Skylar's Baby Sprinkle - Baby Name Glass Boxes - Chapter 6

hello my love hello my name is Malik

Davis and these are the 40 pieces of me

and I would like to thank each and every

one of my family members for taking time

to stop by so we are going to have you

ever or you seen it at the beginning

what that was a duplication of is often

times now it's very very popular to do

the actual big gift boxes to spell out

the baby's name well of course we have

to do something a little bit different

in the fashion of Tiffany and company my

darling so we have to be a little bit

glamorous with this so this is my

duplication of the actual glass boxes I

actually saw my friend girl design on

the dollar she created a glass I think

it may have been a car thoughts or money

box that she created so this is my

duplication not quite as fancy as hers

and detailed as hers but we're going to

try to make it I wanted to show you guys

this this is sort of like the little

theme because we do Tiffany them know we

always see people having pictures of

Audrey Hepburn in her famous waist red

and her pearls well this is what it's

supposed to represent baby Skyler so I

wanted to share this with you guys this

is going to be in picture frame

different places throughout the shower

so I thought she was cute

I had an invitation done I had someone

to design it and then I printed out last

night I even found this nice Tiffany

blue paper nothing fancy found it at


this week is on sale two for $10 so I

snatched it up and I blew up the image

and we have the perfect brunch for

Skyler future so wanted to share that

with you guys I also want you guys to

send up many many prayers

I had scholars Big Brother tonight which

is Blake I'm no longer allowed to call

him baby Blake and Tyler's mom has been

at the hospital all evening because in

the fashion of her big brother

Fowler's trying to enter this world

about two months early so we're going to

definitely keep my niece in prayers and

baby scholar that will have a healthy

baby full-term baby so we're going to

feel keep creating because this fight we

have to have we're going to have a

shower we have to have a shower we need

to have a shower we're not rich so we're

going to go ahead and start creating

I've already sprayed these frames they

actually come in silver they actually

come in silver if they didn't have any

silver one so I brought all of the gold

ones and the other ones that you'll see

I did two small ones and then four large


so I already took the claims on is

freedom this is actually what the frame

looks like if you go in the Dollar Tree

so this is a Dollar Tree Project so you

can buy this enough eight by ten or

either I think that was five five seven

frames but yeah you can buy in those

dimensions so I wanted you guys to see

exactly what it was you are always going

to need four frames as I say that I'm

doing it the easy way the easiest way

for me and you'll need eye glasses so in

actuality you still will need to buy

five frames for each box on I'll show

you how that works just going to lay

those over to the side and these are the

letters I purchased these letters there

are recollections out of Michaels and

they are a dollar ninety-nine cent for

these particular letters and I already

took the other ones outside we're going

to spray these Tiffany blue add a little

iridescent glitter and a little silver

glitter and will them be able to work


I also need this is called filament

filament cord it's the illusion filament

core so you probably can't even see it

about this from Michael's it was very

very inexpensive as well but it's clear

so this is what you'll need this

particular bling came from Hobby Lobby

its regular $14.99 but if you get it the

week that is on sale litical back until

this coming Monday or Sunday but you can

get it 50% off as well you can go to a

c-more and they have a different one so

I've actually mixed them I'm not too big

on I don't care if it matches as long as

it looks good we're not we're not going

to really be matching it the first thing

you're going to do and you can clean it

afterwards is to put the glass inside of

the frame just so the very first one I

did I didn't do it that way and it was

just too complicated so you're going to

go through in the four frames you are

going to place the glass in the frame

and you're going to put the lead on the

clasp down on it push it forth down as

possible without damaging or pressing

the glass so now that we have all of the

glasses now don't pay attention to it

the glass being dirty because I end up

touching it and cleaning it again anyway

so basically what we're going to do now

is just add go down and add the glue and

I sprayed inside and out so that we can

have a consistent look and you're just

going to

and you'll just hold it for a minute you

can actually have a bag that I've been

using because I did several of them and

I'm just going down and getting the glue

off so that it just doesn't dry that way

so you know with the actual hot glue gun

is just roll out so I'm doing that now

this one is the tricky one so you have

to move extremely fast

with this I'm just going to slide this

up or maybe I should slide it over you

can do it one or two ways but if you

bend back too much sometimes you'll have

problems I'm going to keep this down and

wait glue

ah and

you're going to have to make sure that

you do this one and basically that's all

I cleaned off the last piece of glass

that's going to go on it we're not going

to need a frame for this cleaned it off

just a little bit um I'll go back and

clean it again but I just wanted to be

able to even see what I was doing and it

had my fingerprints all on it so this

your you can measure it if you like and

I probably shouldn't measure it but I'm

actually just going to use the eye and

before I do that I should show I cut too

thin and you probably can't even see

this but I cut two thin pieces of the

filament and I'm going to just lay that

down and you're going to put two dots of

glue close together

and I also and you're going to just make

sure that these actually go down in the

glue and what I've done I cut two

squares from the old bling that I had

just cut out two squares and I am going

to press the glue down just press it


so then I know that it's sand you can

see how it is so that's the inside of it

and this will be the outside so I have

two more blink wares and I am just in

the very same place just to give it a

illusion just like it's part of the

decor we can go back and clean it if we

need it maybe up and I'm just going to

mimic that basically all that I've done

outside inside so we can clean it up in

a minute

but for right now even if you want to

you don't have to and I don't even think

I'm going to mess with it because it's

clear and I want to pull it apart okay

so this is the inside of it I am going

to cut this a little bit more and you

will see why I am going to cut it so as

you can see we have this letter I just

want to put it in again and never

determine how much I can cut this a lot

more we know I don't measure anything

sorry guys so see that so what we're

going to do now and I always have to

remember okay so make sure that I'm

doing it the correct way

so now that you have it that way we know

which way our L is going to go and I

would encourage you to actually lay it

down you're going to have to clean your

glass lay it down on there cuz you can

change Suites and I got way too much


so we'll see how that works but anyways

what you're going to do is I put the

glue in there put the glue on there and

now I'm going to this is the tedious

part of it this is the most tedious part

of the entire thing and maybe I should

have gotten a pair of tweezers so stick

with me

so I'm now

have both of them there and you can just

wipe off the excess group because its

cooldown is gone now and I have a bag

that I am putting them in but you can

just actually pull it so that it gets

tight and I'm just pulling and basically

it is going to turn and that is going to

be your inside that's how it's going to

be inside so now we just need to make

sure that it is completely drawn if

you're new this is your first time we're

very very informal here nothing is

perfect these are real life at home

craft saw that blue string and I thought

it was so you can see I've already did

this side of the box let's say the top

four lads so now what we're going to do

is this side so we're going to turn it

on its back so that you will be able to

see it and I've already measured and to

make it equal this is the best way

normally I don't put the glue on the

action actual either I put it on the

blend but with this particular one is

just best to put it on the actual item

you have to press down so afraid that

nobody get our but you have to press

down and make sure that you do have it

completely okay so then we're going to


go to the next phase you can play up

later but which is doing repeating the

same thing and guys I want to tell you

something exciting someone for my city

that she actually lives in Atlanta now

she has reached out to me she likes a

lot of the stuff that I do as well as my

mosaic work and she is a big fan of

Andre 3000 from Outkast

so she's doing a special room in her

house and she has contracted me to do

some mannequin heads and come down and

add the 40 pieces of me to certain

places so I'm extremely excited about


so I could I pre-cut all of these out

just trying to learn to maximize time

because every now and then and I know my

bad longer than others but I want you to

be able to see what's going on so yeah

they're longer and you can push you

can't fast for it forward through the

videos but what I will tell you if the

information is there you just decided

that my videos are too long but you

really like the project I would suggest

that you actually maybe take time to

summing through it because I won't be

to give you detail by detail because you

decided that the video was too long so I

do apologize to you in advance but I

didn't want to be honest with you

because we know I do work enough I work

a job I miss my Preston all day long and

I can't comment all day long to let you

know to walk you through it and give me

I felt myself of how to do it when we

have a video that's available to you so

I hope that not offences to anyone but

sometimes we just have to be honest so

we see how simple that was so now we are

we have the top we have the we have that

side and we have this side this bling is

very easy to and basically you see I

just took the glass and I placed it on

top that's just basically how we're

going to do it and our bling will cover

it up so what we're going to do is you

have to do this portion extremely quick

we are going to go around the top

because this will be covered and we're

just instead of putting another friend

we are just going to and whichever way

they'll turn that's the way we'll make

that the front but as you can see that

we just made that extremely easy

and you know what I think we are going

to add two strips


and has a McDonald's tour I'm wondering

cane gospel summit or as it came in

anyone's area if it does come to your

area and you get a chance to take it for

free you can get like they allow you to

get two tickets

I was lucky off the church that they had

that in Greensboro North Carolina

a co-worker works there and was able to

get VIP tickets for me in three where we

had several tickets but my VIP ticket

was able to get several tickets for me

and a couple of friend I want to

encourage us if it comes to your city

and you get a chance to go you

definitely have to go it was a great

experience for me and some friends to

fellowship and worship together um one

of my favorite gospel singers was there

Bishop all more in and it was just it

was fabulous so that's what I feel as my

present satisfied with how because I can

go back in and you know work with it to

make it perfect

but I wasn't satisfied in doing the

tutorial and not showing you just like a

good clear image of how we can actually

put this together so what I've done I

actually stopped move the camera camera

and adjusted it so that we'll have a

good clear picture of what we're

actually doing in regard to getting this

on the glass so this is one of the

larger ones that I'm doing but I just

wanted to get close up and show you guys

what we're doing so as you can see

already attached on the clear filament

to the actual letter so once that is

done you can do it criss cross you can

do it straight however you do it you

just want it to be secure

so basically you see how I have a criss

cross and I hope you have a good clear

indication so this is one wire on one

piece of filament this is the other so

basically what I'm going to do is the

filament that is on the top I'm going to

put that one down first and I guess I

would need glue in order to do that

so I'm just going to go go ahead and put

the glue here first and it'll be more

than with me did cuz you can go back and

kill this off but you can't and I'm

going to go ahead and put this one down

as well so that you can start to mold

and it is a very like I said with this

video very simple project I thought it

was beautiful when I saw on design on

the dollar do it with I think it was a

money or for card so you see how I'm

just laying those down basically they're

just laid down in there you can slide

them up and it will slide your your

filament up and I had to use a different

type of bling because I have ran out of

that bling and if you use the same bling

over if you take it off because it is

easy to fill it off of this so you can

easily go back after you did an event

and you can take these letters out for

that particular person baby's name and

you can do it all over again now of

course that glass will be attached so

it's a little bit harder doing it when

you actually have the glass in it also

that's why I wanted to show you going to

give you a clear picture of this and I'm

just taking my scissors and just

pressing down on it so I'm going to let

that dry but I wanted to show you guys

how that actually arm work so I hope

that it gives you a good clear

shows how it's done so my love I thank

you guys for joining me in chapter six

of scholars baby sprinkle and before we

get down to it yes I spelled Skylar's

name wrong so I will be going to

retrieve a large-sized a no one notice

it actually except my baby girl she was

like you know you spell that baby's name

wrong but hey you can't be perfect so

I'm perfectly flow but I am really

really excited with the way that this

turned out I was just wanting to get up

close on it so you can see exactly how

everything turned out this is like a

close-up as you can see you basically

cannot see how it's actually hanging it

is very sturdy what I would encourage

you to do is you do decide to do this

project you are going to use it um for a

baby shower or anything actually place

it against the wall so you have that

additional added support but it's been

like this for hours so you're wondering

what this little cube setup is right

here this is a actual picture block box

so we know that I had several friends

left over from the actual gift box gift

box segment well the reason I had those

left over because the top part

it only has glass so of course it is for

openings and then it was opening at the

top and here's my cutie I used her we're

going to replace Audrey Hepburn for this

Breakfast at Tiffany's theme and we're

going to use scholars cartoon and this

is a wonderful image that I kept seeing

hop up online when I was searching for

the perfect invitation so what we're

going to do with these openings I've

actually already sprayed the little

matting on they come in the picture

frames at Dollar Tree in the actual

frame it is going to be a picture of

college before they're in her mom is

going to be a picture of scholars father

and her mom and then it's going to be a

picture of her mom her brother and her

father and we're going to leave that

side the other side blank and you'll see

it at the shower and it's going to say

wait for me and that is where scholars

picture is going to go when she arrives

so it may be a family picture of the

four of them so I hope this is a project

that you guys are really really like I

enjoy doing this if you did like it

please please please if it's a trap and

let me know how much you really like it

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think it turned out absolutely wonderful

my name is Malik Davis I hope you guys

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