Distress Ink and Watercolor Baby Card

hello everybody this is sheri at dj's

hundred at blogspot com and you know if

you watch my previous video when i was

showing you some of the new products

from close to my heart that I was super

excited that they added this set of

watercolors to their product lineup I

love this set of watercolors it has 36

vibrant colors and I took them with my

family when we went camping and I think

my husband and son went on a hike and my

daughter was reading or napping or maybe

they were already napping I don't know

but I got them out and I played with

them so we are going to jump in now this

tutorial is not going I'm going to put

together card we're not going to really

work with the watercolors because like I

said I already did my image while I was

camping let me show you what else we're

going to be using though so from I have

this old welcome baby stamp set from

inkadinkado haven't even put my stamps

together yet but it's super fun for

babies now close to my heart has some

great ones that have just come out but I

don't have any of those new ones yet so

I pulled out this old fun stamp set and

I the one that I'm using for this time

is this kind of patchwork teddy bear

because I think he's super cute this is

a card for a baby boy that some a

co-worker co-worker I'm introduced to

his family and I'm so excited for he and

his wife their sweet little couple and

so I wanted to make this card for them

now I took a piece of white daisy

cardstock I've already prepped it it's

cut at eight and a half inches wide

scored at four and a quarter and then

it's five and a half inches and this

card is going to open just like that now

I've already also taken a piece from the

enchantment cardstock pack now this is

an old card set pack that I've had for a

long time and so some of the colors may

have changed I haven't familiarized

myself with the new colors as well as I

should have but this may not

the exact blue that's in the current one

I can't tell you for sure but what I did

is I cut this and I cut it at five and

three eighths by four and then eight so

that there's just barely a white border

around it and so now we're going to jump

into the next part this is the super fun

part not only did I take my watercolors

camping but I also took quite a few of

my distress inks and I played and I

played with different backgrounds and

blended them and this is one of the

backgrounds that I did and I can't even

remember what colors that i use and

unfortunately i didn't write it down if

I were to guess I would say that this is

probably the mustard yellow and I think

that this may be salty ocean blended

together and then the green kind of

forms when you blend those colors

together which I thought was super cute

for this card that I'm making now I've

trimmed this down to where it's four

inches wide by five and a quarter inches

tall and that's going to go over our

blue base but first I want to do some

stamping so I pulled out this fun stamp

set from balloon wishes and it has a

little banner at the bottom that says

special delivery there it also has one

that says welcome baby but i decided

that i wanted to do special delivery and

so i'm going to pull out my versafine

ink just because i like the way that

this works on dark backgrounds which

obviously i am dealing with a very

vibrant but but somewhat dark background

here and i don't want to lose my

stamping in and i just think that this

first to find ain't does a really good

job this is in onyx black i'm just going

to kind of Center it on the bottom let's

push this up so you can see it just

center by eyeball the best that I can

and go straight down and list straight

up and you can see what i mean by what a

nice fine line that that versafine makes

when you're dealing with such a dark

background you want to have that stark


so now comes the fun part this isn't the

fun part but I took my spell binders and

this is one of the larger oval die

shapes and I cut it and then the other

side is my image isn't he's super cute

and super fun I used um a couple

different shades of green i believe i

use yellow and blue and colored him up

now i am not an expert color when it

comes to using I don't do a lot of

blending and stuff I haven't really

learned how to do that yet maybe someday

I'll get there but in the meantime I

still think that I can make really cute

cards just by coloring and learning to

blend as I go so this was kind of a

practice piece but first I'm going to

grab this piece of ribbon this is from

three girl jam and I found it as a scrap

I honestly can't remember what color it

is one of you through girl jammers could

probably help remind me what color it is

I believe it may be like ribbon candy or

something like that because it's got

green and kind of a little bit of pink

in there but I'm really not positive but

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

start I'm going to just make a fun

little bow on the side this is kind of a

busy card I think it's going to turn out

really cute and let's see I think I want

to kind of turn my bow to the side a

little bit like that now I'm going to

let it have some play in it because I'm

going to adjust it to fit where I want

on my car now this card is not going in

the mouth so I am not worried about bulk

at all and i think i like it just like

that once i get it all take down i'll

play with my bow a little bit better so

let's go ahead and put

our image down on our card front lots of

adhesive because I'm going over that

ribbon I'm going to Center it the best

that I can with my bow still being in

place and put that down just like that

I'm not fun it's great for a baby now

let's come back over here you can see

some of my mess ups on the back and

again this is watercolor paper and I

believe this is just some water paper

that i had just from Joanne's or

somewhere buying a big pad of it I don't

believe that i use the distress card

stock on this one I could be wrong and

then we are going to just kind of Center

that the best that we can like so and

you see that blue just gives it that

little bit of edging to kind of make it

pop now we'll play with our bow for real

now that we have everything spec down I

can make a better bow just like that

there we go and I'm going to come back

with my little scissors and trim it off

just like so there we have just a super

cute fun card for a baby boy I think my

friends will like it so be sure and head

over to close to my heart and check out

these great watercolors and that fun

stamp set that is so versatile I

anticipate that I'll be using it a lot

especially since I have quite a few baby

cards to make over the next few months

so thanks so much for stopping by today

and remember take some time to enjoy the

little things have a great day bye