Baby Shower Gift: Top Picks from Usborne Books & More

hey friends at Suzanne Moseley with us

for vixen where you can find me on

Facebook at Suzanne shares horn books

you can find me on YouTube at the same

spot so I wanted to take a quick minute

and show you some of my favorite books

that are perfect baby shower gifts so I

get that gift I can get the gift I did

that question a lot and a lot of mine is

from books and more party so I thought

hey why not show all of them in one

quick video so let me show you the ones

that I always give as a baby shower gift

so I love our that's not my series so

this is my standard baby gift they're

not 99 they have texture on every page

they're super super sturdy they're

doubly laminated they're easy to clean

and just a fine texture on every page

kids love these literally for years not

just as infants for years and that's my

top pick and actually what I do now is I

get that that's not my zoo set which is

$39.99 I thought the price $39.99

so normally they're 10 bucks apiece so

it's like you're getting one free when

you buy the box set so I just buy the

box set and then I've got five kiss

instead of four so this one has the

that's not a set has monkey elephant

lion meerkat and panda so that's enough

that's not my z1 so that's my standard

baby good texture one first this is

another another great one that has

texture papi and sans

animal hide-and-seek it's bigger than

the that's not my series it does have a

flap on every page it's just a sweet

sweet book so I also love this one and

it has a little hidden duck on every

page so that is that's the best so

that's another one if you want a larger

one with texture okay this is my second


oh they're fabulous or cubed for when

babies read with their mouths so that

series is my next recommendation also

love this cuddle bear board book and

snuggler so cuddle bear is a series of

books that we have it's so sweet this is

the board book that it comes with


precious precious it's all about being

cuddly and loving on one another and it

comes with this sweet little soft bloody

as well so it's a great gift set there

and then a picture book series that I

love and this is animal e we also have

ocean Lea once upon a time Lea and

American Lea in the series they are all

written by Lynn Parrish Sutton different

illustrators but the same idea

everything is about how much you love

the child that you're reading it to it's

full of Elwha adverbs which I love it's

just so precious I love you colorfully

like a parrot I love you playfully like

a ferret I love you gracefully like a

swan I love you tenderly like a bond and

I love at the end I love you

Berta Lee Buckley animal II I love you

so figure my family and I love that the

family at the end of book is not it's

more of a realistic picture of what a

family actually looks like so I would I

love that about it not a friend she said

that she takes us to the baby shower and

she has all the baby shower attendees

write a little note

to the child in the book so if you

there's an animal version when all about

America once upon a time we is Nursery

Rhyme themed super cute and then ocean

Li is an ocean theme so those are my top

picks for baby showers so hope that was

helpful and happy happy babying and

happy baby showering all right thanks so

much friends