Life Skills & Writing Letters : How to Address a Sympathy Card Envelope

hi I'm Terri Lynn and in this segment

I'm going to show you how to in address

a sympathy card now the first thing our

first rule of thumb is just to be

genuine sincere and honest and write

what you feel now you want to address it

to the family or individual so of its

the Joneses family or mrs. Jones just be

specific to who you're addressing your

letter to then you want to go ahead and

express sympathy for their loss and you

might want to offer some support and

assistance let them know that you're

there if it's just your phone call away

or that you'd love to sit down and go

for coffee with them anytime they might

want to chat and that you're there for

them they'll really appreciate that

you'll also might want to offer a memory

of the deceased something a good moment

you shared with them something they

might want to read that will cheer them


also if you have made a charitable

donation in the deceases name let them

know that they'll really appreciate that

if you haven't had a chance to do that

you'd like to it's perfectly acceptable

to write a check out to the family and

then they can put it to any charitable

donation that they see fit so those are

just a few ways that you want to address

a sympathy card

but again just speak from the heart

write as little or as much as you feel

necessary but a little does go a long


they'll just appreciate the thought that

you put into writing out this card