurig then of course the

social sleepers very important

information for my place and checkout

time next section a neighborhood

amenities again I used one of my photos

that I had taken the only thing I don't

like about this is it's not able to lay

flat so as you can see it's a little

difficult for me with just one hand

showing it to everybody so the pool

fitness room basketball court playground

hiking trail information explore you

know you don't have to use professional

photos either if you're really good with

your smartphone this is one of my

smartphone photos on one of the hiking

trails of when we were here last month

so that's my son they're on top of the

cliff and I added the word Explorer so

just all kinds of information such as

buying show tickets which is important

in Branson as well as traffic and Silver

Dollar City and the best way to get

there and then golf courses it'll have

all kinds of hiking trail and I'll just

quickly flip through here you so you can

see the rest let's see my other hands

holding the sprint phone so it's a

little little difficult so we got more

trails I ended up with like three pages

of trail so then groceries again one of

my listing photos that I took I'm going

to main grocery stores for this area and

then this is another cell phone picture

that I took and wrecked breakfast set of

restaurants I just give you know there's

so many restaurants in the area so I

just give one or two per type of food

for my guests we even have a

farm-to-table restaurant and I list that

in their address phone number and then

last number at least I thought well

thank you picture me and my boys and our

dog Lucy from Christmas and my thank you

letter asking them to please Lee do

leave a review if they can't leave five

stars to please let me know why so I can

make sure everything's good for the next


and also to let other people know and

again my contact information and my

website so that's it that is my new

guestbook I'm sure everyone has you know

ideas that they can do but this is just

one idea what I like to do and thought

you guys might enjoy that if you want

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